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TCW Show 13-49 Recap and Review

January 6, 2014 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen
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TCW Show 13-49 Recap and Review  

TCW International Championship: Scott Phoenix (c) vs. “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony
Phoenix pushes Anthony to the corner and gives a clean break. Phoenix shows off his impressive body, letting Anthony get a headlock. Phoenix reverses to a wristlock, but Anthony gets the ropes. Another lock up, and Phoenix gets a headlock of his own. Anthony pushes Phoenix off, who hits a hard shoulder tackle.

Back from a break and Anthony baits a test of strength. Anthony gets a kick to the gut, but Phoenix is uneffected and hits another shoulder tackle. Anthony gets up and pulls a strap down. Anthony gets another kick to the gut and manages to lift Phoenix into a military press! Phoenix gets up quickly and sends Anthony to the outside with a clothesline. Quickly back in the ring, Phoenix hits a chop to the chest. Phoenix tries to send Anthony across the ring, but Anthony reverses. Phoenix tries to stop a charging Anthony with a boot, but Anthony sends Phoenix to the ropes and kicks the middle rope, sending it to Phoenix’s groin. Anthony hits a short arm clothesline and locks in a sleeper. Phoenix frees himself with a jawbreaker, but is sent back to the mat with a back elbow. Anthony picks up Phoenix and starts to hit some jabs. Anthony locks in another sleeper. Phoenix gets out with some elbows to the gut. Phoenix charges, but Anthony gets a powerslam! Anthony goes to the top rope and nails a double axe handle to the crown of Phoenix. Anthony goes for a cover, but only gets two. Anthony goes back up to the top rope, but Phoenix catches him this time. Anthony pushes him off and goes for a flying shoulder tackle, but Phoenix reverses with a powerslam! Both are back up, and Phoenix nails a big boot. Anthony in the corner, and Phoenix hits a pair of splashes before a belly to back suplex. Phoenix hits a high jumping leg drop, following it with a Michinoku Driver! 1…2…Anthony kicks out!. Phoenix waits for Anthony to stand and goes for Phoenix Rises! Anthony ducks, but Phoenix manages to get a necktie neckbreaker. Anthony rolls out of the ring. Phoenix walks over and tries to pick up Anthony by the hair, but Anthony hits a right hand with a pair of brass knuckles! Pinfall. 1…2…3!
Winner via pinfall (brass knuckles) and new TCW International Champion: “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony
Good match to open the show with. Sad to see that Phoenix can not catch a break when he gets a title. Besides, the match was fine. One of Anthony’s better matches in 2013 (these matches were filmed at the end of the year). Good back and forth action, although there was a scary moment when Anthony came off the top rope. Beyond that, an above average tv match

The Empire comes out and celebrates with the new champion.

Match #2: Magic Men vs. Syrian Dynasty
Dallas starts the match with Akbar. They lock up and Dallas is pushed back into the corner. Akbar stomps Dallas in the corner before backing up. Dallas comes in with a forearm and chop to the chest. Dallas hits a sobat kick, and then rolls backwards, sending Akbar to the mat with a head scissors. Magic Men tag and the duo hit a double elbow drop. Neico picks up Akbar, who attacks with strikes. Akbar chokes Neico in the corner before distracting the ref, letting Al get a cheap shot in. Akbar sends Neico to the other corner and charges. Neico avoids the attack and nails a dropkick. Dallas tags in. Dallas hits a drop toe hold. Akbar reverses an irish whip and drops his head for a back body drop, but Dallas leaps and hits a double stomp! Dallas tries to lift Akbar, but he gets out with a jawbreaker. Dallas goes to the top rope, but Akbar lifts him onto his shoulders and falls with an electric chair drop. Akbar spits at Neico to bait him into the ring.

Back from a break and Neico gets the tag. He mows down Akbar with a clothesline. Neico springboards to the top and hits a flying cross body. Neico goes to the top once again. Akbar gets up and hits the ropes, crotching Neico. Akbar climbs to the top and attempts a suplex, but he gets shoved off. Al gets a spike from his boot and charges at Dallas, who sends Al to the outside. The Magic Men are perched on the top. Dallas flies with a leg drop and Neico with a splash! Dallas gets the pin. 1…2…3!
Winner via pinfall (splash/legdrop combo): Magic Men
This watch was a bit of a mess. Nothing we have not seen from Magic Men since their debut. Akbar Farat did not impress me during his debut. There were also a number of noticeable botches, including the leg drop/splash finisher from the Magic Men. Thankfully this match was short.

Genetic Perfection and Hounds of Hell are shown fighting backstage, mainly Bradford and Rude. Colonel Parker makes a TCW Tag Title match for two weeks. Match can only be won by putting the other team’s manager through a table. No, I did not make that up.

TCW Heavyweight Championship: “King” Shane Williams vs. Tim Storm(c)
Storm pushes Williams in the corner, showing his strength advantage. Williams goes for a scoop slam, but Storm counters and hits a military press slam. Storm locks in a headlock, but Williams pushes him off. Storm mows down Williams with a hard shoulder tackle. Williams gets a headlock, and Storm shoves him off. Storm catches Williams’ cross body attempt and hits a fallaway slam. Williams rolls to the outside. Storm taunts the crowd, and Williams comes in and hits a chop to the chest. Williams avoids Storm’s attacks and hits a dropkick. Williams backs Storm into the corner and attacks with strikes. Storm reverses an irish whip, but Williams hangs onto the ropes. Storm charges, but is sent to the outside. Williams follows and rakes the back, following it with a couple of knife edge chops. Storm is sent back to the ring. Williams charges, but Storm gets the big boot up in time. Storm hits a scoop slam and follows it with a elbow drop. Storm gets a body scissors, keeping Williams’ wrists locked as well. Williams fights his way out and stands up. Williams charges, but Storm gets a boot to the gut. Storm follows with a kick to the head, and a stiff backbreaker over the knee. Storm lifts up Williams again, but he slips out and gets a schoolboy. 1…2…Storm slips out and mows Williams down with a clothesline. Storm stomps Shane on the mat. Storm hits a butterfly suplex and quickly covers. 1…2…kickout. Storm backs Williams to the corner and hits some strikes. Williams tries to fight back with jabs, rocking the champion. Williams charges, but Storm locks in a bearhug. Williams rings Storm’s bell and hits a back heel kick. Williams hits a trio of strikes before picking up Storm. Storm shoves Williams to the corner and charges, but Williams gets the boot up. Williams goes to the top rope and flies with the fist drop. Williams goes for the piledriver, but Storm reverses. Storm goes for Perfect Storm, but Williams reverses with a rollup. 1…2…Storm gest out. Storm gets the advantage and tries to whip Williams, but he counters with a tornado DDT. The Empire runs in for the DQ.
Winner via DQ (no title change): ‘King’ Shane Williams
Good back and forth contest. Easily one of Storm’s best matches from last year. Storm is very good at overpowering other wrestlers, which always makes the title defenses more interesting to watch (imo). Only thing I would criticize is Williams needs to change up the offense in his matches. He has the skills to be a good wrestler, but his best match has been his return match against Sigmon. Hopefully Williams can start going back uphill in the new year.

The Empire beat down Williams before Phoenix and Americos run in, only to get beaten as well. Empire attempt a spike piledriver on Williams, but the lights go out. Lights are back on and Tommy Dreamer cleans the ring of the Empire!

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The 411: This weeks show was better than last weeks, but there was nothing standout on this show. There were two good matches and one that was not good. I would call this an average show for TCW. It will be interesting to see how Tommy Dreamer is used in the following weeks.
Final Score:  6.5   [ Average ]  legend

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