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On the Marc Reviews: Survivor Series 1993

November 2, 2011 | Posted by Marc Elusive
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On the Marc Reviews: Survivor Series 1993  

Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, November 24, 1993

Commentators: Vince McMahon and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

This show is available on the WWE Survivor Series Anthology, Vol. 2 – 1992-1996 DVD.

Lex Luger and his family wish us a happy Thanksgiving.

Team Razor: Razor Ramon, 1-2-3 Kid, Marty Jannetty & “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. Team I.R.S.: Irwin R. Schyster, Diesel, “The Model” Rick Martel & Adam Bomb (w/Harvey Wippleman):   IRS is the captain but they come out to Diesel’s music. Razor is the current IC champion; Mr. Perfect was injured so Ramon has replaced him with Savage. Ramon and Martel start off, these two squared off in the finals of an Intercontinental Battle Royal plus match when Shawn Michaels left and vacated the title, they shove each other. Martel applies an armlock that Razor turns into a hammerlock; they battle for the armlock for a while. Razor scores with an elbow; Martel, who is moving rather fast, hits a second rope crossbody but Razor rolls through for a nearfall. Razor catches Martel with the fall-away slam for two. Razor atomic drops Martel into the babyface corner and they tee off on him. Martel tags in Adam Bomb who tosses Razor into the corner and to the mat. Bomb continues to dominate; they lock up for a Greco-Roman knuckle lock (test of strength). Usual result follows and Ramon actually hits a wristlock suplex. Martel tries to break up the pinfall but winds up elbow dropping Adam Bomb. Wippleman comes in and Martel nails him; Bomb and Martel come to blows and Diesel, of all people, plays peacemaker. 1-2-3 Kid tags in and immediately gets overwhelmed by Bomb; Diesel tags in and tosses the Kid ten feet across the ring. Diesel hits a nasty gutwrench powerbomb and then kills him with a big boot. Kid counters a side slam with a hurracanrana and tags in Savage. Macho Man goes to the top and hits a double axe handle and wipes out the entire heel team; the top-rope flying elbow finishes off Diesel and he is ELIMINATED.

Martel attacks Savage from behind but Macho quickly takes over; IRS tags in. Irwin shuts the excited crowd to a lull until Savage hits a crossbody and tags in Razor. Ramon shoulders IRS down and applies an armbar. Martel uses Tully Blanchard’s slide along the apron with a knee to the back move to get his team the advantage; Martel tags in and works Razor’s lower back. Adam Bomb tags in and tosses him into the turnbuckle; the heels begin to fast-tag on Ramon. IRS drops a leg for two and applies a chinlock; Irwin and Martel switch illegally behind the referee’s back to piss the crowd off. Ramon and Martel clock heads for a double KO; Irwin tags in but Razor counters a corner charge and tags in Savage. Randy Savage hits a running knee to the back and clotheslines him off the top rope; Crush, whom Savage wants to kill, strolls down to ringside just as Savage is going to drop another elbow. Savage tries to go for Crush but his teammates prevent a count out; Crush continues to goad Savage allowing IRS to roll him up for three. Randy Savage is ELIMINATED and heads out after Crush.

Marty Jannetty comes in and takes on IRS and applies a side headlock; IRS fires him off and Marty gets a hiptoss. Martel tags in and takes over on Jannetty and the heels pass him around; Bomb drops him with a back suplex. Martel tags in and applies an abdominal stretch with an Adam Bomb assist. Martel misses a charge and posts his shoulder; Razor tags in as does Irwin. Razor tees off on him and hits a driving chokeslam. Ramon signals for the Razor’s Edge and drops him with it; IRS is ELIMINATED.

Martel takes over off the pinfall but Ramon fights back; all five men run in and they battle. In the chaos, IRS, who was still hanging around, wallops Razor with his briefcase; Ramon falls to the floor and gets counted out. Razor Ramon is ELIMINATED.

Martel and 1-2-3 Kid battle; They run the ropes and Kid gets a few leapfrogs and Martel with a cartwheel; They run the ropes again and Kid gets a Japanese arm drag; it occurs to me that Martel wrestles much better here than his initial heel push. Kid applies an armbar but Martel fights free and tags in Bomb; Kid slides through his legs and dropkicks out of a flapjack. Adam Bomb goes to the floor so the Kid tries a topé but Bomb catches him and bodyslams him on the parquet floor. Bomb hits a slingshot lariat back into the ring onto the 1-2-3 Kid; Kid takes a hard whip into the corner. Bomb misses a charge and Kid schoolboys him for two. Kidd hits a sit-out enziguri; Bomb cuts off a tag and Martel comes in. Martel gets caught on a second-rope double axe and Jannetty gets the tag. Marty hammers Martel and hits a knee lift; he rams Martel into the corner ten times and he tags in the Kid for a double team. Martel fires him into the corner but the Kid hits a corner cradle flip and pins Rick Martel to ELIMINATE him.

