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Ric Flair Reveals What He Texted Undertaker & Stephanie McMahon After Boneyard Match, Says He Can Do Cinematic Style Match

April 6, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
Undertaker Image Credit: WWE

– Ric Flair joined Wrestling INC’s podcast where he revealed the text messages he sent Undertaker and Stephanie McMahon following WrestleMania 36. Highlights are below.

On text sent to Undertaker: “I texted Taker, ‘You did it again.’ [Laughs] It’s incredible. Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn, they create stuff better than Netflix, Amazon or anything. Are you kidding me? Between that and the Fun House, it was incredible. If I’m dying as an adult who’s been watching this forever, can you imagine what a 12-year-old is thinking? They gotta be going, ‘Wow! Daddy this is the coolest thing!’ I’m sitting here with Wendy and she’s become not only a big-time wrestling fan, but she’s watched me so many times over the years that she’s capable of calling what’s good and bad and she loved everything. They entertained everybody.”

On text sent to Stephanie McMahon: “I texted Stephanie, ‘Only the McMahons could pull this off’ and they did! Every demographic in the world of sports and entertainment got covered. It was tremendous. It was an excellent match with Charlotte and Rhea and you had all of the entertainment in the world with The Undertaker and then Bray Wyatt. It was incredible.”

On if he could do a cinematic match: “Of course I could, but why won’t you run that by the WWE [laughs]? I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I would have taken the damn tombstone in that match; I just wanted to run in as the ghost of the past [laughs]. It was everything that WrestleMania should be, minus the crowd. ‘They didn’t really have a match.’ This isn’t the Ruthless Aggression Era or Attitude Era as they want the 18-45 demographic. But they also want that younger demographic. Can you imagine what a 12-year-old is thinking when Cena just disappeared [laughs]? The kids are going, ‘Holy cow! How did they do that?’ They’re not just doing something to appease me or you. They’re doing something for all age groups. Their level of production is, to me, as good as anything you’re gonna see in Hollywood or entertainment. They improvised and said, ‘We can go out there and have a match. Or, we can go out there and entertain.’ People are knocking it because Wyatt is so entertaining now and I think he’s one of the most talented guys in the company. Everybody wanted him and John to have a world-class match, but they decided to give them more entertainment than wrestling. And they did. I’m gonna be very shocked if they didn’t do very well financially when the numbers come in. But I thought it was fabulous.”