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TCW Show 13-42 Recap and Review

November 14, 2013 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen
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TCW Show 13-42 Recap and Review  

Match#1 – Sigmon vs. John Saxon
Saxon gets a waistlock, but Sigmon turns it into a headlock. Saxon shoves him off, but Sigmon hits a shoulder tackle. Attempted test of strength is broken as Saxon slaps Sigmon. Saxon gets a headlock, and Sigmon sends him off. Saxon gets a shoulder tackle of his own, followed by a hip toss and arm drag. Saxon holds the arm, but Sigmon gets to the ropes quickly. Sigmon gets a headlock takeover, keeping Saxon grounded. Saxon gets to his feet and sends Sigmon to his ropes. Sigmon with another shoulder tackle. Sigmon runs to the ropes, but Saxon is up and nails a Japanese armdrag. He follows it up with a standing dropkick. Saxon picks up Sigmon and hits a neckbreaker. Attempted pinfall, but Sigmon kicks out. Saxon locks in a headlock, and Sigmon pushes into the corner. Sigmon nails a few chops before Saxon fights out and nails some of his own. Sigmon slips down and pulls Saxon’s head into the turnbuckle. Sigmon picks up Saxon and uses a snap suplex to get the advantage. Sigmon keeps Saxon grounded with a chinlock. Saxon tries to fight out, but Sigmon gets a dropkick. Sigmon climbs to the top rope and leaps with a flying headbutt, but Saxon dodges! Saxon attacks with forearms and chops. Saxon sends Sigmon across the ring and nails a Yakuza kick! Saxon slingshots off the middle rope and lands with a legdrop. Pinfall attempt…1…2…no! Sigmon gets a burst of energy and fights back with a headbutt to the midsection. He follows it with a jawbreaker. Sigmon goes to pick up Saxon, but is caught with a small package. 1…2…Sigmon gets out! Both on their feet, and Sigmon mows down Saxon with a clothesline.

Commercial break

Sigmon is sent to the corner. Saxon charges and catches Sigmon’s counter attempt. Saxon swings Sigmon’s legs into the ropes and nails a back stabber! Both get to their feet, and Saxon lifts Sigmon into a back body drop. Saxon attacks with many strikes, finishing it with a superkick! Saxon attempts to go for a hammerlock driver, but Sigmon holds onto the ropes. Sigmon quickly locks in the Winner’s Circle, and Saxon gives it up!
Winner via submission: Sigmon
Very good match between these two. Commentators say this is first time meetup, which surprises me being that these two wrestle in the same area. Just a good back and forth matchup to start the show on. Sigmon has been on a roll lately and he looks very good every time.

Steve Anthony comes out and claims that Saxon is washed up and done. Anthony says Saxon should leave the business while it would still be a choice.

Titan and Lily are shown backstage. Lily says she is very proud of Titan for successfully defending the TCW International Championship against so many tough opponents. Lily gets Titan a gift of BBQ and pie. Tarver shows up and gives Lily the cream pie to the face. Quite astounding.

Footage of Hacksaw Jim Duggan in TCW is shown.

Match#2: Cerebus w/Boyd Bradford vs. Vordell Walker
Walker shows his power and takes down Cerebus quickly. Walker gets a single leg takedown and tries to lock in the Stretch Muffler, but Cerebus quickly gets to the ropes. Cerebus goes low and kicks Walker in the midsection, and stomps him down in the corner. Cerebus tries to send Walker across the ring, but Walker reverses. Walker whips Cerebus into the corner a few times before nailing a powerslam. Walker keeps up the offense, but Cerebus gets a back elbow for the upper hand. Cerebus goes to the top and hits a double axe handle. Cerebus goes back up again. He leaps off, but Walker catches him in a belly to belly suplex. Walker charges and sends himself and Cerebus to the floor with a clothesline.

