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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament Night 2 Report – 5.18.09

May 19, 2008 | Posted by Bayani Domingo

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament Night 2 – Sunday, May 18, 2008, Bell Time: 5:35
Approx. Attn: 325 – 375


Excalibur came out to explain the events of night one and then upon seeing Kevin Steen race across the back of the gym demand a future rematch with Owen Steen. Ronin was announced as suffering a leg injury and not competing tonight and Super Dragon was announced as having his “7,000th” concussion and also would not be competing.

1. DDT4 Semi-Final Match
Roderick Strong / Jack Evans Defeats Los Luchas (Phoenix Star / Zokre), Pinfall via Skipping a Generation
– Match started off well and was fast paced, but soon slowed as each team were trying to hit their spots and finish the match early on. The match sort of fell apart towards the end as both teams seemed a bit confused as to each other’s timing and the finish sort of came out of no where when Strong/Evans hit the “Skipping a Generation”, aka Double stomp moonsault and Canadian Rack Backbreaker combo on the Luchas. The crowd seemed to be fairly silent for the match as the heat was clearly becoming a bit of a problem. Strong/Evans looked clean and Luchas got in some decent offense. **1/2

2. Davey Richards Defeats Austin Aries, Submission via Sharpshooter
– Intense match-up from the get go as these two were working a fairly stiff match filled mostly with kicks to the face and chest. Davey came out trying to dominate Aries as the much smaller man was able to use his quickness to out-wrestler Richards. The story of the match was each man trying to get their opponent into their finishing moves several times with each man countering each attempt. The end came when Aries had the Horns of Aries on Davey but he countered out and got Aries into a Sharpshooter for the submission win. Davey then told the fans that after his 3 month tour of Japan he’d be working his way back towards the PWG World Title. ***1/4

3. DDT4 Semi-Final Match
Kevin Steen / El Generico Defeats KAGETORA / El Blazer, Pinfall via Super Clothesline/Chokeslam (??)
– If you expected Steen-erico to dominate with their strength and the DDT team to counter with quickness then you were right. It was a very fun little match-up that saw the Japanese guys play underdog the entire match with Steen literally tossing the smaller El Blazer around like a doll. KAGEblazer seemed better equipped for this match than night 1 and it was a fun little spotfest that featured a lot of fast paced wrestling. KAGEblazer actually scored a couple very close pinfalls in the match but the end came when El Blazer was leapfrogged up by El Generico into what looked like it was supposed to be a Super Chokeslam with Kevin Steen coming off the top but looked more like a clothesline or a Ron Simmons spinebuster that planted El Blazer off the mat with a huge bounce. ***

– Commissioner Dino Winwood came out and called out Human Tornado to the ring and asked him twice to “please give back the World Title”. Tornado agreed only on the stipulation that Candice LaRae came out to get it. She did and reluctantly entered the ring and shook his hand. Tornado then grabbed her by the back of the head and Dino came to her rescue which brought out Jay Briscoe who proceeded to spear Dino and lay a beating down. Until Necro Butcher came out for the save and led to…

4. Necro Butcher Defeats Jay Briscoe, Pinfall via Tiger Driver on stack of chairs.
– It was a brawl. There were more chaired used during the match by the wrestlers than by the fans as everyone was standing around trying to run for cover every once in a while as they brawled around the gym. Once the match got back into the ring Jay Briscoe was dominating Necro thanks to Tornado’s crutch shot to Necro’s turned back. It was a fun little mindless brawl, but nothing unlike we’ve seen from Necro before. At once point Tornado broke up a pinfall attempt by Necro by pasting Referee Rick Knox with a crutch and the match was thrown out. Then Necro took out both Tornado and Jay with a crutch and seemingly the match was restarted again and Necro pinned Jay with a Tiger Driver on a stack of chairs. Umm…yeah. **


5. “The Dynasty” Joey Ryan & Scott Lost / Hook Bomberry / TJ Perkins Defeats 2.0 (Jagged / Shane Matthews) / Scorpio Sky / Candice LaRae, Pinfall via Folding Powerbomb
– Ronin actually came out to compete along side Scorpio Sky, but a chair shot to the leg by Hook Bomberry took him out of the match. Candice LaRae then came from the back to compete and stood on the ring apron with the rest of the “faces”. Where…Jagged proceeded to smell her hair while she wasn’t looking. He assured his teammates that she smelled “amazing”. Kudos. Your usual fun 8-man match mixed with comedy and spots. The pacing of the match picked up towards the middle as it transformed from slow “heat sequence” with a beat down Scorpio Sky into a dive-fest into the crowd. The last 3 or 4 minutes of the match was an all out sprint and “finisher gauntlet” as each wrestler and team hit their respective moves and Joey Ryan broke out the first ever “Boob Plex” on Candice LaRae. Picture a German Suplex with a slight variation as to the Suplexer’s hand position. Brutal. The finish came when Joey Ryan hit a vicious spear on Candice and hit a Folding Powerbomb into a pinning combination on her for the win. **1/2 (for fun’s sake)

6. DDT4 Finals
Roderick Strong / Jack Evans Defeats Kevin Steen / El Generico, Pinfall via “Skipping a Generation” (Championship Edition)
– Great match and great main event as these were the two most well established teams in the tournament and had undoubtedly put on the strongest performances leading up to the finals. Fast paced and hard hitting as Generico hit all manner of Ole Kick to everyone in every position and location inside the ring. Roddy threw Jack all over the ring at his opponents, and Kevin Steen punished his opponents using his massive girth advantage while even using the double team backpack senton on Jack at one point. Several near falls and the crowd seemed fairly split towards the end of the match. The only “psychology” here seemed to be outlast your opponent. The finish came when Strong hit the Gibson Driver on Steen and stopped Generico’s top rope Brainbustaaah attempt on Jack, which led to the “Skipping a Generation” on Steen with Jack hitting a Phoenix splash instead of a moonsault. Both men covered a member of the opposition and it was academic. This was the 2nd straight DDT4 tourney win for Strong and a huge surprise as everyone figured Jack would be gone for Japan immediately since RoH announced it earlier in the week. Great match that the fans finally woke up for. ****


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