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Rocky Romero On Talk’N Shop A Mania 2: “I Think It’s Gonna Be Worse”

September 30, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson Talk N' Shop A Mania

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Rocky Romero spoke about the work going into Talk’N Shop A Mania 2, which he says will be worse than the original. That PPV was hyped up tongue-in-cheek as being one of the worst wrestling events ever by many wrestlers online. Here are highlights:

On the success of the first PPV: “Well, the first one was a mega surprise to how much people enjoyed it and the reaction to it overall. We just weren’t really expecting that, and it was pretty amazing because we put a lot of work into it. We put our own money, own time, our own sweat [and] our own blood into that thing. There was no backing from like a major company or anything like that. It’s just three of us, so we really took a big risk, and to have it payoff and especially put it out there and actually have people that enjoyed it, felt great. Number two, I think it’s gonna be worse.”

On plans for the sequel: “I’ll give you a scoop. I hear that Chico El Luchador and Chavo Guerrero are going to mix it up in a rematch, and it’s a Lucha Libre Deathmatch. And I’ll give you a little extra. I’ve been told that Talk’N Shop A Mania 2 is going to be so big it’s going to be in multiple locations. That’s all I can tell you, possibly multiple cities.”

On his role: “I’m going to be the third wheel on it, but they’re doing the heavy lifting. I’m just helping out as a third wheel as a co-host, but it’s pretty much them that are doing this thing. But I will be there in support. I will be on camera. I will be hanging out. Hope to be more of like the Andy [Richter] to Conan [O’Brien].”