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Sambus’ AEW Collision Review 01.27.24

January 27, 2024 | Posted by Theo Sambus
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Sambus’ AEW Collision Review 01.27.24  


Hello everyone, and welcome to our weekly live coverage of AEW Collision here on 411mania. It’s been quite the whirlwind of a week in the wrestling world, and while there are obviously strong and visceral emotions flying around, I have nothing ‘useful’ to add to the Vince McMahon allegations. Because of the allegations, there’s a very real chance there could be people checking out AEW for the first time tonight instead of the Royal Rumble, so I’m choosing to focus on tonight’s product instead. At its core, wrestling provides us with escapism from real world problems, so this goes out to anyone hoping to get away from the grim reality of what’s been going on in the McMahon camp.

Regardless of the events of this past week, it’s a brave move to program against the Rumble, but Tony Khan has certainly stacked the card for a PPV-quality offering. My jaw dropped when Khan announced Danielson vs Nagata on Wednesday – Nagata can still go so that has big banger potential. It’ll be a treat to see Serena Deeb step back inside the ring as she makes her return to in-ring competition after a long spell, and Mariah May will be in singles action too – the women’s division has strong representation tonight. Oraneg Cassidy defends the International Championship against Komander but the big one tonight is of course the Trios Elimination Cage match, pitting FTR and Daniel Garcia against the House of Black. This is the culmination of weeks if not months of back and forth between these guys, and if their previous encounters are anything to go by, we are in store for a classic.

By the way, in case you missed it, make sure you check out the promo from Matt Menard regarding tonight’s cage match, which AEW posted on X/Twitter last night – really fantastic stuff, showing a more restrained and emotional side of him. Now, on with the show!


Location: Bossier City, LA

Venue: Brookshire Grocery Arena

Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Kevin Kelly & Tony Schiavone


We go straight to ringside for our opening contest as the Blackpool Combat Club make their way out.

Match One: Claudio Castagnoli & Jon Moxley vs Shane Taylor & Lee Moriarty

Lee and Shane jump the BCC as they enter the ring, and things immediately spill to the ringside area. Mox and Taylor tee off, and Mox gets him back inside the ring. Shane creates a bit of space and then backs Moxley into the corner. He takes a run up, misses a splash, and Mox tags in Claudio. Uppercuts to Shane, but Shane right back with a forearm. More uppercuts in the corner now, and Claudio takes him down with a lariat. Claudio grabs the legs, looking for the Big Swing but Moriarty enters the ring and gets on Claudio’s shoulders to distract him. Mox takes Lee to the floor, and Taylor heads out after him, clubbing blow to the back of Moxley, and Mox is sent into the steel steps.

Claudio follows to the floor, misses an uppercut against the barricade and goes head over heels. Taylor brings him back over, drapes him over the apron and drops a leg drop across the throat. Lee Moriarty tagged in now but Claudio fights back 2 on 1. Suplex by Lee, into an armbar. Moxley is shown on the floor nursing his hand. Taylor back in, another leg drop to Claudio, gets a 2 count. Shane looks for a suplex, Claudio blocks it, gets a suplex of his own! Tags all round as Moxley comes in against Moriarty. Lee with a sunset flip but Moxley rolls through with a running knee, followed by a release suplex. Mox in the corner for the 10 count punches, bites the forehead, and then a big boot to knock Taylor off the apron. Lee goes for a dropkick, Claudio pushes Moxley out of the way and catches Lee into the Big Swing!

Taylor and Castagnoli go at it now, trading punches and clotheslines, neither man go down. Repeated lariats and uppercuts by Claudio, finally sends him to the floor. Lee misses an enziguri, goes for a bridge on Moxley but Mox tries for the choke instead! Lee gets a pinning combination, Mox rolls out and gets the cutter! Lee with some joint manipulation, tag to Taylor but Claudio is in behind, uppercut to Shane and Moxley comes in for the Hart Attack double team. Stomps to the head on Taylor! And now Moxley locks in the rear naked choke…but Taylor is fighting to his feet. He falls back, but Moxley holds on! Rick Knox checks on him, and calls for the bell at 9:57.

Your winners by referee stoppage: Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli

Rating: *** – Fine tag match to start us off tonight, but much like last week’s main event, it didn’t feel all that important or heated. Decent back and forth though – Taylor & Moriarty weren’t treated as an afterthought and had the chance to hold their own.


