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TCW Show 13-39 Recap and Review

October 17, 2013 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen
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TCW Show 13-39 Recap and Review  

Match #1 – Handicap Match: Genetic Perfection vs. Titan
Barry starts by attacking Titan, but is shoved off. Steel tries the same, but is also pushed off. Steel leaps on Titan’s back and applies a sleeper hold. Titan backs up into the corner, freeing himself. Barry charges, but Titan gets the big boot up. Titan approaches Steel, who fights back with strikes. Steel tries to whip Titan to the corner, but Titan is too strong, and whips Steel into the corner. Titan uses all his weight against Steel in the corner before stomping him down. Titan shows off his strength as he manhandles Steel to the ground. Titan lifts up Steel with a scoop slam. Titan stomps Barry for good measure before lifting Steel up. Steel fights back with punches, but Titan throws him to the floor. Barry leaps up and puts Titan in a sleeper hold.

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Titan lifts Barry up and plants him with a side slam. Titan keeps Barry grounded with strikes. Barry crawls to the corner, where Titan keeps up the offense. Barry tries to battle out, but Titan sets up a powerbomb. Before he can lift Barry up, Steel runs in and goes for a crossbody. Titan catches Steel, but Barry assists in taking down Titan. Genetic Perfection go for a cover, but Titan powers out. Titan grabs the team’s throats, but they fight back and hit a double DDT! Steel goes for a pin, but Titan kicks out. Barry tries and it still does not work. Double pin, but Titan still throws them both off. Titan gets back up and charges at Barry in the corner. Barry gets the boot up. It does not faze Titan as he tosses Barry out. Steel tries to take down Titan with clotheslines, but it does not work. Hounds of Hell are out, and the ref is trying keep them back. Steel runs to the ropes again, but Boyd Bradford hits him in the back with the briefcase! Titan grabs Steel and plants him with a chokeslam! Goes for a pin, 1…2…3!
Winner via pinfall: Titan
Interesting to see a handicap match like this. Most of the time it would be the heels outnumbering the faces. This was a decent match that made Titan look like an unstoppable, well, titan. Standard match from these guys. Nothing too special, but a good way to open the show.

Backstage, Jon Saxon delivers a message to Kincaid about their upcoming match in the best of seven series. Boyd Bradford and Kincaid are also shown, with their own message to the challenger.

TCW Jr. Heavyweight Championship, Match #6 in best of seven series: Kincaid (c) vs. Jon Saxon
The two lockup, and Saxon forces Kincaid to the outside. Kincaid already a bit frustrated as he re-enters the ring. Another lock up, and Kincaid is once again thrown to the outside. Kincaid gets the upper hand with a knee to the abs. Kincaid tries to whip Saxon to the ropes, but he counters and lifts Kincaid over with a back body drop. Saxon locks the arm, but Kincaid stomps the foot to get free. Kincaid hits a knife edge chop. Kincaid is sent to the ropes, and Saxon doubles him over with a kick to the gut. Saxon rebounds off the ropes with a boot to the head. Saxon locks in a chinlock, but Kincaid fights out and runs to the ropes. Saxon trips him up and tries for chinlock again, but Kincaid quickly recovers. Kincaid tries to send Saxon to the corner, but Saxon counters. Saxon charges, but Kincaid leaps over. Kincaid goes for an hip toss, but Saxon counters with one of his own. Saxon goes for a chinlock again. Kincaid gets to the feet and frees himself with an arm drag. Kincaid shoves Saxon away, who bounces off the ropes and manages to hit Kincaid with a belly to back suplex. Saxon lifts Kincaid up and whips him into the corner. Kincaid goes over once again and throws Saxon shoulder first into the steel post. Kincaid goes to the apron and drop kicks Saxon’s head against the steel post! Kincaid rolls into the ring and goes for a pin. Saxon kicks out. Kincaid chokes Saxon with the middle rope. Kincaid lifts Saxon onto his shoulders, and drops him throat first onto the top rope. Kincaid locks in a submission, but Saxon fights out, only to be knock back down with an enziguri. Saxon is kicked to the outside, where Bradford attack.

