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TCW Show 13-47 Recap and Review

December 19, 2013 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen
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TCW Show 13-47 Recap and Review  

Backstage, Boyd Bradford is shown congratulating the Hounds of Hell. The Hounds leave and Bradford is attacked by Rich Rude and Genetic Perfection. Cerebus is pretty livid.

Match #1: ‘King’ Shane Williams vs. ‘Golden Boy’ Greg Anthony
Match has already started, and Anthony is choking Williams on the outside. Anthony tosses Williams to the inside and attacks the hand. Williams retreats to the corner, where Anthony stomps and continues the offense on the hand and wrist. Anthony slugs Williams a few times. Williams dodges one and throws a few jabs himself. He uses his right hand and winces in pain, giving Anthony an opportunity to take him down. Anthony drags Williams hand to the steel steps and slams it against the steel. Anthony keeps Williams grounded with a top wrist lock. Williams stands up and throws some left jabs. Williams hits the ropes and flips over Anthony, going for a sunset flip. Anthony uses his weight and sits on Williams. Anthony tries to pick up Williams, but eats a headbutt to the midsection. Williams attacks with strikes, leading Anthony to the corner. Anthony manages to get a strike in and tosses Williams by his hair. Anthony once again locks a submission on the wrist. Anthony tries to overpower Williams in a pin, but he gets the shoulder up each time. Williams stands up and kicks Anthony in the breadbasket. Williams tries a right, but Anthony blocks and mows Williams down with a clothesline. Anthony picks up Williams and jabs at his jaw. Williams fights back with his own left jabs. Anthony goes for a clothesline, but Williams ducks and hits a back heel kick. Anthony charges at Williams, but he dodges and hits a tornado DDT. Williams goes for the pin. 1…2…kickout by Anthony. Williams whips Anthony to the corner, but it is reversed. Williams winds up on the apron, and tries to climb to the top. Anthony stops him and goes to the top, nailing a superplex. Both are slow to get up. Anthony goes for a belly to back suplex, but Williams turns in midair and counters. 1…2…Anthony gets out. Anthony turns Williams inside out with a clothesline! Pincover once again, 1…2…Williams gets the shoulder up. Anthony pushes Williams to the corner and chops him in the chest. Williams is whipped across the ring, but he tries to leap over. Anthony catches him and carries him to the middle of the ring. Williams manages to get out and turns it into a piledriver! 1…2…3!
Winner via pinfall: ‘King’ Shane Williams
A bit sloppy and slow at times, but not a bad match between these two. A good way to open the show for these week. Williams has had some good matches since returning to TCW, but I would put this at the bottom of the list. Even so, this is still one of Greg Anthony’s better matches.

Sigmon is in the ring with Jason Jones. Sigmon is tired of proving that he is a winner to all the fans. He claims he never lost the Rumble Riot, was not defeated in his triple threat match for the TCW Heavyweight Title, and pinned Vordell Walker a few weeks ago. Sigmon attacks Jones after he says Sigmon also did not win those matches. Sigmon locks in the Winner’s Circle on Jones.

Match #2: Hounds of Hell vs. Magic Men
The hounds attack the Magic Men before the bell rings. Cerebus keeps Dallas in the ring and hits a Final Cut on him. Cerebus tags in Roosevelt. Dallas retreats to a corner, but Roosevelt picks him up and hits a belly to belly suplex. Roosevelt sends Dallas’ head into Cerebus’ boot. Cerebus comes in and drops a knee on Dallas. Dallas fights back with elbows and forearms. Cerebus reverses an Irish whip and picks up Dallas, spinning him around and letting him fall to the mat. Roosevelt comes in and locks in a sleeper. Dallas gets to his feet and tries to fight back, but Roosevelt hits a knee lift and body slam. The Hounds both bite at Dallas. Cerebus mows down Dallas with a trio of clotheslines. The Hounds double team Dallas. Roosevelt stops at Dallas before going for his nostrils. Cerebus comes in, and Dallas manages to get a few kicks to the gut. Dallas avoids a clothesline and hits a head scissors. Cerebus goes for a belly to back, but Dallas lands on his feet and pushes Cerebus into Neico’s attack. Dallas dives and gets the tag! Neico comes in with a dropkick, and follows it with his own headscissors. Neico finishes the offense with a huge spinebuster! Roosevelt comes in and tries to attack, but he gets a boot to the face for his trouble. Neico springs to the top and nails a high cross body! Cerebus saves the match for his team. Cerebus goes for a back body drop on Dallas, but he reverses and hits a double stomp! Neico picks up Cerebus and nails a TKO! Neico goes for a plancha on Roosevelt, but he avoids at the last minute. Dallas goes for a 450 splash, but Cerebus is dragged out of the way. Roosevelt goes to the top and hits a double axe handle on Dallas as Cerebus slams him down! 1…2…3!
Winner via pinfall: Hounds of Hell
Basic tag team match between the two teams. Magic Men have not been too impressive since their debut, only having spouts of offense in their matches. Even with their win, the Hounds of Hell did not look any stronger coming out of this match than they did coming in.