Adam Bomb comes in and Jannetty blind tags and slingshot sunset flips him for three to quickly ELIMINATE Adam Bomb. Bomb is pissed; the survivors are Marty Jannetty and the 1-2-3 Kid. 7/10 Fun way to kick off the show; the “jobbers” survived with all of the main eventers and champions eliminated early in the match. Good action from bell to bell.

Todd Pettingill talks to the returning Shawn Michaels; Shawn still has the IC title with him which leads him to the ladder match with Razor Ramon at WrestleMania X. Shawn discusses his history with Bret Hart; this was originally Jerry Lawler’s spot but he was accused of raping a young girl so Shawn took his place. This was a bad time for that to happen considering the hot feud between Lawler and the Hart family; plus, the “knights” are Shawn’s partners which makes more sense with Jerry “The King” Lawler. Bret, with his family, offers a rebuttal to Family Feud’s Ray Combs.

Hart Family: Bret “Hitman” Hart, “The Rocket” Owen Hart, Bruce Hart & Keith Hart (w/Stu Hart) vs. The King and his Knights: Shawn Michaels, Red Knight, Blue Knight & Black Knight:   The late Ray Combs ring announces and acknowledges all of the Harts in the front row; the knights are Red (Barry Horowitz), Blue (Greg Valentine) and Black (Jeff Gaylord from the USWA). Ray Combs makes fun of Shawn Michaels during his entrance announcement just like he did with the heels in the eight-man tag at WrestleMania VIII. Pre-match Shawn fucks with Ross Hart and Wayne Hart on the floor; Keith looks like Sonny Bono. Combs joins for commentary as Shawn and Owen start off but HBK calls out Bruce. Bruce and Shawn start proper and he runs the ropes and the Red Knight comes in and Bruce tosses them together. Shawn reverses a corner whip and Bruce takes out two of the knights with a double corner clothesline. Black Knight grabs him from the apron and Shawn tries a high knee but Bruce, of course, moves and Michaels accidentally takes out the Black Knight. Bruce arm drags Shawn and tags in Keith Hart. Keith and Shawn do some rope running; Keith reverses vertical suplex into an inside cradle for two and then segues into an armbar. HBK slams out and tags in the Red Knight who misses an elbow; Owen tags in and flips out of an armbar and hits a hiptoss. Owen dominates with arm drags and a dropkick and the Black Knight tags in so Owen arm drags him a few times as well. Bret and the Blue Knight tag in; Bret hits a couple of atomic drops and tags in Keith again who takes him down with a fireman’s carry. Bruce comes in and applies another armbar; Shawn nails him coming off the ropes and tags in and applies a backbreaker. Shawn drops elbows and brings the Red Knight again; a nice butterfly suplex gets two. Black Knight comes in and dominates until Bruce sneaks in a backslide; Shawn tags in. Bruce tosses Shawn into a buckle but the Red Knight nails him from behind; Bruce hits a Hart Attack running clothesline. Black Knight tags in and Bruce collapses into a Bret Hart tag. Bret storms in and hammers away; Bret tries an O’Connor roll and an inside cradle for two. Backbreaker and a driving second-rope elbow but Shawn breaks up the cover. All hell breaks loose and the Harts toss all of the knights and Shawn together and Keith tosses the Black Knight into an Owen missile dropkick and Owen ELIMINATES the Black Knight.

