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O’Shay Edwards Wouldn’t Have Come Out as Bisexual If Not For Wrestling

July 26, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
O'Shay Edwards

O’Shay Edwards recently discussed how wrestling made him comfortable with coming out as bisexual. The Shane Taylor Promotions member was a guest on the Shining Wizards podcast and talked about how professional wrestling made him comfortable with being bi and acknowledging it.

“If it wasn’t for wrestling, I wouldn’t have (come out),” Edwards said (per Fightful). “Before I was a wrestler, I was a fireman for 15 years. Before that, I played college football and played at every level. I knew when I was like 18 or 19, but it was 2003 or 2004 and there was no way I was going to come out in a football locker room. Are you kidding me? My career would have been done. Over. The times were different. I joined the fire department. Same thing. The fire department is full of type-A personalities and there were a few firemen at that time who were out and I saw the crap they were getting and everyone thought it was like a joke.”

He continued, “I was like, ‘Ain’t no way.’ I was gonna have to fight somebody. Somebody would have made the wrong joke and I would have to fight them, and I wasn’t going to have that. It’s not that I was ashamed, I was just like, ‘Man, this isn’t it.’ I lived in the south, I understand where I live and I read the room very well. It wasn’t the time. It wasn’t until I got into wrestling and I started meeting everyone and being accepted for who I am. I was like, ‘If I’m going to do this, this is the time. This is it.’ It was great. I was met with an outpouring (of support). If anyone said anything negative, they sure as hell didn’t say it to my face.”

Edwards talked about the reaction he’s received, saying, “Everyone has been really cool. I’m a bisexual black man living in America. It’s who I am. I don’t define myself by it, but it’s part of me and who I am. I’m not asking anyone to accept it, it’s not for you to accept. It’s me. It’s been great and everyone has been cool. ‘O’Shay came out, cool. What’s the big deal?’ I had people reach out and say ‘thank you, this gave me a lot of confidence.’ My sister came out to me and it was awesome. I was floored that she came to me first. If me coming out helped somebody, more importantly, help my family. For them to gain the confidence and courage to come out. That’s all I care about. I get why it’s a thing, but I’m ready for the day where it’s not a thing.”

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