Lexy Nair is with the Undisputed Kingdom and Komander backstage. Strong wants to address Komander. March 3rd, Strong has an AEW International title match set…for now, he can give Komander 5 weeks as champion until then, if Komander lets them help him. Komander shakes their hands, but doesn’t seem sure.

Match Two: [AEW International Championship] Orange Cassidy (c) vs Komander

Cassidy goes to put his hands in his pockets but Komander grabs the hand and shakes it. They grapple and get into a series of quick pinning combinations, including a seatbelt pin from Komander, which gets a 2. Orange heads to the floor to recuperate. Back in the ring, Cassidy again goes to put the hands in the pockets, but Komander stops him. Off the ropes, Komander gets Cassidy into a Gory special, but Cassidy reverses, only for Komander to reverse again…but Orange gets his arms free, and slides his hands in the pockets!

Leg sweep by Komander, Orange misses a dropkick but he nips back up. Headscissors by Cassidy, heads outside, Komander rebounds off the ropes in a fake out and they come face to face in the ring again. Spinning DDT attempt by OC, into the Stundog Millionaire, and now he gets the spinning DDT. Komander goes to the floor, but here come the Undisputed Kingdom down the ramp as we head to PIP.

UK distract OC, allowing Komander to capitalise and get OC into a pendulum swing. He bridges back into a pin, but OC rolls through into a pin of his own. Tilt a whirl backbreaker by Cassidy! OC locks eyes with Strong as he gets Komander in the Stronghold! Komander kicks out of it, but receives another tilt a whirl backbreaker. OC clearly wants to be the new Messiah of the Backbreaker. Cassidy sends Komander face first into the top turnbuckle, but Komander comes back with a springboard crossbody off the middle rope. Spinning DDT by the challenger, and now with both guys on their feet, they trade chops. Superkick by OC sends Komander into the buckles.

Sloth-style kicks in the corner, but then ‘proper’ kicks. Komander with a big boot, fakes out a crossbody but hits a Canadian Destroyer! Gutbuster by Komander, 1, 2, no. Up top for Komander, frog splash gets a 2 count. Inverted piledriver position by Komander into a submission hold, but OC escapes. Beach Break as a reversal on the destroyer! 1, 2, no! OC heads up top, Komander up with him…Cassidy shoves him away, OC shifts over to the middle of the ropes, Komander gets a big hurracanrana. OC down, Komander to the top turnbuckle….OC heads outside by the Undisputed Kingdom…ropewalk by Komander, he wipes them out with a sky twister press, with no sign of OC! Orange Punch by Cassidy who has snuck back in the ring, 1, 2, 3 at 12:11 as the champion retains.

Your winner and STILL AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

Rating: *** – A little contrived at times, but exciting nonetheless. Ending didn’t make a ton of sense, as UK weren’t exactly hindering Komander, but maybe they had a little miss-time on the spot. Good stuff from Cassidy using Strong’s offense though in the build up to their Revolution encounter.


Post match we head backstage and Daniel Garcia is on the floor, busted open! Matt Menard is tending to him as doctors arrive, but he does not look in good shape for the main event tonight.

Toni Storm speaks after Dynamite this past Wednesday, and says it’s knuckle deep with Deonna Purrazzo. Mariah May asks Toni Storm to watch her Collision match…but Storm says she’s not welcome in Bossier City. Storm says it’s just beginning with her and Purrazzo.


Match Three: Mariah May vs Lady Frost

Sidenote: Lady Frost’s theme tune SLAPS. May taps Frost on the head in a patronising move, and they tee off as this one gets underway. Frost chops her in the corner and says she’s Ice Cold. Twisting neckbreaker by Frost gets a 2, then May shoves Frost to the canvas and gets a running front dropkick to the chest. May chokes Frost out with her boot in the corner, and then they trade corner chops. May tosses Frost to the floor and poses before heading out after her. More chops against the barricade, and Mariah sends Frost back inside as Paul Turner gets to 8.

