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RB Report: CHIKARA Chapter 11

May 6, 2008 | Posted by 411Mania Staff
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RB Report: CHIKARA Chapter 11  

CHIKARA Chapter 11
Philadelphia, PA
November 18, 2007

*Chris Hero vs. Claudio Castagnoli was originally scheduled to be the main event of this show, but Lince Dorado seriously injured himself in the semi-main event and out of respect, the show was cut short. That and, obviously, due to the visual severity of the injury it absolutely killed the crowd. The injury caused Lince a concussion and he is now legally blind because of it.

*Hallowicked vs. Eddie Kingston video package. These two have been feuding since March. This is seriously awesome. I would rather that they put it on the DVD before the actual match, but I suppose I can go back and watch it to get myself pumped again.

*Lince Dorado vs. Mitch Ryder video package. Not quite as good as the last one, but does the job.

*Icarus, Gran Akuma and Chuck Taylor are backstage. Icarus is pissed with Tim Donst for beating him back at New Star Navigation.

*Team FIST (Icarus, Gran Akuma and Chuck Taylor) vs. Tim Donst and Los Ice Creams (El Hijo del Ice Cream and Ice Cream, Jr.)
I don’t like Taylor as a part of FIST. He just doesn’t fit in with Icarus and Akuma, and HE DOESN’T HAVE SIMILAR TIGHTS! Icarus and Junior start. Some wackyness. Donst is tagged in and Icarus bails. Akuma gets in. Kick him in the face, Akuma. Donst takes him down and keeps him grounded. Akuma has enough after about a minute and tags out to Taylor. Junior gets in and he throws Chuck’s own signature air grenade at him. Chuck is double-teamed by Los Ice Creams. Donst charges into the ring, but is met with a dropkick right to the mush. Leonard Chikarason on commentary says that Icarus beating Donst was his first win ever. WRONG! He beat Alex Payne at the International Invaders Night 1. Icarus works him over. Taylor gets in and busts out KUNG-FU~! Both members of FIST kick him and Icarus scores a two-count. Moonsault from Chucky T misses. Donst chooses to not tag out, instead going after Akuma. Retard. Donst accidentally knocked Hijo off the apron and both Ice Creams refuse to tag in for him. GOING BACK TO THEIR RUDO ROOTS~! They leave to the back and Donst is on his own. Lungblower by Icarus gets two. Akuma nails him with a kick to the back of the head. Garvin Stomp by Taylor. Donst fires back with chops, but is stopped immediately. AWFUL WAFFLE! They decide that’s not enough and Icarus hits the pedigree. Icarus locks in the CHIKARA Special and it’s over(12:31). I find it bizarre that the rudos winning matches with the CHIKARA Special is actually turning into a “THERE MUST BE A MOLE IN THE TECNICO CAMP!!!!” storyline. Is it not possible that they just…WATCH TAPES?!

Rating: **. Decent, but nothing special.

*Hydra (w/Ultramantis Black) vs. Robbie Eliis
This is gonna be all kinds of great. Hydra’s entrance is incredible, the fans love him. If you need reminded, Ellis is way into his 60’s and his gimmick is that of a super-stud. He loves dancing for the young ladies in attendance. Test-of-strength to start us out. He dances and Hydra clubs him to the mat. He can’t get lock in the HydraLock. Clothesline sends the old man to the ground. ELLIS IS A HOUSE ON FIRE~! Hydra celebrates on the top rope, but Ellis grabs him onto his shoulders…BURNING HAMMER~!~! IT’S OVER(1:25)!

Rating: A MILLION BILLION STARS! Awesome. Old men drilling sea monsters with burning hammers = win.

*The Colony are looking to end their year with a bang.

*Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno & Stupefied) and Shane Storm vs. The Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant and Worker Ant)
Soldier Ant and Storm start out. Soldier controls. They do an INDY STAND-OFF~! They shake hands and tag out to Worker Ant and Stupefied. They do a quick sequence, with Stupefied flipping around and hitting a tope con hilo out to Worker. Fire and Uno in. Uno is cradled up for two. Nice headscissors into the corner by Fire Arm. Twisting olita by Uno. Uno goes up top, but Fire Ant presses the pause button on the side of his tights. Awesome. Stupefied comes in with a missile dropkick and a standing moonsault gets two. Uno is still frozen on the top rope. Stupefied makes a mistake and it’s capitalised on by the Colony. Double Pele kick to both Worker and Soldier. He rolls over and un-pauses Uno, who is a house on fire. SICK, DISGUSTING arm-capture stunner by Uno about kills Worker Ant. Worker Ant is isolated and worked over by all three men. Awesome Alabama Slam/lungblower combo out of the Super Smash Brothers. Worker Ant dives out of the ring and his ant brethren take out the SSB. Storm can’t quite handle both of them and is dumped out onto the SSB. Springboard senton by Fire Ant out onto them. They all charge at Storm, but he busts out the STOP sign, freezing them. Stupefied jumps across their backs. Air Raid Crash by Storm gets two. Uno is put up top. Worker sits on Fire and Soldier’s shoulders and suplexes Uno off. Stupefied DDTs Soldier Ant and gets two from a STANDING CORKSCREW MOONSAULT! Fire Ant gets on Worker and Soldier’s shoulders and lands a splash to Stupefied, ending the match(9:51)!

Rating: ***. Bucketloads of fun, they fit in a ton of wacky spots. This should’ve been the opener.

*Larry Sweeney is happy because after months of wait he finally gets to meet Bryan Alvarez in the ring again. Yeah, the guy who does Figure 4 Weekly.

*ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Title
Bryan “Chico” Alvarez vs. “Sweet ‘n’ Sour” Larry Sweeney (c)

If you don’t know what Alvarez looks like, imagine Finch from the TV show ‘Just Shoot Me’ with black hair and you have Bryan Alvarez. Sweeney brings out his own referee because PJ Drummond isn’t ICW/ICWA-certified. Sweeney stalls and Alvarez takes him to the mat. They fight to their feet and Sweeney takes him down with a shoulder block. Alvarez tries to show of his almost-decent chain wrestling, but just EATS an elbow. Sweeney wants to shake hands, but Alvarez slaps him. They trade slaps and Sweeney leaves to the floor. Alvarez follows and chops. Back in, Sweeney lands a butterfly suplex and a couple of DiBiase fist drops. That gets two and Sweeney is annoyed that his ref didn’t count faster. Elbow drop only gets two and Sweeney shoves the ref. Sweeney chokes away at Alvarez. He locks in a sleeper, but Alvarez fights out of it. Back suplex plants Sweeney. Leg lariat and a big back body drop by Alvarez, he covers, but the ref counts veeerrryyy slloooowwwlllyy. Alvarez goes up, but misses a swanton when Sweeney gets the knees up. Sweeney goes up…TWELVE LARGE ELBOW~! He covers, but the ref stops the count at two! Sweeney and the ref get into a shoving battle and Chico superkicks Sweeney from nowhere. He covers and PJ Drummond makes the three-count(9:12)! New ICW/ICWA champion!

Rating: **. Solid, but completely forgettable.

