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TCW Show 13-46 Recap and Review

December 15, 2013 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen
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TCW Show 13-46 Recap and Review  

TCW Tag Team Champions, The Hounds of Hell, are shown backstage. They say if Genetic Perfection ever want to see Rich Rude again, they will forfeit their tag title rematch.

Match #1 – Genetic Perfection vs. Jeremy Awesome and Nathan Aulridge

Alan Steel starts off with Awesome. Awesome gets some quick strikes in before tagging in Aulridge. They send Steel to the corner, but he leaps over Aulridge. Awesome keeps Steel in place, but Steel wiggles out and the duo collides with each other. Steel leaps to the second rope and hits a back elbow on Aulridge. Steel takes the wrist and tags out to Michael Barry. Barry keeps the wrist tweaked. Barry nails a Northen Lights suplex and keeps Aulridge grounded. Barry tags out and Steel comes off the top with a double axe handle. Steel is whipped to the ropes, and Awesome knees from the outside. Auldrige knocks Steel down with a clothesline. Awesome is tagged in and they take a turn each at Steel in the corner.


Aulridge charges at Steel, but he counters with a spinebuster. Both wrestlers get a tag to their partners. Barry takes down Awesome with a series of strikes, ending in a back body drop. Awesome is up on Barry’s shoulders. Aulridge charges, but Barry swings Awesome’s boots into the face of Auldridge. Steel comes in and knocks Awesome out with a superkick. Barry hits an F-5 on Awesome! Steel goes to the top rope and flies with a splash! Steel stays with a pincover. 1…2…3!
Winner via pinfall: Genetic Perfection
Basic match for Genetic Perfecion, and one to showcase why they are one of the top teams in TCW. Aulridge and Awesome didn’t leave much of an impression with me. Curious to see how GP will get back in the title picture, since they and Hounds of Hell are the only regular teams in TCW at this moment, since The Empire seem tied up with their own rivalries

Steel gets on the mic and says they have decided to give up their chance at the TCW Tag Team titles to get Rich Rude back. Cerebus wheels Rude out in a wheel chair and dumps him ringside.

Titan is shown backstage looking for Lily. Titan finds a note. The note says that Lily has abandoned Titan because he needed help during his battle with Tarver. Titan cries. The note was read with a voice over. This makes no sense to me.

Vordell Walker is shown backstage talking about his match against Sigmon that ended in a draw. In two weeks, Sigmon will face Walker again in a submission only match.

TCW International Title: Titan (c) vs. Scott Phoenix

Titan shoves down Phoenix, who rolls out of the ring. Titan picks Phoenix up and brings him back into the ring. Titan whips Phoenix into the corner hard. Titan chops Phoenix hard and whips him into the corner. Titan charges, but Phoenix gets the boots up. Phoenix dodges an attack and nails a dropkick, sending Titan to the corner. Phoenix charges and hits a flying splash. Phoenix goes for it again, but Titan locks in a bearhug. Phoenix fights back with elbows, but Titan puts Phoenix in the corner. Titan hip tosses Phoenix, who crawls to the corner. Titan continues to strike Phoenix in the corner, including a hard punch to the gut. Titan drags Phoenix to the middle of the ring and chops him in the throat. Titan tries to pick up Phoenix again, who counters with a jawbreaker. Phoenix hits the ropes, but Titan tosses him up and lets him fall to the mat. Titan lifts up Phoenix and hits a body slam. Titan goes for an elbow drop, but Phoenix rolls away and gets to his feet. Phoenix kicks Titan in the chest a few times and charges. Titan wraps his hand around Phoenix neck and goes for the chokeslam. Phoenix wiggles out and attacks with strikes. Phoenix hits a dropkick and dazes Titan. Phoenix springs off the ropes and hits Phoenix Rises! Titan still on his feet! Phoenix goes to the top rope and leaps, but is caught by Titan. Titan lifts Phoenix to his shoulders, but he slips out and nails another Phoenix Rises! 1…2…3!
Winner and new TCW International Champion: Scott Phoenix
Uneventful match for the most part. The last couple of minutes were good, but these two just don’t seem to gel very well. Good to see Phoenix win another title though, since I always thought his run with the Heavyweight Title was cut off way too soon

