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TCW 14-1 Review and Recap

January 13, 2014 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen
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TCW 14-1 Review and Recap  

30 Minute Iron Man Match: Sigmon vs. Vordell Walker

Walker picks up Sigmon and slams him down to the mat. Sigmon kicks out of a pin attempt and rolls to the outside. Sigmon back in the ring, and the two tie up in a test of strength. Sigmon headbutts to get an advantage. Sigmon hits a snapmare and locks in a chin lock. Walker quickly gets back to his feet and nails a belly to back suplex. Walker follows it with an armdrag, keeping Sigmon locked at the elbow. Sigmon gets to the ropes and rolls to the outside once more. Back in the ring, Walker attacks with kicks before backing Sigmon in the corner. The ref backs up Walker, letting Sigmon get a cheap shot. Sigmon hits some chops in the corner, but Walker recovers and hits some of his own. The two trade strikes, going from corner to corner. Sigmon hits another headbutt to get the upper hand. Sigmon tries to send Walker across the ring, but he stops short and hits an enziguri. Walker charges at Sigmon, but he moves out of the way. Sigmon shokes Walker in the corner before stomping him down. Sigmon with another snapmare, locking in another chin lock. Walker powers out of the hold and runs to the ropes, but Sigmon hits a back elbow, sending Walker back to the mat. Sigmon hits some more strikes in the corner before sending Walker into the turnbuckle chest first. Sigmon gets another snapmare, this time stomping on the face afterwards. Sigmon with another chin lock, but Walker gets out and tries to pick up Sigmon. Sigmon slips out and rolls up Walker with a handful of tights! 1…2….3! Sigmon lead 1-0

Sigmon walks on the outside, and Walker follows, sending Sigmon’s head to the announcers’ table. Sigmon rolls back in, and catches Walker’s midsection with a head butt. Sigmon sends Walker to the outside and follows. Sigmon pulls up the protective mats, revealing the concrete on the floor. Sigmon goes for a suplex, but Walker counters and sends Sigmon to the steps. Walker hits a belly to belly suplex on the concrete! The two get back up and Walker charges at Sigmon. Sigmon moves and Walker hits the steel corner post. Sigmon slams Walker against the post again before sending Walker back into the ring. Sigmon climbs the post and flies with a headbutt, but Walker moves out of the way. Walker locks Sigmon’s arms and rolls him up! 1…2…3! Match is tied 1-1.

Sigmon charges and stomps at Walker in the corner. Walker fights back with his own strikes. Sigmon gets a boot to the head, sending Walker to the mat again. Sigmon hits a vertical suplex and goes for a corner, but Walker kicks out. Sigmon locks in a Japanese Stranglehold. Walker elbows his way out and tries to send Sigmon to the corner, but it is countered. Walker hits the corner chest first hard. Sigmon goes for it again, but Walker counters and hits a roaring elbow. Sigmon shakes off the elbow and charges with an axe handle. Sigmon goes to the top rope once again. Walker gets to his feet and hits an enziguri, crotching Sigmon. Walker climbs to the top, but Sigmon battles out and hits a sunset flip powerbomb from the top! 1…2…3! Sigmon leads 2-1.

Walker rolls to the outside. Sigmon follows and slams Walker’s head against the steel steps. Sigmon sends Walker to the steps back first. Sigmon rolls into the ring. Sigmon hits a baseball slide before rolling Walker back in. Sigmon nails a headbutt and stomps Walker in the corner. Walker tries to fight out, but Sigmon mows him down with a clothesline. Sigmon locks in another chin lock. Walker stands up and pushes Sigmon to the corner, and catches him in a powerslam! 1…2…Sigmon kicks out. Walker hits a hard saito suplex. Walker goes for a running boot, but Sigmon catches him with a waistlock. Walker gets out and tries the boot again, but Sigmon counters with a enziguri. Sigmon charges out of the corner, but Walker explodes with a running knee strike! 1…2…3! Match is tied 2-2