*Cheech, Cloudy and Delirious vs. Passion Hasegawa, El Pantera and MIYAWAKI
Delirous, teaming with Hallowicked, defeated Cheech and Cloudy the previous night. Something tells me I’m going to have a very hard time keeping up with this one. There’s no opening bell to this one, so I’ll just start from when Delirious and Miyawaki first lock up. POSE-DOWN~! Delirious owns Miyawaki with his speed and Cheech and Hasegawa are tagged in. They do some really slow exchanges on the mat. Passion busts out the J-Lucha and dances! Cheech doesn’t like Passion not taking him seriously and hits a back suplex before double-teaming him with Cloudy. Passion tags out to Pantera and he dropkicks Cloudy to the outside. Cheech gets in, but Pantera manages to take both members of Up In Smoke out with his meatball lucha. Even Delirious can’t match upto the experience of Pantera. Cloudy is taken out with a springboard headbutt. Pantera feels he’s done enough and tags out to Passion. Passion slams him and goes to the top rope…swanton. Miyawaki gets in and pounds away at Cloudy. Cloudy goes for a ‘rana, but Miyawaki catches and powerbombs him. SICK clothesline in the corner by Miyawaki and Cloudy is triple-teamed. Cloudy plants Miyawaki hard with a DDT and tags out to Delirious. Lots of clotheslines, but Miyawaki manages to stop him in his tracks. Pantera comes in with a shining wizard to Delirious and all of Team FOREIGNERS lock in submissions. They’re reversed. Very wacky and messy spot follows. Delirious catches Miyawaki with a headbutt as he comes off the top rope. Everyone hits dives to the outside. Delirious misses the Panic Attack to Miyawaki and Miyawaki hits one of his own. Cheech goes up top, but Pantera crotches him. He slams him off and covers for two. Cloudy hits a Code Red to Passion, but only gets two. As Passion is getting up, Delirious lands the shadows over hell! Passion and Delirious trade strikes and Delirious finishes him with the Chemical Imbalance(12:50)!

Rating: **3/4. Pretty good. I didn’t get into it as much as I hoped. They went with all-out chaos for a bit too long, and for me, it hurt the match.

*Hawke Like an Egyptian (Shayne Hawke, Amasis and Ophidian) vs. Mike Quackenbush, Trik Davis and Helios
Is Trik replacing someone or something? Him being in this match is so random. He had a few decent matches last year in CHIKARA. None of the tecnico team come out together. UNITY~! Quack coming out with all his belts is SEXY! SIX BELTS! Reminds me of that AWESOME pic of Ultimo Dragon with like eight belts on him. Helios and Hawke start us out. They do some comedy. I don’t appreciate it. They decide it’s time to wrestle and have a very speedy exchange. Quack tags himself in and comes in with a headscissors. He does a very great and wacky spot. Quack KILLS Amasis with a clothesline. Trik and Ophidian chain wresle VERY nicely. Trik is rana’d into the corner. Hawke gets tagged in and keeps him in his corner. Osirian Portal double-team Trik. They all take turns in the ring with him. Hawke nails a nasty neckbreaker. Trik gets close to tagging out, but Hawke stops him with a lariat. He manages to avoid another lariat and tags out to Quack. Helios helps out too. Helios hits the standing SSP to Hawke, but the pin is broken up. Fans are loving it. Helios and Quack work GREAT together as a team. Quack hits a tope con hilo out to Hawke. CHOCOLATE RAIN BY HELIOS! CORKSCREW MOONSAULT! It’s over(11:17)!

Rating: ***1/4. Great stuff. I appreciate that they didn’t go overboard with MOVES~!

*Eddie Kingston NEEDS to win the match against Hallowicked because he needs to prove to himself that he’s the best. He needs to show everybody that he’s best.