Owen works over the legs of the Red Knight; Bobby Heenan continues to call Owen “the shadow” on commentary, foreshadowing the eventual heel turn. Bret and Owen make a wish with the Red Knight; Keith comes in and continues the legwork. Fans are beginning to turn on the match; Jerry Lawler’s absence sucked all of the heat out of this match, nothing wrong with Shawn Michaels, but he has not been around for a while and there is no real issue (yet) between him and Bret. Keith tries a figure-four but the Red Knight kicks him into the turnbuckle. Blue Knight comes in and chops him against the ropes; the Blue Knight works the arm, Shawn slingshot splashes Keith’s arm and the Blue Knight drops a leg onto it. Shawn hammerlock tosses Keith into the turnbuckle. Shawn and his knights work over the arm and shoulder of Keith Hart. The Red Knight and Blue Knight work over the arm against the ring post drawing various Harts into the ring, causing more damage. Bobby makes a funny observation that none of the Hart brothers look alike. The Blue Knight hammerlock slams Keith and drops a leg. Shawn tags in and he and the Blue Knight try a Rocket Launcher but it fails and Bret Hart tags in. Shawn immediately tags out to the Red Knight who has a snowball’s chance in Hell here and instantaneously gets locked up in Bret’s Sharpshooter for the submission; the Red Knight is ELIMINATED.

The Blue Knight comes in, which is good since it takes him about ten to fifteen minutes to warm up, and clotheslines Bret and tosses him to the floor. Keith hobbles over, with a limp arm (nice continuity) to check on Bret who looks to have injured his leg. The referee displaces Keith and Shawn drops off the apron with a double axe handle. Back in the ring, the Blue Knight hits a vertical suplex. The Blue Knight drops a hammer on Bret and tags in Shawn; Stu Hart messages Keith’s injured arm in the corner. HBK tosses Bret into the corner and he crumples; reverse elbow off the ropes gets a two count and Michaels applies a chinlock. Wonderful. The Blue Knight tags in and hits his head-butt to the groin. Bret comes back with a second-rope clothesline on him; Owen tags in and hits a standing dropkick and a bodyslam. A second-rope elbow drop draws everyone into the ring again Owen and Bruce clunk HBK and Blue Knight’s heads together; Shawn slides to the floor where he takes a shot from Stu in the corner. Shawn oversells stumbling around on the floor until Owen hits a pescado out onto him. In the ring Owen sends Shawn into the Blue Knight; Michaels ducks a top-rope crossbody and the Blue Knight winds up taking it. HBK tries to break up the pinfall but elbow drops his own partner. Owen and Bruce double clothesline Michaels to the floor and Owen finishes off the Blue Knight with the Sharpshooter (I believe it was the first time that he ever used it); Blue Knight taps out ELIMINATING him.

So it’s down to Shawn versus all of the Harts; would have been much more entertaining and the crowd would have been rabid if it were Jerry Lawler. Shawn tries to run away but Bret cuts him off and sends him into Owen. Atomic drop sends HBK into the Hart corner and they pass him around. Michaels counters Bruce with a reverse elbow in the corner and chokes him. Shawn superkicks Bruce but he actually kicks out; Bruce hits a kick and rolls into a Bret Hart tag. Bret comes in with an inverted atomic drop and slingshots Shawn into the buckle; Bret drops an elbow and gets two. Bret Hart tries a backbreaker but Shawn rakes the facial area. Owen tags in and hits a nice belly-to-belly suplex. Now the interesting part of the entire match occurs; as Bret is stumbling down the apron to his corner, Shawn Irish whips Owen into him sending Bret into the guard rail. Shawn schoolboys Owen and he is ELIMINATED.

The other Hart brothers check on Bret as Owen throws a fit in the ring. Owen yells at his brothers and leaves angrily. Bruce comes back in and floors Michaels and drops elbows. Jawjacker by Bruce and he applies a sleeper hold; Shawn counters tossing Bruce into the turnbuckle. Bruce tags in Keith Hart, off a double KO, who applies an abdominal stretch; Shawn hiptosses free and Bret tags in. Bret sends Shawn into the corner upside down then tosses him into the corner horizontally and crotches him onto the top rope. Bret tries the Sharpshooter; Shawn escapes to the floor and runs away for the count out. Shawn Michaels is ELIMINATED and Bret Hart, Bruce Hart and Keith Hart are the survivors. Owen jogs back into the ring and pulls Bret off the ropes and shoves him; Owen yells at Bret and then at Bruce and Keith. Owen is upset at being the only Hart brother eliminated; Owen whines to his father jealously about not getting any recognition. Todd Pettingill tries to interview Owen Hart on his way back to the dressing room, Owen ignores him. 2/10 Boy, was that long and boring. Lawler’s absence killed this match as he had been mercilessly taunting the Bret Hart, his parents and then the rest of the Hart family throughout most of 1993. The fans only care about Keith and Bruce when they are kicking the shit out of Jerry Lawler so the fans quickly tired of them beating up unknown masked knights without any Lawler awaiting them in the end. The seeds for Owen’s eventual heel turn (which was supposed to be Bruce originally but Bret suggested Owen instead) were planted here and that was possibly the only positive thing to come out of this mess; possibly the lowest score ever for a match that included Shawn and Bret together.

