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TNA No Surrender 2007 Breakdown

September 15, 2007 | Posted by J.D. Dunn

How can you honestly say hard justice was bad. Here’s the facts. hard justice was amazing! The opening x division match is a motyc this match was nuts it had all those cool spots. senshi did a freckin double stomp from the top rope you are delusuional for only giving it 2 and a half stars it shows how biased you are. raven vs kaz was way better then i expected raven can still go he did a hurricanrana from the outside of the ring. the steiners match was awesome these 2 teams show’d they still have it. and everyone critisized rhyno drinking beer let me explain this so you can understand because i know your not very smart rhyno was drinking beer because storm made him that way rhyno was showing how crazy he was to storm. and the main event was awesome this match had all kinds of cool spots. and everyone wants to critisize the finish well wwe does finish’s like this all the time so fuck you. tna is awesome wwe sucks end of story. you should go watch my videos that me and my friend bill do on youtube that’ll set you straight

Thank you, Chris Crocker.


TNA No Surrender 2007
by J.D. Dunn

  • September 9, 2007
  • Live from Orlando, Fla.
  • Your hosts are Mike Tenay and Don West.
  • Cool football-themed video package opening, which would be all the more cool if the season didn’t actually start on Thursday now.
  • Opening Match, TNA World Tag Titles: Kurt Angle & Sting vs. Pacman Jones & Ron Killings.
    Scheduling has prevented me from seeing Impact for the last month or so, but I generally don’t need an explanation as to why two guys who were feuding are suddenly teaming up when Russo is booking. And don’t give me the “Russo is only a consultant” argument. What I do need an explanation for is that last PPV Killings pointed out that Pacman’s contract wouldn’t allow him to be touched. Why would he be surprised that Pacman doesn’t want to get in there (which is exactly what happens throughout this match)? Karen Angle (hoo-ahh!) runs down and starts an argument with Sting, and then she slaps him. Sting yells at her, so she falls down clutching her face, selling like Sting slapped her. Angle tags out and sees Karen lying there. She explains that Sting did, in fact, smack her around. In the ring, Sting hits a Scorpion Deathdrop on Killings. Killings takes a Stinger Splash and falls into the tag to Jones. OFF COMES THE SHIRT! Angle slides in and gives Sting an Angleslam in retaliation for slapping Karen. Pacman apparently gets the pin, which is missed by the crack production staff because they’re looking at Karen. So Pacman get the win and the titles at 5:33. I suppose there are dumber ideas. I’d have to really think about it, though. But hey, they got a BLURB written about them for this! A BLURB, PEOPLE! You can’t buy publicity like that. Most of the action took place off-camera, but it didn’t look like anything interesting happened. 1/2*

  • Jeremy Borash asks Rhino where he’s been for the past few weeks, and Rhino says it doesn’t matter. Did Rhino just bury himself? He’s accepted that he’s an alcoholic, and now he’s going to shut James Storm up.
  • Rhino vs. James Storm (w/Jackie Moore).
    Rhino storms the ring and chases Storm out into the crowd. Funny spot as Storm tries to hide behind a fan, but everyone’s pointing to him. Fan interaction: I like it. Rhino takes a nasty spill (looked like an accident) down the stairs. He catches Storm coming off the second tier, though, and slams him into the wall. Storm reverses a suplex and gets one of his own, something that was almost missed as the production staff cut to a shot of the empty portal at the top of the ramp. Oooh, how existential! It represents the hole in Rhino’s soul that has been left by alcoholism! Finally, they get in so the match can start. Jackie breaks up the Gore, which is good because Rhino doesn’t like doing a move that requires 12 steps. BWAAHAHAHAHHAHAH! **ahem** Storm hits an enzuigiri to take over. He hits a swinging butterfly for two, but Rhino comes back with the belly-to-belly and the GORE, GORE, GORE! ONE, TWO, THR-NO! Rhino tosses some chairs in, but Storm takes him up and hits the ACE CRUSHER ON THE CHAIRS! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Rhino sets up a table but hits a TKO. Then, he decides to set up the table in the corner. Storm hits a superplex and goes for the superkick, but Rhino ducks and gores him through the table. That’s enough for the win at 9:26. After the match, Rhino tries to give Storm a Budweiser colonic, but the little keg malfunctions. Jackie saves the day by taking a gore. Way to be a trooper, Jackie! Fun little brawl to (hopefully) end the feud. ***1/4