Cerebus says he will Genetic Perfection’s faces. He also says he is giving GP a title shot so they can get revenge for Boyd Bradford.

TCW Jr. Heavyweight Championship: Kincaid (c) vs. Americos
This is rematch from a couple of weeks ago. The two lock up and trade holds before Americos goes for a rollup. Kincaid countersand gets himself free. Kincaid goes for a belly to back suplex, but Americos lands on his feet. Kincaid avoids another roll up and sends Americos to the corner. Kincaid charges, but Americos gets the boot up, following it up with a flying head scissors. Kincaid lands on the outside, but Americos wastes no time and flies with a tope!

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Both back in the ring, Kincaid in the corner. Americos charges, but Kincaid avoids and the luchadore hits the cornerpost! Americos lands on the apron, and Kincaid whips him to the turnbuckles. Kincaid gets on the apron and back body drops him onto the apron! Kincaid waits in the ring as Americos is about to be counted out. Americos rolls back in just in time. Kincaid wraps his arms around Americos, but he counters with elbows. Americos leaps onto the ropes, but Kincaid follows and slams Americos down to the mat. Kincaid picks up Americos and attacks with strikes before whipping him into the ropes. Kincaid lifts up Americos, but he counters with a DDT! Americos goes for a wheelbarrow, but Kincaid catches him and locks in a unique abdominal stretch. Kincaid drops to his knees, impacting Americos’ spine! Kincaid goes to the top rope and flies with Death from Above! Americos dodges the attack! Americos gets a waistlock, but Kincaid goes behind and attempts a rollup. Americos sits and pins Kincaid down. 1…2…3!
Winner via pinfall and new TCW Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Americos
Sadly this match was a bit shorter than I thought it would be. That being said, it is easy to see the great chemistry that these two have. A lot of quick offense in this one with a bit of a come out of nowhere finish. Hopefully Kincaid will get a rematch for the title soon.

Main Event Lumberjack match: Jon Saxon vs. Steve Anthony
The two waste no time and attack each other right away. Saxon attacks with strikes, sending him to the outside. The faces throw him back in quickly. Saxon charges at Anthony, but he gets the elbow up. Anthony goes to the top rope, but Saxon drags him off. Anthony goes to the outside, where the heels give him space. Saxon waits no more and hits a plancha before rolling Anthony in. Saxon attacks with strikes, sending Anthony to the top rope. Saxon kicks the rope hard, getting Anthony back to the mat. Saxon dominating now as he sends Anthony’s head to the top turnbuckle. Anthony tries to fight back, but Saxon continues the attack. Saxon chops at Anthony, whipping him to the ropes. Anthony reverses, but Saxon counters and gets a roll up. 1…2…Anthony kicks out. Anthony gets a waistlock, but Saxon rolls under and locks in an ankle lock! Anthony rolls through and sends Saxon to the outside, where the heels stomp and attack him. Saxon is rolled back in, where Anthony attacks with stomps. Anthony hits a suplex before taunting Saxon. Anthony hits a elbow drop and gets a cocky cover.


Anthony slams Saxon’s back to the mat with a reverse curb stomp. Anthony kicks at Saxon’s chest before sending him to the corner. Anthony charges, but Saxon gets the boot up and manages to nails a belly to belly suplex! Saxon hits the ropes but Tim Storm grabs the legs. Anthony goes to the top and flies with a clothesline. 1…2…Saxon kicks out. Anthony hits a modified blue thunder bomb before going to the top rope. He flies with a splash, but Saxon rolls out of the way. Saxon mows down Anthony with clotheslines., before hitting a back body drop. Saxon hits a tiger driver, but Antony kicks out at 2. Saxon goes for the Texas Cloverleaf, but Anthony counters with a rollup. 1…2…kickout! Anthony hits a couple of kicks to the chest, but Saxon counters with a t-bone suplex on the third. Anthony hulks up and nails a superkick! He follows it with a bridging German suplex! 1…2…Saxon gets out! Anthony sends Saxon to the outside, where the heels attack him again. The faces come over and attack the heels. Saxon is back in the ring, where he is whipped to the corner. Saxon avoids Anthony splash and hits a Yakuza boot in the corner. Saxon locks in the Cloverleaf! The lumberjacks start to swarm the ring!
Match is called a double disqualification
I don’t like lumberjack matches. I always thought they were a terrible idea. This match is a prime example of why I do not like them. The heels attack the faces, and vice versa. I also love how the commentators state that the lumberjacks are not suppose to attack the wrestlers in the match. Anyway, Saxon hasn’t had a match in TCW for a while now, and he did a good job here. Why Anthony decided to oversell everything is beyond me. The last two minutes of the match were great, beyond the finish.

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The 411: This weeks how felt somewhat disappointing. The matches were fine, I just thought they should have been better. There also was not a lot of story buildup here, beyond the upcoming Walker/Sigmon match. Leaving this show, I found myself just wanting to see more of Kincaid, Americos, and Jon Saxon. So that's good.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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