Smoky Mountain Tag Team Championship Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. Heavenly Bodies (w/James E. Cornette):   Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan tag out to Gorilla Monsoon and Jim Ross for this title match; a small fracas between Heenan and Monsoon erupts on the changeover foreshadowing Gorilla “tossing” Heenan from the WWF a month later on Raw. Cornette ring introduces the Bodies himself and visa versa; the WWF fans have barely any idea who any of these guys are, so this match is essentially heatless. The Bodies hammer Robert Gibson and then try to slingshot Ricky Morton into the ring but it fails and the Bodies tumble to the floor; Gibson then holds the ropes open for Morton to topé out onto them. Jimmy Del Ray starts off the match proper against Robert Gibson; Gibson flies around the ring and headlock flips over using the turnbuckles to step up and hiptosses Del Ray. Gibson lands a nice flying head scissors; Morton tags in and they hit double elbows. Tom Pritchard tags in and misses a hiplock and Morton hiptosses him. A heel double team backfires and Del Ray nails Pritchard with a crescent kick. They stack the Bodies into the corner and Gibson and Morton monkey flip each of them out of the corner; double atomic drop sends the Bodies together again and the Express hit a double rowboat spot. Slingshot knee drop from Gibson to Pritchard’s leg; the Express hit a double leg lace on Dr. Tom. The Express continue to dominate and work over Pritchard’s leg. Del Ray tags in but walks into an arm drag by Morton. Gibson dives onto the top turnbuckle to block a corner whip; the Bodies try it and it of course backfires and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express sends the Bodies together again. The Bodies retreat to the floor and the poor Rock ‘n’ Roll Express celebrate to near silence. Pritchard tags back in and a series of corner reversals sees Pritchard finally take over on Morton with a sit-out powerbomb; Morton assumes his stereotypical role of face-in-peril. The Bodies hit a bodyslam/back suplex moonsault combo. Del Ray taunts Gibson and draws him into the ring for an illegal switch that normally pisses the crowd off but this is not SMW so they do not care. Pritchard tosses Morton to the floor; Cornette holds Morton in place for Del Ray to hit an Asai moonsault, back in the ring it gets two for Pritchard. Morton fires back but eats a powerslam for a nearfall. Del Ray returns and hits a snap suplex and drops knees; Del Ray knocks Gibson off the apron and the Bodies team up for a side suplex/clothesline combo, it gets two. Pritchard reapplies the chinlock and turns it into a vertical suplex; The Bodies dust off the Midnight Expresses’ Veg-O-Matic (bearhug/diving legdrop combo) but it gets two. Morton counters a Del Ray powerbomb with a Frankensteiner but it only gets two; Morton gets an inside cradle off a telegraphed backdrop, for two. Pritchard holds Morton for a Del Ray moonsault press but Gibson breaks up the pinfall. Morton hits a double DDT on both Bodies and finally tags in Robert Gibson. Backdrop for Del Ray and an enziguri for Pritchard, but the Bodies begin to overwhelm Gibson; Morton recovers and O’Connor rolls Del Ray, Pritchard comes over and tosses Morton over the top to the floor. Gibson thinks he won via DQ, because in Smoky Mountain Wrestling that is a DQ, in the WWF however it is not and the Bodies take over. Morton returns off the top rope with a crossbody but Del Ray breaks it up. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express hit their double dropkick finisher; Cornette hops up on the apron and whilst the referee is busy putting Morton out of the ring Cornette tosses his tennis racket to Del Ray and he comes off the top rope into Gibson’s back for three and the SMW tag titles. 7.5/10 Good classic territory old school style tag match; too bad the WWF fans wanted absolutely nothing to do with this match.

Bam Bam Bigelow says it does not matter how many Doinks he, and his team, are facing tonight as his partners devour a turkey.

