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Petey Williams Recalls Filming ‘Steiner Math’ Promo, Talks Retirement and Return

July 12, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Petey Williams Canadian Destroyer

– Petey Williams spoke with Sportskeeda for a new interview discussing his friendship with Scott Steiner and his retirement and return. Highlights are below:

On being part of the infamous “Steiner Math” promo: “When we filmed that, it was one take…pre-taped beforehand. I had no idea what Scott was going to say. I knew that I had one line at the end of the promo. When it first started, the math kinda made sense. And then, he starts stumbling over his words and the math isn’t adding up. If you watch me, I’m looking at Vince Russo and the other producers and asking- ‘Are we still filming this? I guess we still are.’ I didn’t know it would be this epic thing that people would quote and they would have a transcript of it, dictating everything that he said. But what was great is that at the past pay-per-view that we had, ‘Redemption’, in April, I started doing some math problems and Scott Steiner came in and started talking math. People remember it and I absolutely love it.”

On if he has an unheard Scott Steiner story: “I don’t think that I do. I’ve told them all. When I used to hang out with Scott, I never had kids. Scott’s kids are older. He’s a business owner. It’s pretty sad but our conversations are a little bit more mature. Just going back to his reputation of people being afraid of him…when we do pre-taped segments in the backstage area, there’s usually a producer that’s assigned to the segment. They don’t usually assign me backstage promos like that. But Sonjay and Jimmy Jacobs asked me if I can help with the Scott Steiner promo. So they had me quarterback it and take control of it because I really think if Scott didn’t like anything in the promo, Jimmy and Sonjay were afraid of what’s going to happen. So they thought- ‘We’ll just put Petey in charge. In case he gets upset, Petey can ease him a bit.’ But the promo I did with him went great. It was just an argument between him and Eli. I had to make him do it again. And I could see Scott was getting uneasy about it. I asked him- ‘Scott, is everything okay?’ And he goes- ‘No, everything’s not okay.’ I’m like- ‘Just keep arguing and just walk off. Just like you did’. He’s like ‘alright’! I think people are afraid to give Scott direction, but I’m not afraid of Scott I guess. And that’s why they put me in charge of a lot of his things.”

On how they became friends: “I think we got put together and I know he used to bully people around, but I was also a big fan of Scott Steiner. I said to myself if he tries bullying me, I’m just going to stand up for myself. He tried once or twice to say stuff, I don’t remember what it was, but I would stand up for myself and give it back to him. I think he respected that. He thought- ‘This guy sticks up for himself. We can be pals.’ I don’t think he was intimidated by me. Because he’s so much bigger than me. Maybe he thought it was quite funny that I stood up for myself. When we did stuff, I made sure he didn’t look bad. He did the same thing for me and we worked really well together. For whatever reason. Our styles really meshed I guess. And our personas too.”

On Steiner still competing today: “I can’t remember how old Scott is, but I give it to Scott. All the respect in the world. He is still wrestling. He did a ten-day loop with us and he’s over 50 years old! He can still go in the ring. I still think he has a place in professional wrestling because when people see him, they still cheer him, they’re still afraid of him and he can still cut a promo. He can still be Scott Steiner.”

On working with Killer Kross: “That guy…he’s going to be a big star. I really like working with him. He’s relatively new in the wrestling business but what’s good and the reason that he’s going to be so good is that he’s got the look, the skill, the athleticism, and also he doesn’t have an ego. He listens to what people say. People that have been around for a long time. That’s why I think he’s going to be a star. He’s that good. And his promos? He can talk. He’s great. He’s scary. I’m watching his stuff. I know him personally. But I’m also watching him on TV doing his promos and I’m like ‘Wow, that kinda creeps me out a bit. Gives me chills’.”

On why he retired: “I was wrestling for fifteen years and I thought that then was a good time to focus on my family. I felt like what I’ve done in pro wrestling, I mean I’ve created one of the best moves in professional wrestling- The Canadian Destroyer. That’s going to be the thing people remember me by. I mean I don’t think I’m going to do anything bigger than that. Even when I’m gone, seventy years from now, I know I won’t be around but the move will still be there. Some kid that’s not even born yet will be doing the move. So, I was content with retiring.”

On why he returned: “I was sucked in to come back. D’Amore kind of talked me into it. I kept saying no and I finally gave in. And now, I’m glad I did because I’m having so much more fun and I’m enjoying it so much more over this past year than ever in my wrestling career.”