In the ring, there is a contract signing between Jon Saxon and Steve Anthony for a lumberjack match. Anthony claims he has nothing to prove in this match and his career is just starting, while Saxon’s is on life support. Anthony signs, and says Saxon will not sign it. Anthony keeps saying that Saxon is not going to sign as Parker supports Saxon. Anthony demands that Saxon stand up and tell the crowd that he is going to retire. Saxon stares at the contract. Anthony loses his cool and yells at Saxon, telling him to ignore the audience. Saxon finally speaks. He has something to say to anyone that has supported him. Instead he attacks Anthony. Anthony is hit with strikes and back body drop. Anthony leaves the ring in a hurry.

Next week, Kincaid defends the TCW Jr. Heavyweight Championship against Americos in a rematch.

TCW Heavyweight Championship: Tim Storm(c) vs. Lance Hoyt

The two lock up and it ends in a standstill. They go for a test of strength, which ends with another standstill. Hoyt backs Storm into the corner and attacks with many forearms. Storm gets out with an eyepoke and the two circle each other. Storm gets the advantage with knees to the gut. Hoyt counters a whip to the corner, but Storm hits a clothesline. Hoyt stands up and gets fired up. Hoyt hits his own clothesline, but Storm gets up quickly. The two shove each other until Hoyt gets a big boot up. Storm rolls to the outside and Hoyt follows. Hoyt bashes Storms head into the steel steps and chops at his chest. Storm tries to get in the ring, but Hoyt cuts him off with a knee. Hoyt sends Storm to the corner hard, and he collapses. The ref tries to pull Hoyt off Storm, but Storm gets another eye poke in. Storm hits a boot to the head, and follows it with an STO. Storm chokes Hoyt on the mat. Storm keeps Hoyt grounded with submission. Hoyt battles out tries to stand. Storm nails a forearm to Hoyt’s back and follows it with a strike. Storm goes for his own big boot, but it has no effect on Hoyt. Hoyt mows down Storm with a clothesline. Hoyt lifts up Storm and sends him to the ropes. Storm stops a charging Hoyt with a boot to the knee. Storm continues to attack the knee. Storm goes to the outside and wraps Hoyt’s leg around the bottom rope. Hoyt fights back with strikes, but Storm goes to the knee again. Storm sends Hoyt’s face to the steel steps. Storm goes into the ring, seeming satisfied getting a count out victory. Hoyt rolls in at nine. Storm goes for a big boot, but Hoyt gets a back elbow in. Hoyt follows it with a diving shoulder tackle. Hoyt finishes the combo with a clothesline. 1…2…Storm kicks out. Hoyt signals for the chokeslam, but Storm counters and hits a rolling facebuster. 1…2…Hoyt gets the shoulder up. Storm gets Hoyt up for a powerbomb! 1…2…Hoyt kicks out! Storm argues with the ref, and Hoyt gets up and nails Storm with his own finishing move, the Perfect Storm! 1…2…Storm kicks out. Hoyt charges at Storm, but he avoids. Storm tries to whip Hoyt, but he reverses, and the ref is knocked down. Hoyt hits a reverse DDT, and the Empire is out to help Storm. Riviera gives Storm the title, but Hoyt kicks it out of Storm’s hands. Hoyt gets the title and blasts Storm! Hoyt covers, and another ref comes in! 1…2…3! Hoyt is given the title, but the refs are arguing. The first ref is awarding the title back to Storm, saying he saw Hoyt hit Storm with the title.
Winner via DQ and still TCW Heavyweight Champion: Tim Storm
Pretty good match with these two. Easily the best match of the show, consider what was before it. Match went back and forth for the most part, with the two showcasing their power and fighting spirit. Storm going after Hoyt’s knee did not play out in the ends, as it seems like he shakes it off for the finish.

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The 411: Alright show from TCW. The main event was the only match I really cared for. This episode featured a lot of filler with backstage interviews and the in ring contract signing. So far Steve Anthony has done well on the microphone, but everyone seems to be pretty basic. Hopefully with Lily leaving Titan, we no longer will have to sit through those segments.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend

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