Commercial break

Walker chases Boyd Bradford around the ring. Cerebus leaps off the steel steps and cuts off Walker. Cerebus battles Walker on the outside, knocking him against the announcer’s table before sending Walker back to the ring. Walker fights back with a chop, but Cerebus goes to the eye. Walker still trying to fight back, but Cerebus hits a bicycle kick, sending Walker to the outside. Cerebus sends Walker to the steel steps shoulder first. Cerebus charges in, but Walker counters, making Cerebus slam his head against the steel steps. Both are back in the ring, and Cerebus is begging off. Walker ignores and gives Cerebus a few kicks to the chest. Walker nails a t-bone suplex! Walker peels down the knee pad and charges, nailing Cerebus right in the head! Walker goes for a pinfall. 1..2…Cerebus kicks out! Walker goes for a leg lock, but Cerebus manages to use his other leg to kick Walker in the head. Cerebus charges and hits a Thesz Press. Cerebus sends Walker to the corner and charges. Walker avoids the attack and rolls through with a leg submission. Sigmon is out here and on the ring apron. Walker tries to attack Sigmon, but Cerebus picks up Walker. Cerebus nails the Euthanizer! 1…2…3!
Winner via pinfall: Cerebus
Crazy, fast pace brawl. These guy rarely let off as the match kept going. From my knowledge, these are two of the most experienced members of the TCW roster. It really shows as they had a good, strong style match. Looking forward to the Sigmon/Walker match that should soon take place

The NEW TCW Tag Team Champions, Genetic Perfection, come out to talk to the crowd. They talk about the Hounds of Hell until Boyd Bradford (with Kincaid) comes out and claims the tag belts belong to the Hounds of Hell. Bradford sends Kincaid in, but the Hounds attack from behind with steel chairs, taking out Genetic Perfection. Bradford knocks out Rich Rude with ether. The Bradford Family take Rude to the back.

Main Event: #1 Contender’s for TCW Heavyweight Championship – Lance Hoyt vs. Scott Phoenix
They trade strikes before Phoenix gets a go behind. Comes to a standstill until Hoyt gets Phoenix into the corner, stomping him down. Hoyt sends him across the ring and charges, but Phoenix dodges and sends Hoyt to the outside with a clothesline.

Commercial break

Phoenix gets on the apron and goes for a crossbody, but Hoyt catches and slams him down on the outside! Hoyt sends the action back into the ring. Hoyt tries to pick up Phoenix, but he fights back with strikes. Phoenix is sent to the corner, but he leaps to the top. Hoyt pushes him forward, crotching him on the top. Hoyt pulls Phoenix into a tree of woe and stomps him over and over again. Hoyt prepares to charge, but Phoenix charges in. Phoenix is overpowered and send tot he mat. Hoyt goes for the Blackout, but Phoenix wiggles out and fights back with quick strikes. Hoyt goes for a clothesline, but Phoenix ducks and goes for a kick. Hoyt catches the boot and goes for a chokeslam. Takes too much time and Phoenix gets out of the attempt. Struggle for power, but Hoyt bashes Phoenix on the back. Hoyt tries to pick up Phoenix, but he counters with a German suplex. Both on their feet, and Hoyt goes for an irish whip. Phoenix counters with a neckbreaker. Phoenix goes for Phoenix Rises, but Hoyt catches him and nails a chokeslam. Hoyt goes for a pinfall. 1…2…no! Phoenix is picked up and sent to the corner. Hoyt charges, but Phoenix gets the boots up. Phoenix Rises! Hoyt rolls out of the ring, saving the match for himself. Phoenix flies over the top with a plancha! Hoyt is rolled back in the ring, and Phoenix climbs to the top. Phoenix goes for a crossbody, but Hoyt dodges and nails a big boot! Hoyt with the cover, 1…2..no! Phoenix is back up, and he fights back. Phoenix charges in, but Hoyt catches him and nails the Blackout! 1…2…3!
Winner and new #1 Contender: Lance Hoyt
I have mixed feelings about this match. The pacing just feels off to me, but besides that, everything is fine. Maybe it is the length of the match that is throwing me off, as this did feel like a short match. Hoyt and Phoenix have good chemistry together, as they had a good match for the championship not too long ago. Maybe I just need to give it a second watch, but I would say this was the weakest match of the show. However, it is still a good outing for these two

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The 411: Pretty good show from TCW here. All the matches were pretty good, even if I think the main event was a bit short. Steve Anthony cut a good promo against Saxon, and it is interesting to see where Genetic Perfection/Hounds of Hell go. I have to say, the segment with Lily and Titan was painful to watch.
Final Score:  7.5   [ Good ]  legend

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