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Sam Roberts Says Logan Paul Should Win 2023’s Money In The Bank

April 18, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Logan Paul WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

Sam Roberts of Notsam Wrestling recently posted on TikTok to share his thoughts on this year’s Money In The Bank (via Wrestling Inc). Roberts maintains that there are good reasons to have Logan Paul walk away with the briefcase at this year’s event. Paul is known for attracting viewership to WWE via his ability to evoke both strong opposition and support among the audience, which Roberts believes makes him an excellent candidate to win. You can read a few highlights from Roberts and find the original social media post below.

On why Paul should win MITB this year: “This is a man, who while holding the briefcase, would have the WWE held hostage because the idea of him being WWE Champion is so antithetical to what the WWE Universe wants. In 2023, the person who should hold the Money in the Bank briefcase is Logan Paul.”

On how WWE’s investment in Paul informs the situation: “Logan Paul is in this position now where he’s had big matches. He’s proven what he can do. Logan Paul has to operate at a top level in order to be worth the investment that’s being made in Logan Paul. So how do you operate up there? You have him go to this pay-per-view and win the Money in the Bank briefcase.”

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