Mariah gets Frost on her shoulders but Frost escapes into a pinning combination. Release German suplex by May, and Frost with one of her own! Hard landing there. Frost cartwheels into the Chiller Driller, which gets a 2 count. May to the apron, hotshots Frost on the top rope, and ascends to the buckles, coming off with a top rope dropkick. May misses a shot in the corner, rising kick by Frost, handspring canonball! Frostbite attempt, but May gets up to cut her off. Mariah is looking for another German suplex but gets shoved off. May gets Frost on her shoulders, MAY DAY. 1, 2, 3, Mariah May picks up the win at 6:56.

Your winner by pinfall: Mariah May

Rating: **3/4 – Good stuff here for the time given. The spotlight was of course on Mariah May, but honestly this was a great showing for Lady Frost, she was crisp and played her role perfectly.

Swerve Strickland talks about AEW keeping him and Page in each other’s business. This Wednesday, it’s Mogul Embassy business, and he’s keeping it in-house. Swerve is picking Toa Liona to face Hangman Adam Page this coming week.

Hangman Page paces backstage. He will give Liona his first loss in AEW. Page says he doesn’t have to tell Swerve who his opponent will be, but he’ll have to wait ‘the whole F’n show’ to find out. I see what he did there…


Match Four: [Proving Ground Match] Eddie Kingston vs Willie Mack

Mack charges in with a big boot, and hits a big time brainbuster straight out the gate! 1, 2, no. Pump kick to Eddie in the corner, followed by a canonball! Standing moonsault, 1, 2, Eddie kicks out. Mack looks for a stunner, but a snapmare by Eddie takes him down, kick to the spine and a chop to the chest follows up. Eddie with chops to the neck. With Eddie on the floor now, Mack goes for a standing SSP but almost lands on his neck, good Lord that could have been so much worse. Canonball in the corner misses, Eddie with an Exploder! 1, 2, Mack gets the shoulder up. Powerbomb by Mack gets a 2, they are throwing bombs here.

To their feet, they trade chops. Mack blocks an enziguri, Eddie blocks one of Mack’s, but Mack gets a Stunner. Six Star Frog Splash by Mack but Eddie gets the knees up. Backfist to the Future connects for Eddie and he gets the pinfall at 6:04.

Your winner by pinfall: Eddie Kingston

Rating: **3/4 – Good to see consistent appearances from Mack here on Collision – I’ve criticised in the past the lack of momentum some of these guys get, so this was a good step. That SSP botch was nasty though and slightly took the crowd out of things for a bit. 

As Eddie heads up the ramp, Bryan Danielson’s music hits to steal his spotlight. Danielson pays Eddie ZERO attention, walking right past him. Amazing.


Match Five: Bryan Danielson vs Yuji Nagata

Eddie Kingston has joined commentary for this one. I’m stoked for this, here we go! Nagata and Danielson grapple, Nagata takes early control of the arm. Nagata stomps Danielson down in the corner but Danielson comes right back with kicks to the midsection. Snap DDT by Danielson, floats over into a pin for 2. Danielson looks for an armbar but Nagata clasps the hands to avoid it and rolls to the ropes. Let’s Go Bryan/Let’s Go Yuji duelling chants, the crowd is into it. Test of strength, Nagata wins it and gets Danielson down to his knees. Danielson rolls backwards and reverses pressure, Nagata releases, grabs the arm and wrings it over his shoulder.

Nagata sends Danielson to the floor and sends him shoulder first into the ringpost. And again. Nagata brings him back in the ring, knee to the shoulder and a kick. Nagata focuses on the shoulder but Danielson fights back, ascending the ropes for the 10 count punches. Cover, 1, 2, no. Nagata wrenches the arm again, another arm wringer. More kicks to the arm, but Danielson takes out the legs with a basement dropkick.

Danielson backs Nagata into the corner, wraps the leg around the middle rope and pulls. Running dropkick to the knee, followed by a Busaiku Knee in the corner. Dragon grabs the leg and wraps it around the ringpost, rebounding it off hard, once, twice, THRICE! Danielson to the top rope, shotgun dropkick, cover for 1, 2, no. Danielson with the hammer and anvil blows, but Nagata grabs the bad arm, wrings it again but Danielson avoids, only to be met with an exploder suplex from Nagata.