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Kincaid has Saxon grounded, but Saxon starts to fight back. Saxon leaps to the second rope, but Kincaid follows and plants Saxon with a Side Effect style slam. Kincaid goes for a pin. 1…2…no! Kincaid backs Saxon into the corner and nails some uppercuts. Kincaid tries to send him across the ring, but Saxon counters and nails a yakuza boot in the corner! Saxon pulls him to the middle of the ring and hits a hammerlock DDT! Saxon with a cover. 1…2…Kincaid gets the boot on the ropes. Kincaid on the apron, Saxon tries to attack but Kincaid drops him throat first onto the rope. Parker comes out and drags Bradford to the back. Kincaid dropkicks Saxon in the back. Kincaid lifts Saxon onto the top rope and climbs. Saxon fights back, lifting Kincaid onto his shoulders.Saxon with a top rope TKO, nailing Kincaid’s throat onto the top rope! Bradford is back at ringside. Saxon goes to the outside and attacks Kincaid, rolling him back into the ring. Saxon keeps up the attack with strikes, but Kincaid counters with a jawbreaker. Kincaid lifts Saxon up and nails a rolling senton. Kincaid goes to the top and nails his double stomp, Death from Above! Kincaid covers, 1…2…Saxon kicks out! Kincaid grabs the title belt, trying to use it from the top rope. Saxon catches Kincaid and sends him into the corner with a belly to belly. They both stand up and trade strikes until Saxon gets the upper hand with a clothesline. Saxon hooks up Kincaid and nails a Tiger Driver! Saxon locks in the Texas Cloverleaf, but Bradford distracts the ref. Steve Anthony gets in the ring and plants Saxon with a cutthroat fireman’s carry slam! Kincaid goes to the stop and hits another Death from Above! 1…2…3!
Winner via pinfall, still TCW Jr. Heavyweight Champion and winner of the best of seven series: Kincaid

Steve Anthony runs in and attacks Saxon once again. Anthony once again nails Saxon with his finisher. Anthony asks for a microphone. Anthony asks Saxon why he made him do it this way. Anthony tells the crowd that Saxon tried to be a father figure. Anthony claims he does not need a father, and says Saxon let his heart override his brain. Anthony says he joined the Empire because he was told not to. Anthony says he will retire Saxon.
Fantastic match from these two. I’ve praised this best of seven series quite a bit, and I would say this was the best match they had. A lot of back and forth action as both wrestlers gave it their all. There is a lot of great offense near the end of the match. While it is a shame to see the series end, it did end on a great match. Steve Anthony also delivered a good promo afterwards.

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Main Event: Rob Conway vs. Lance Hoyt
Hoyt shows off his power, keeping Conway on the defense. Conway fights back with strikes, sending Hoyt to the corner. Conway tries to whip him to the ropes, but Hoyt attacks again. Hoyt whips Conway to the corner and charges. Conway evades and climbs the ropes, raining down blows. Hoyts pushes him off and sends him down with a shoulder tackle. Conway avoids an attack and sends Hoyt to the outside with a clothesline.

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Hoyt tries to attack from the floor, but Conway counters. Conway strikes Hoyt on the floor before rolling him back in. Conway tries to whip Hoyt to the corner, but Hoyt counters. Conway tries to go over, but Hoyt catches and plants Conway down. Hoyt keeps Conway grounded. Hoyt chokes Conway on the ropes before nailing a boot to the back of the head. Hoyt keeps Conway down with a chin lock. Conway tries to get up, but Hoyt slams the man down. Hoyt goes for a cover, but Conway kicks out. Conway fights back up and nails Hoyt with strike after strike. Hoyt reverses an irish whip, but Conway leaps over and goes for a sunset flip. Hoyt still stands and tries a leaping leg drop. Conway manages roll out of the way. Conway attacks Hoyt in the corner. Hoyt reverses another irish whip, but Conway gets the elbow up on a charging Hoyt. Conway climbs the ropes and nails a flying leg lariat. Conway goes for an attack, but Hoyt counters into a chokeslam attempt. Conway fights out but runs into Hoyt’s big boot. Hoyt lifts Conway onto the corner and sets him up for his finisher. Conway slips out and rolls up Hoyt. 1…2…Hoyt kicks out. Hoyt lifts up Conway and nails an F-5. Hoyt covers, but Conway kicks out again. Hoyt lifts up Conway and nails a huge chokeslam. Conway rolls out of the ring. Hoyt climbs the ropes, but Scott Phoenix comes out and nails Hoyt with a powerbomb!
Winner via DQ: Lance Hoyt
Short, uneventful match. Disappointing for both a main event and these two world traveled wrestlers. While everything is done fine, I expected a lot better

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The 411: As much as I enjoyed this week's episode, it must be noted how all three matches ended with outside interference. I understand that this is a way to build up rivalries, but when each match ends this way on a one hour program, it feels like a slap in the face to the viewer. That being said, the Kincaid/Saxon match makes up for it this time. This match should have been the main event of the show, but I understand that Hoyt/Conway are more well known and would bring a better draw. The episode on a whole is okay, but just the Kincaid/Saxon match makes it a must see.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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