The Four Doinks: Men on a Mission & Bushwhackers (w/Oscar) vs. Team Bam Bam: Bam Bam Bigelow, Bastion Booger & Headshrinkers (w/Afa & Luna Vachon):   The babyfaces all have Doink the Clown facepaint and wigs on (including Oscar) and are introduced as “Doinks” and come out with various Doink paraphernalia i.e., balloons, scooters and wagons. Mabel looks like he is really having fun as the fans are a bit upset with the bait-and-switch and chant “we want Doink”. Afa munches on a turkey on the floor as Bastion Booger and Luke Doink start off; Booger hits a splash early but elects not to cover. Luke bites Booger’s ass and he tags in Samu who clobbers him from behind and drops a head-butt. Samu bites some of the babyfaces balloons; one of which is full of water and Luke schoolboys a discombobulated Samu for three and ELIMINATES Headshrinker Samu.

Fatu heads in and Butch Doink tries to head-butt him, which of course does not work. Fatu vertical suplexes him and drops a head-butt; Booger tags back in and drops a big leg. Bam Bam tags in and head-butts Butches side; he traps him against the ropes and Fatu clotheslines him off the top. Booger hits a bodyslam and the Trip to the Batcave but gets distracted bananas in the heel corner. Booger starts to eat on and goes for another Trip to the Batcave but Mable pulls Butch to safety and the Bushwhackers beat Bastion Booger with the Battering Ram and Mabel Doink follows up a huge legdrop for three ELIMINATING Booger.

Fatu comes in and nails Luke with a turkey carcass a few times; Mo Doink comes into the ring with a scooter and rides it around while Fatu destroys Luke. Bam Bam comes in and enziguris Mo off the scooter and tosses it to the floor. Fatu goes to the top and hits a diving splash but gets mesmerized by a banana; that allows Butch to come in and fake Fatu out with a water bucket, Fatu slips on a banana peel and Butch jackknife covers him for three. Headshrinker Fatu is ELIMINATED.

Bigelow is alone versus four Doinks; Bam Bam destroys the Bushwhackers and then Mo. He tosses Luke, Butch and Mo to the floor so Mabel comes in. Bigelow tries some shoulderblocks but cannot move Mabel; Mabel fires away but misses an avalanche and Bigelow floors him with a running shoulderblock. Luke runs into a powerslam meanwhile, Butch tosses confetti onto Luna on the floor, which distracts Bam Bam and allows Men on a Mission to hit a double avalanche in the corner from behind. Mabel pins Bam Bam with a big splash while all of the Doinks pile on top. Bigelow is ELIMINATED and Luke Doink, Butch Doink, Mo Doink and Mabel Doink are the survivors. Post-match the real Doink the Clown appears on the video wall and taunts Bigelow. 1/10 Painful.

Todd Pettingill talks to the Foreign Fanatics; Jim Cornette’s plan on taking out the All-Americans, referring to them as a “one man”, so they will take out the heart (Steiner Brothers) the mind (Undertaker) and soul (Lex Luger) to victory.

All-Americans: Lex Luger, Undertaker & Steiner Brothers (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Foreign Fanatics: Yokozuna, Crush, Quebecer Jacques Rougeau & Ludwig Borga (w/James E. Cornette, Johnny Polo & Mr. Fuji):   Yoko is the WWF Champion here and the Quebecers are the tag team champions. Tatanka was originally on the All-American team but Ludwig Borga ended his two year undefeated streak and Yokozuna squashed him with the Banzai Drop eliminating him from the match so the Undertaker returned and took his place. Luger then injured Quebecer Pierre Ouellet with his steel plate enhanced forearm so newly heel turned Crush replaced him. Taker and Yoko stare into each other’s eyes before the match starts; Scott Steiner starts off with Jacques who offers a handshake. Scott kicks him and hits a capture belly-to-belly suplex; Rick Steiner tags in and Jacques runs away and tags in Yokozuna. Yoko destroys Rick but he quickly comes back with some Steinerlines, knocking Yoko to the floor. Yoko pops up and reenters the ring rather quickly; he isolates Rick and Borga pummels him in the corner and tosses him to the floor, taking out a cameraman. Rick reenters the ring via top-rope shoulderblock and gets two so he applies an armbar. Borga comes back with a bodyslam but misses an elbow; Steiner goes to the top rope and tries a crossbody. Borga was supposed to catch him with a powerslam I think but it goes horribly wrong. Borga covers Rick Steiner and gets three despite Rick rolling his shoulder, I think Rick was trying to cover for the botched spot and segue into something else for the finish but the referee missed the memo. Rick Steiner is ELIMINATED.