Uppercuts and forearms traded by both men, Nagata goes for a crossface! Dragon grabs the legs though and applies a kneebar. Nagata boots him off though. More forearms traded, kitchen sink by Nagata and a big boot in the corner. Nagata takes Danielson to the top rope, looking for an Exploder off the ropes! Danielson with headbutts, but Nagata won’t go down!! EXPLODER OFF THE TOP ROPE! 1, 2, Danielson kicks out! But the Nagata Lock is applied…Nagata rolls the eyes…no, Dragon reaches the ropes with his feet.

Back suplex attempt by Nagata, blocked, but an enziguri connects. Danielson with a jumping knee, dragon screw legwhip to the bad knee of Nagata. They trade kicks to the midsection. Nagata targets the shoulder with his kicks, Danielson kicks the knee. Roundhouse kick by Danielson, and another! Nagata is down to a knee, Busaiku Knee from Danielson connects and the pinfall is academic at 15:21.

Your winner by pinfall: Bryan Danielson

Rating: ***3/4 – Yeah, this was the hard-hitting fiery affair we were all hoping for. Nagata is still a beast at 55, he isn’t even slowing down. The focus on the shoulder by Nagata and the knee by Danielson told a succinct story and provided the groundwork for the bigger moments. Good stuff!

Nice show of respect post-match as Danielson raises the arm of Nagata. Danielson heads up the ramp, bows to Nagata, and then flips off Eddie at the announcer’s desk.

Lexy Nair asks for a medical update on Daniel Garcia from FTR. Cash says they’ll fight 2 on 3 if they have to. But here comes Mark Briscoe who has their back. He says if DG isn’t cleared, look no further than him. Dax appreciates it, but says the ball lies in Garcia’s court, it’s his call. They’ll let him know if it comes to it.

Back from break, Renee Paquette is with Brian Cage. Cage says they’ve had a string of bad luck. But why is everyone talking about Hook? The FTW championship wouldn’t even be relevant if it wasn’t for him. He says Hook is basically the size of Cage’s leg. Hook appears and says anytime Cage wants a shot at the title, he’s around.


Match Six: Serena Deeb vs Robyn Renegade

Headlock by Deeb, into a takedown, straight into a single leg crab but Renegade gets the ropes. Full Nelson applied by Deeb but Renegade stomps the feet and gets one of her own. Deeb escapes it easily though. Running clothesline by Deeb, splash in the corner, kick to the chest, and Deeb gets a rope-assisted neckbreaker. Wax on Wax Off twisting neckbreaker, followed by the Detox! Deeb grabs the arm, weakens the knee and repeatedly drives it into the canvas before locking in the Serenity Lock. Renegade taps out at 2:58.

Your winner by submission: Serena Deeb

Rating: N/R – Welcome back Serena Deeb! Exactly the squash it needed to be.

Deeb takes the microphone. She has one question for the fans…did they miss her? For the past 15 months, she’s been asking herself a myriad of questions, if, when, how she’s coming back. And tonight it feels damn good to be back. The important question is ‘why’ she’s back. She’s here to elevate the women’s division. She’s here to put the ‘wrestling’ back in All Elite Wrestling. And she’s back to become champion. This is not just what she does, this is who she is. She’s putting the women’s division on notice that Serena Deeb is back.

Next week, CMLL stars come to AEW – Volador Jr, Mistico, Mascara Dorado, and Hechicero will be in action on Rampage.


Match Seven: [Escape The Cage Trios Elimination Match] House of Black vs FTR & Daniel Garcia

FTR came out first, followed by Mark Briscoe…but the lights go out, and when they come back on, House of Black are stomping down Mark Briscoe! And they toss him off the stage through a table! FTR dive on the HoB as the bell rings as this one is already unhinged.

All men are around the outside of the ring. Cash nails Brody King with a chair shot and pulls a table from under the ring. Matthews attacks Dax and they fight by the barricade until Black gets involved. King grabs Cash and sends him face first into the side of the cage. King with the big running crossbody against the barricade to Cash! Dax gets whipped into the cage as Black gets a chair. Buddy holds Dax back as Black raises the chair…but here comes Daniel Garcia! Garcia has a chair, throws it in the face of King. Garcia looks for a piledriver on Black but gets bodydropped on the ramp. Black gets Garcia inside the ring as Brody throws Dax inside.