Both trade strikes, neither willing to go down. Walker hits the ropes, but Sigmon follows and catches Walker with a lariat! Sigmon goes for a cover. 1…2…Walker kicks out. Sigmon charges at Walker in the corner and hits a hard elbow. Sigmon charges again, but Walker catches him in a tilt a whirl back breaker. Walker follows it with a fire thunder driver! 1…2…Sigmon gets out! Sigmon fights back, hitting a German suplex. Sigmon goes to the top and flies with a headbutt, nailing Walker. 1…2…Walker gets the shoulder up! Both back on their feet, hitting each other with forearms and chops. Sigmon charges, but Walker catches and hits a spinning slam. Walker goes to the top rope, but Sigmon recovers and hits the ropes. Sigmon goes to the top and hits a German from the top rope! Sigmon hits the ropes and nails another lariat! 1…2…3! Sigmon lead 3-2.

The two trade strikes once again until Walker powers up Sigmon into a powerbomb onto the turnbuckle. Walker locks in a Boston Crab, and Sigmon crawls to the ropes. Walker lets go of the hold and goes for the Stretch Muffler! He cinches it in tight as Sigmon tries to get out. Sigmon kicks Walker in the head to free himself. Walker dives and hits Sigmon’s knee before locking in the Figure Four! 90 seconds left as Sigmon seems to be losing strength. 30 seconds left and Sigmon manages to roll it over, but Walker quickly rolls again! Sigmon gets the ropes and the hold is released. Walker locks in the Figure Four again, but the time expires! Sigmon taps after the bell is rung!
Winner of the match, 3 falls to 2: Sigmon
I’ve never been a big fan of ironman matches. That being said, the wrestling in this one is very good. Sigmon and Walker have had quite a few matches in the past couple of months, and I would say this one is their best. The back and forth action was great and they pulled everything out of their arsenal to win the match. This match should make people more aware of Sigmon, who has had a great string of matches in 2013. I will say it is a bit confusing to see Walker use the Figure Four at the end instead of his Stretch Muffler though.

Walker goes for a handshake, and Sigmon waves it off before going to the back.

Colonel Parker is out, talking about the Last Stand match which will take place next week. He talks about the members of his team and their history with the Empire. Greg Anthony comes out and tries to play peacemaker. The Empire attack from behind. Riviera takes Parker’s belt and whips Beauford over and over again. The Empire lay out Parker and Beauford. Very uncomfortable segment.

Main Event: Lance Hoyt vs. Steve Anthony
Hoyt shoves Anthony to the mat, showing his power. Anthony gets a waistlock, but Hoyt grabs the arm and flings his opponent over. Anthony attacks with strikes, trying to bring Hoyt down. Anthony hits the ropes, but is hit by Hoyt’s big boot! Back from a break and Anthony is kicking Hoyt in the corner. Anthony charges, but Hoyt gets the elbow up. Anthony dropkicks the knee and kicks the chest of Hoyt, which seem to have no effect! Hoyt attacks back with some overhead strikes. Hoyt picks up Anthony into a scoop slam. Hoyt hits a boot to the stomach, a knee to the face, and a hard lariat to finish the combo! Hoyt picks up Anthony, going for Blackout, but Anthony slips out and hits a German suplex. Anthony nails a superkick! 1…2…Hoyt kicks out. Anthony nails a sobat kick to the gut. Anthony goes for a double underhook, but Hoyt picks up Anthony and nails an F-5! 1…2…no! Hoyt clobbers Anthony in the corner, and the ref tries to back him off. Hoyt sends Anthony to the middle of the ring and pulls him back to the corner, right into the ref! Greg Anthony passes some brass knuckles to Steve. Anthony nails Hoyt with the knuckles and hits a DDT! Anthony goes to the top rope and hits a 450 splash! 1…2…3!
Winner via pinfall (450 Splash): Steve Anthony
Decent match, just a little too short for my tastes. Seems like they were just hitting everything big in their books right out of the gates, which made for a rushed experience. Hope to see these two get a rematch and maybe a bit more time in that match.

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The 411: This show was all about the ironman match, which was great. The second match was fine, just no way it should have followed the ironman match. They should have made Sigmon/Walker the main event. A little editing goes a long way. The segment between the matches was uncomfortable to watch. Maybe less so because of the commentators, but I was there live and some of the audience members left after that moment. Either way, a pretty good show because of a great match.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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