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[PODCAST] World Champions Podcast: Lou Thesz, The Last Gunslinger

March 2, 2016 | Posted by J. Onwuka

The World Champions Podcast has reached 10 full episodes! Follow the history of professional wrestling from its earliest days in prizefighting and local tournaments up through its transformation into a fantastic artform. For this tenth episode the WCP focuses on a man who more than anyone else protected the sport while it finished this great shift. That man is, of course, Lou Thesz: the definitive NWA champion and, in a way, the last gunslinger.

Thesz’s skills were such that nobody could hope to get a double-cross against him done, so he could travel the world safe in the knowledge that if he didn’t want to lose he wouldn’t. On top of that, his performances as a credible, top-flight grappler had him in demand all over the world. In his time he’d wrestle from sea to shining sea and then beyond, in Europe, Australia, India, and Japan. Thesz was the last one who could be totally independent in the wild world of pro wrestling and the man who made it impossible for anyone else.

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