  • In the back, Kurt complains to Dr. Nash that he lost because of Sting’s selfishness. Nash tells him that Karen was the one who did the slapping. Sting storms the locker room and attack Kurt, prompting Jim Cornette to kick Sting and Karen out of the arena.
  • Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks) vs. Kaz.
    Quick exchange to start, and they tumble over the top to the floor. Roode uses Miss Brooks as a weapon to take over. Back in, Storm targets the leg. Nice, solid midcard match follows. Kaz scores a rollup and an enzuigiri, but he runs right into a spinebuster. Roode pulls out a chain, but Kaz kicks it away from him. Miss Brooks picks up the chain and kicks it under the ring. Meanwhile, Kaz hits a missile dropkick, but his springboard is cut off. Roode wants the chain, but Miss Brooks tells him she hasn’t seen a chain. Kaz readies for a plancha, but Roode pulls Miss Brooks in the way. Kaz puts on the breaks but hits Roode with a dropkick. THAT sets up the rolling suicida. Big pop for that, and Miss Brooks seems pleased. Back in, Kaz slingshots into a DDT. The Future Shock (or whatever he calls that move) is blocked, so Kaz hits the waterwheel piledriver (á la Dr. Death). ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! That probably should have been the end. Instead, Kaz takes him up and hits a Super X-Factor for two. Kaz goes up but misses a cannonball legdrop and probably shatters his tailbone. Roode finishes with the Payoff (Fisherman’s Suplex) at 13:49. Good competitive match-up (which is exactly what Tenay calls it). ***1/2

  • Jay Lethal cuts a promo on Steamboat, Snake Roberts, and George Steele. Dr. Nash comes in and advises him to take a dive.
  • X-Division Title: Kurt Angle vs. Jay Lethal.
    Angle hiptosses Lethal and gets all cocky, so Lethal hiptosses him right back and hits a dropkick. Macho jabs in the corner, but Angle boots him in the gut and powerbombs him into the turnbuckle. Kurt gets rough, knocking Lethal around with uppercuts. They collide with clotheslines for a double KO spot. Angle stalks Lethal for the Angleslam, but Lethal counters to a DDT. Lethal goes up, but Angle jumps up and belly-to-bellies him for two. Machismo shoves him away and small packages him for two on the rebound. Angle pops up, though, and hits ROLLING GERMANS! Lethal armdrags out of an Angleslam and hits the Lethal Combination. ELBOWDROP! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Lethal goes for an Angleslam, but Angle counters to the Anklelock. Lethal rolls through that and rolls up Angle for the upset win at 12:19. Good match with Lethal basically copying all of the stuff everyone else has done to have a good match with Kurt Angle. It worked, even if we’ve seen it all before. ***1/4

  • In the back, Black Reign introduces us to “Misty” his arctic fox (or rat). I guess he’s trading up from Terri Runnels.
  • Grudge Match: Chris Harris vs. Black Reign.
    Harris clobbers Reign with a pescado. In the ring, he tries to toss Dustin into the post. Sadly, Reign’s man-boobs won’t let him fit in between the buckles. Reign hits an Ace Crusher for two. Harris slams him off the top and bulldogs him for two. Reign picks up Darkness Falls (his stick), but Earl Hebner stops him from using it. Why? Harris rolls up Black Reign for the win at 5:14. Well, this certainly sucked. After the match, Harris cuffs Black Reign to the buckle, but Black Reign has a key (duh). He knocks Harris out and unleashes the rat on Harris’ face. Oh my God! The rat is crawling in the general vicinity of Chris Harris! Yeah, Damien she ain’t. 1/2*

  • Christian Cage thinks it’s no big deal that he attacked a member of Samoa Joe’s family.
  • Tag Team Gauntlet
    It’s like the Royal Rumble only the winner gets his partner back for a tag match right after. AJ Styles is #1. Christopher Daniels is #2. They do their usual match until Homicide comes in at #3. Styles and Daniels team up, but Homicide cleans house on them early. Chris Sabin is #4. EYEPOKES FOR EVERYONE! Havoc is #5. He goes after AJ but gets hit with a flying clothesline by Sabin. Petey Williams is #6. Homicide gets backdropped over, disappointingly. Williams hits Havoc with the Canadian Destroyer. Sabin tries a DDT on Styles, but AJ powers him over the top to the floor. D-Von is #7. He destroys everyone. Big chant for D-Von. Jimmy Rave is #8, representing Christy Hemme’s new team. THE CROWN JOO-ELL! He goes after AJ and tilt-o-whirls into the armbar. Brother Ray is #9. There goes Havoc. Raven comes in at #10. He nails AJ styles with the discus clothesline and smothers Daniels with the snot rag. Team 3D teams up to toss Raven. Shark Boy is #11. He bites D-Von in the ass but stumbles back into Brother Ray. Ray tosses him over. Sonjay Dutt is #12. Rave and Petty Williams get eliminated by Team 3D. AJ and Daniels team up for the Double Goozle. BG James is #13. He goes after Brother Ray. Hernandez is #14. Sonjay tries to sunset flip him and gets tossed. AJ avoids the Border Toss but gets clotheslined. Tomko is #15. He tosses D-Von to the apron. Brother Ray charges and winds up eliminating his own partner. Tomko tosses Ray. Elix Skipper is #16. Aren’t Skipper and Daniels supposed to be banned from tagging together? Alex Shelley is #17 (and hugely over). He spits in Sonjay’s face, and Sonjay proceeds to oversell like a maniac. Shelley tosses BG James. What an honor. Lance Hoyt is #18. He chokeslams Skipper, knocking his head on the apron on the way down. That looked brutal. Kip James is #19. He cleans house on everyone before Sonjay gives him a hug. Kip tosses him. Eric Young is #20. HEADLOCKS FOR EVERYONE! Hernandez charges but gets tossed by Tomko. Tomko stands there gloating, so Young tosses him. Kip dropkicks Hoyt out. Kip tries to backdrop Daniels out, but Daniels holds on and takes him out too. That leaves Styles, Shelley, and Eric Young. Both guys suck up to him, but he unloads on both of them. AJ nearly gets eliminated, but he and Shelley team up to toss him out about 22 minutes in. So we get…

