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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament Night 1 – 5.17.08

May 18, 2008 | Posted by Bayani Domingo

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament Night 1 – Saturday, May 17, 2008, Bell Time: 8:35
Approx. Attn: 250 – 300

1. Hook Bomberry Defeats NEMESIS, Pinfall via Michinoku Driver
– Standard opening match. Kind of wandered at times but got a decent amount of time. Hook won after a swinging neckbreaker into a Michinoku Driver that landed NEMESIS awkwardly on the side of his head. *1/2

2. Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre) Defeats 2.0 (Jagged and Shane Matthews), Pinfall via Double Team Fireman’s Carry Double Knee Gutbuster
– Match started out well with 2.0 and Shane Matthews in particular being very entertaining and the Luchas countering by out wrestling them in the early going. Towards the last 2 minutes the match began to fall apart and get pretty sloppy. Perhaps due to miscommunications or unfamiliarity of both teams. End came when Matthews was thrown out of the ring after a double team second rope Blockbuster to a double knee backbreaker and Jagged got hit with the surfboard to reverse Angle slam into a double knee gutbuster. Yes, it was a complicated sequence. The 2 minutes prior to the end of the match dragged down the rest a bit. **1/2

3. TJ Perkins w/ Hook Bomberry Defeats Candice LaRae, Pinfall via Frog Splash
– TJ and Hook came out to cut a promo about how TJ was screwed out of a high profile match because of a certain “prima dona” having a problem in the back and threatened to sit in the ring until he got a match that night. TJ has gone full evil emo. Candice LaRae came out and the match was official. Brawling match-up from both wrestlers and Candice got a surprising amount of offense and a couple very close near falls. End of the match came after Candice missed her top rope moonsault and TJ hit a frog splash for the pin. These two had very good chemistry since they do train together in EWF. **1/2

4. Roderick Strong & Jack Evans Defeats Scorpio Sky & Ronin, Pinfall via Skipping a Generation
– Good match, but by far the shortest of all the first round match-ups. Surprisingly back and forth match as Jack and Scorpio seemed to work a majority of the match. Finish came on a “Skipping a Generation” onto Ronin. ***


Excalibur calls out Human Tornado to address the fans. Human Tornado comes out and after the beginning of a heartfelt explanation about his injury…announces he’s keeping the title and slowly walks out with no one chasing him. He escapes. On crutches. Very slowly. By the time Excalibur figured it out Tornado was gone.

5. El Blazer & KAGETORA Defeats “The Dynasty” Joey Ryan & Scott Lost, Pinfall via Springboard Hurricanrana Driver
– Match began very slowly and very sloppily as it seemed that the teams were having communication problems figuring out what they were trying to do. El Blazer in particular was having problems working with the American wrestlers. The middle of the match finally picked up after a long “heat sequence” on El Blazer and KAGETORA got the hot tag and cleaned house. The middle and particularly the end really came together after the match essentially became a “spotfest”. End came after El Blazer hit the tight rope walking drop kick on Lost into a springboard Hurricanrana that dropped lost on his head for the pin. ***

6. Austin Aries Defeats Jay Briscoe, Submission via Horns of Aries.
– No real explanation was needed as both men are familiar with each other. The match was heated and intense. Jay Briscoe was busted open twice during the match, both from MMA knees from Aries. Well paced match that built as it went along with Aries concentrating on getting the submission victory and Jay concentrated on the Jay Driller. Easily the best match of the night by far. ****1/4

7. Kevin Steen & El Generico Defeats Super Dragon & Davey Richards, pinfall via Package Piledriver and Brainbustaaah combo
– Match began as a full on brawl all over the gym as chairs were used liberally before the bell even rang. Absolute mayhem to start the match. The pacing slowed down once the match got started and the men actually got into the ring. There was some light comedy during the match as well and the contest became extremely competitive as both El Generico and Davey Richards were targeted. Towards the end of the match it appeared that either Super Dragon was “blown up” or was possibly injured. During a few double team moves it appeared that Dragon may have suffered a concussion on a DDT or Ole Kick because he was standing around in the ring dazed and then fell to the ground after a broken pin attempt and laid there until the end. This greatly slowed the final sequences and confused the rest of the wrestlers. Finish came after Dragon was laying on the canvas and Davey ate the Package/Brainbustaah combo. After the match Steen rubbed the title in Dragon’s face as he had to be helped to the back. Dragon looked legitimately concussed and dizzy. **3/4

***Post Match***
Excalibur calls out Steen-erico for not being present on the last PWG show and questions their loyalty and threatens to strip them of the tag titles and award it to a more deserving team. After Steen explains that he’s been away taking care of his family and new baby boy Excalibur calls calls Kevin Steen’s baby boy (who is in attendance with his wife) ugly. This results in Steen affirming their loyalty to PWG, guarantee that no one deserves the title as much as they do, as well as giving Excalibur 3 straight Package Piledrivers as Steen brings in his son to pin Excalibur for the 3 count.


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