Scott heads in and faces Jacques who taunts Rick on his way back; he gets a side headlock but Scott fires him off and press-slams him into Crush. Crush catches him and places him on the canvas; Crush head-butts Scott Steiner down. Scott hits a butterfly bomb on Crush and levels him with a Steinerline for a nearfall. Crush hits a spin kick on Scott as Randy Savage tries to get to the ring but is held off by a bunch of WWF officials including Billy Gunn and Bart Gunn. Crush press-slams Scott to the floor and taunts Savage. The officials force Savage back to the locker room; Crush dominates Steiner with head-butts and a step-over toehold. Crush segues into a legdrop; Savage returns to the arena and Scott dropkicks Crush to the floor. Crush goes after Savage in lieu of returning to the ring and he gets counted out. Crush is ELIMINATED and the brawl continues into the locker room.

In the ring, Jacques applies a seated chinlock and then a reverse elbow. Jacques hits a piledriver on Scott Steiner but it gets two; Scott fires back and press-slams him. Lex Luger finally tags in and powerslams Jacques and hits a second rope driving elbow and pins Jacques Rougeau, ELIMINATING him.

Luger the strategist tags Scott Steiner back in to start the fall against Borga; Ludwig punches away and hits a running lariat. Borga follows up with a Stinger splash and levels him with a running clothesline. Borga goes up but Scott Steiner meets him and hits a top-rope superplex; Yoko breaks up the pinfall. Yokozuna misses an elbow drop; Steiner tries a Frankensteiner but Yoko hangs onto the ropes and drops the Hulkbuster leg for three and Scott Steiner is ELIMINATED.

Lex gets in the ring and goes at Yokozuna; Yoko talks strategy first with Borga (or needs a little rest). Yoko kicks and traps Luger on the ropes as Borga grabs the Japanese flag and waives in from the apron; Yokozuna misses a traditional big splash. Luger fires away on Yokozuna but gets quickly dropped running into a standing clothesline. Ludwig tags in and knocks Luger down and kicks the ribs whilst he is down. Yoko returns and chops away on Luger and chokes him under the bottom rope. Yoko misses an avalanche; Luger tags in the Undertaker to a huge ovation. Taker kills Yoko with the running DDT and sits up. Borga tries to nail the Taker coming off the ropes but he no-sells it and knocks him to the floor; Undertaker turns into a belly-to-belly suplex from Yokozuna but he sits up, scaring the crap out of Yoko. Yoko drops a leg and keeps Undertaker down and then hits the Banzai Drop; Yoko goes for a second one but Taker sits up to avoid. Taker hits the flying clothesline and Yoko tumbles to the floor; Undertaker gives chase. Yokozuna rams Taker’s head into the steps but he no-sells it and rams Yoko into the steps, meanwhile both guys get counted out setting up the infamous title match at Royal Rumble 1994. Yokozuna is ELIMINATED and Undertaker is ELIMINATED.

Luger is now one-on-one with Ludwig Borga; Luger is significantly weakened from the prior beating. Borga hits a legdrop and a side suplex for two. Borga lands a delayed vertical suplex for two and then a powerslam for two. Borga continues to hammer away with a clothesline; Luger comes back with a vertical suplex and they double clothesline each other. Cornette and Johnny Polo distract the referee while Mr. Fuji heads into the ring and gives a downed Borga the salt bucket; Borga clocks Luger with it. Borga covers for two. Luger fires up and fires back and hits a gut punch and an Uncle Sam DDT; reverse elbow gets a nearfall. Luger powerslams Borga off a botched reverse Irish whip for a two count. Luger hops over a telegraphed backdrop and clobbers Borga with the loaded elbow for three; Ludwig Borga is eliminated. It begins to snow in the ring and Santa Clause runs down to ringside to celebrate with Luger. 3.5/10 This was not the greatest main event with a lot of mistakes that seemed to occur when Borga was in there; Undertaker and Yokozuna began their anticipated title feud.

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The 411

The WWF was kind of in flux here as Hogan returned and left early on in the year so Luger got his spot despite Bret Hart being more over and then failed to win the title from Yokozuna. This PPV was hurt by a lot of things bad booking, silly gimmicks, rape trials, etc… Lawler’s issue and nonappearance in the “Family Feud” match killed all of its heat out of the gate. The main event was passable but really leads to nothing more than the Yoko/Taker title match as the Steiners and Borga would leave around Royal Rumble time. Owen’s heel seeds were planted here, that’s something good I guess.

Final Score:  4.0   [ Poor ]  legend

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