*Falls Count Anywhere
Eddie Kingston vs. Hallowicked

Kingston is all business tonight. I am fucking PUMPED for this. Introductions are done in-ring, which is always a great touch. Neither man advances after the bell. They circle each other. Both men just charge and we have a brawl. They trade chops and Kingston goes to the eyes. A high knee sends Kingston to the floor. Kingston tries to walk to the back, but Hallowicked drops him with a club to the back. Hallowicked gets thrown into the guardrail and Kingston unloads on some vicious chops. It doesn’t phase Hallowicked and he throws Kingston into the ring. Kingston brutally pounds Hallowicked down and kicks him right in the face. Hallowicked fire back, but King slaps him SO FUCKING HARD that it’s impossible for him to keep going. King headbutts him and stumbled all over the ring. SICKENING headbutt by Wicked knocks King down. Kingston puts all his weight into a double stomp right across the chest of Hallowicked. Kingston sends him onto the apron and actually busts out a SPRINGBOARD lariat! He goes for a tope, but Hallowicked catches him with a boot right to the mush! MICHINOKU DRIVER ON THE FUCKING FLOOR! I feel like starting a “this is awesome” chant in my bedroom. Kingston blocks a Yakuza kick and lands an STO ON THE FLOOR! Kingston hits a Yakuza of his own and throws Hallowicked all the way across the ringside area and into the guardrail. They go into the audience. That doesn’t last for long and they go back to the ring. They trade slaps on the top rope and Hallowicked headbutts him. SUPER FISHERMAN’S BUSTER! ONE-TWO-NO! FUCK! Kingston drops Hallowicked right on his head with a brainbuster and only gets two. Hallowicked evades the Backfist to the Future and hits the step-up frankensteiner. Yakuza kick sends Kingston half-way across the ring. Kingston tries to fight it off, but Hallowicked gets him on his shoulders…Go 2 SLEEPY HOLLOW IS BLOCKED! BACK DROP DRIVER BY KINGSTON! ONE-TWO-NO! ANOTHER! Hallowicked is up! BACKFIST BY KINGSTON! ONE-TWO-THREE(11:46)!

Rating: ****. WHAT A FUCKING MATCH! I’d probably say this is the third best CHIKARA match of the year, behind Quack vs. Hero and Colony/Wicked vs. BLKOUT. Fucking incredible. You could just FEEL the hate basically oozing out of the screen. Amazing end to the eight month long feud.

*Lince Dorado promises that tonight Mitch Ryder will leave Philly bald!

*Hair vs. Mask
Mitch Ryder (hair) (w/Larry Sweeney and Shayne Hawke) vs. Lince Dorado (mask) (w/El Pantera)

Mitch is ordered to send one of Sweeney and Hawke to the back since Lince has just one cornerman. Neither leave. Ryder starts out slow, working over the arm of Dorado. Dorado counters it, but is sweeped to the mat. Lince hits a Japanese armdrag and Ryder bails to the outside. He takes his time getting back in, only to leave again. Dorado can’t be bothered waiting for him this time and hits a tope con hilo. Ryder locks in a long abdominal stretch, with Hawke helping when Bryce Remsburg can’t see him. Ryder is thrown to the outside and Lince scores with a plancha. Hawke distracts Bryce and Sweeney takes something out of his pants. He nails Pantera! Pantera is taken to the back. Ryder rips the mask of Dorado. He drops an elbow on Lince and poses for the fans in attendance. Lince shoots him off of a sleep and catches him with a leg lariat. Sunset flip gets two. Ryder takes a boot to the face and bumps Bryce Remsburg in the process. Lince comes off the top rope, but is caught with a shot to the crotch. Quack, Helios and Tim Donst are out to cheer on Dorado. I hope they’re not going to do the “tecnicos come out and are followed by the rudos” thing they do everytime there’s a big match. Yep, team FIST and Chuck Taylor come out. Here’s the Colony and Shane Storm. Lince fires off on some elbows, but is bombed with a SPINEBUSTER! PILEDRIVER! ONE-TWO-NO! I think that’s the first time someone’s kicked out of Ryder’s piledriver in CHIKARA. Tremendous. Dorado scores a backslide, but just gets two. He slams Ryder and goes to the top. He hits the shooting star senton that nearly killed him. His head land so fucking hard on the mat it’s ridiculous. The match cuts to him quickly throwing his arm over Ryder for the victory and then proceeding to have a seizure. Terrifying stuff. We cut again to Mitch getting head shaved. The fans are deadly silent. You could probably here a pin drop. You can hear the screaming and crying coming from the back that according to Quack when he was on F4W, was Lince’s family. 12:47 of the match was shown, but only a little bit was cut out.

Rating: Really good match until the ending. That shit was just plain scary.

The 411: Really solid show, it's a damn shame that it will only ever be remember as the show in which Lince Dorado almost killed himself. Recommended show.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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