House of Black destroy Dax 3-on-1, but Cash is on top of the cage!! Wheeler with a crossbody off the top of the cage, taking out all three members of the House of Black! Cash back up and he rallies Dax and Garcia…and now all 6 men go at it. Cash and Brody, Dax and Black, Garcia and Matthews are paired off. Brody rakes the cage against Cash’s face. Black sends Dax face first into the cage hard, same to Cash. HoB are firmly in control here.

Dax tries for a suplex in the center of the ring, Black avoids it, but he doesn’t avoid the spinebuster! Cash ducks a clothesline but receives a Black Hole Slam from King. Rising Knee by Matthews to Garcia, and Garcia gets tossed by Black and Matthews into the cage. Double knee strike to Dax too. House of Black begin to climb the cage, but FTR and Garcia are up to stop them.

Black sent head first into the cage now. Matthews rebounds off all sides of the cage. FTR are about to escape but Garcia stops them and says they’re not done. Garcia gets Matthews into the sharpshooter. Shatter Machine on Black! But King takes them both down. Low bridge by Garcia, King goes into the side of the cage. Matthews with a kick to Dax, misses a stomp on Cash, Cash gets a curbstomp of his own! Knee by Black to take out Garcia. Brainbuster by Dax on Black! Everyone is down!

Dax climbs in the corner, Brody cuts him off and climbs up with him. Chops to the chest as they stand on the top rope…big back suplex off the top by Dax!! Dax goes to escape the cage…and Brody King dives at him through the cage door! Nice nod to the Austin Aries/Samoa Joe cage spot. Both Brody and Dax have escaped by proxy and can’t re-enter the match.

Matthews boots Cash hard, PK to Garcia. Malakai trades kicks between Garcia and Cash. Black and Buddy climb the cage, Cash meets Buddy up there as Garcia heads up to Black. Headbutt by Black. Suplex on Black by Garcia, Cash finishes off with the body splash to complete the Power and the Glory! But Buddy Matthews with a Meteora out of nowhere.

Cash gets crotched on the rope, having tried to meet Matthews up on the cage. Matthews’ legs are dangling over the side, and Cash gets back up there with him. Cash and Matthews dangling over the floor now, punching and kicking as they climb down to the floor. Matthews smacks Cash’s head off the cage, and Cash falls backwards through a table! He has escapes the cage…Matthews is free to escape too, but Black calls him back in. Matthews goes to climb, but Garcia knocks Black into the cage wall inside the ring, knocking Matthews off into another propped up table. We are left with Garcia and Black as the legal men.

Garcia grapples the leg and gets an ankle lock. Black is clawing over to the door, Black escapes and boots Garcia in the face, but Garcia with a huge clothesline to knock both guys down. Garcia starts to climb, but Julia Hart appears! She sprays the black mist in Garcia’s face! Garcia is blinded, but he finds a chair. Black is about to exit the ring but Garcia calls out to him to finish the job. Black takes the chair, places it on the mat, misses Black Mass. Garcia with the piledriver on the chair!!

Garcia tries to climb the cage…but Black is clawing his way to the door again. Mark Briscoe slams the door in Black’s face, allowing Garcia to escape the cage on the other side and drop to the floor to win the match for his team at 22:49.

Your winners by cage escape: FTR & Daniel Garcia

Rating: ***3/4 – The Escape the Cage rules made for a few silly and contrived moments, especially Black calling Matthews back in when Garcia was already down. Outside of those moments though, they worked the gimmick pretty smartly, and I’m enjoying the old school booking of Daniel Garcia, with his never-say-die attitude consistently shown off within the context of a match, rather than just being drilled into us in promos. We got some photo-worthy spots too – Cash’s dive off the top was mad, and then he later dropped off the cage through a table…that man is going to be sore tomorrow. House of Black shone here, particularly in the early going, looking like total monsters. I don’t know if this really is the end of the feud – I’d happily watch these guys every week. If it is, this capped things off on a high. 


The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Going up against the Royal Rumble, you'd perhaps expect a throwaway card of little importance with a ton of filler. NOPE. This was AEW putting their best foot forward - a technical dream match in Nagata/Danielson, the long awaited return of Serena Deeb, some fun showcases of fan favorite talent, and a huge Cage match main event to potentially cap off one of the company's hottest feuds currently going. This worked on all fronts.

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