  • AJ Styles & Tomko vs. The Motor City Machine Guns.
    The MCMG blitz Tomko with doubleteams, AWESOME doubleteams. Finally, he gets sick of selling and just tosses them aside. AJ tags in and hits the Quebrada DDT. Sabin ducks out of the Clash and enzuigiris him. More doubleteams from the Guns. AJ hits the Pélé (out of nowhere, of course). He and Sabin take turns reversing each others rollups, but Styles winds up on top with a handful of tights for the win at 2:55. Could have used more of this. ***3/4 for the whole thing.

  • Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe.
    Joe storms the ring and wins a slugfest. He clocks Christian with a lightning legline. The Facewash sends Christian to the apron, and Joe slings him into the rail. Yeah, Joe’s pissed. He whips Christian into the rail. Back in, Joe just walks away from a dropkick attempt. SUICIDA! Christian goes after Joe’s ankle and snaps his throat on the top rope to get some offense in. Joe blocks the Facewash and hits the STJoe. Joe gets two off a DVD. Christian misses a frogsplash and gets powerbombed for two. He kicks out, but Joe segues to the STF. Christian squirms out of it and out of the Musclebuster as well. Joe catches him with a snap powerbomb for a close two. Christian catches Joe on top and delivers a Super Samoan Drop. Joe recovers and locks in the Coquina Clutch. Christian pushes him over and puts his feet on the ropes, but this time he gets caught. Nice play on their match at Destination X. Joe reapplies the hold and maintains the hold even after Christian makes the ropes. The ref pulls him off, so Joe goes nuts and destroys the ref. He adds a Musclebuster to Christian, but another ref comes in and disqualifies him at 15:01. The X-Division jobbers come in and quickly get tossed aside. Well, Angle looks silly for getting pinned by Lethal now that Joe is able to casually toss him aside. They probably should have had Lethal successfully pull him off, setting up Joe vs. Jay with Jay finally getting a clean win over Joe (the guy who took the title away from him in the first place). Instead, Matt Morgan pulls Joe off Christian as he’s hanging him over the top. Joe and Morgan go face-to-face, presumably setting up a match between the two. This was legalized slaughter. Not as good as Destination X, but it had a different story and told it well. ***1/4

  • TNA Impact goes to two hours in October.
  • I’d make fun of the irony behind Pacman telling everyone to “stay on the porch if they can’t run with the big dogs,” but making a joke about a black man and a porch is just too sensitive an area.
  • TNA World Title: Kurt Angle vs. Abyss.
    Kurt takes Abyss down, so Abyss powers him up and sets him on the top turnbuckle. Kurt tries to run away, but Abyss has him by the doublet. Abyss clotheslines him over the top, allowing some idiot in the front row to get on camera the gayest laugh in the history of male laughs. Angle goes after Abyss’ ankle, for obvious reasons. He clips Abyss’ leg out from under him. More clipping. He wraps Abyss’ leg around the bottom rope. Abyss comes back with a ginger avalanche and a spinebuster for two. Angle charges but goes into the post. SHOCK TREATMENT! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Angle counters a chokeslam to a rollup for two. GERMAN SUPLEX! The Olympic Slam only gets two. Angle gets pissed and goes after Abyss’ boot. He starts stomping Abyss’ exposed ankle. Angle comes off the second-rope right into a chokeslam attempt. Angle kicks his way out of it but runs into the Black Hole Slam. ONE, TWO, THR-NO! He goes for a Tombstone, but Kurt rolls through to the Anklelock. Abyss crawls toward the ropes, so Angle pulls him back and applies the legscissors. Abyss finally has to give up at 19:27. Angle retains at least one of his titles – the important one. The match was a good technical heel versus monster babyface contest with Abyss trying to use his power in the face of Angle’s strategy. ***

  • After the match, James Mitchell appears on the TNATron and reminds Abyss that he promised revenge on him. Someone saws through the canvas and pulls Abyss (eventually) down under the ring.

    The 411: A welcome rebound after the horrid Hard Justice PPV last month. In fact, this is one of the better PPVs of the year. The only really bad matches (and they were *really* bad) were the tag title match and the Black Reign grudge match. Granted, there was a lot of idiocy in the booking, but there was more than enough good wrestling to make up for it.

    Thumbs up!

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