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Tremendous Tirades: SHIMMER Women Athletes Vol. 16

May 19, 2008 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades: SHIMMER Women Athletes Vol. 16  

SHIMMER Women Athletes Vol. 16

Amber O’Neal vs. Lorelei Lee

O’Neal is rather upset to begin things, as the crowd noise is causing static in her hair. They’ll lock up, wristlocks and counters, O’Neal into a hammerlock but Lee counters into one of her own. Wristlock now, O’Neal pokes her in the eyes and gets an arm bar. Lee escapes, but O’Neal gets a trip and then goes back to the arm. Lee gets the ropes, flips out of the wristlock and gets an arm drag and arm bar of her own. O’Neal to her feet, atomic drop by Lee followed by a corner clothesline. Lee with a monkey flip and basement dropkick to follow up and she covers for 2. O’Neal gets pisses and takes her down, lays the boots to her and works the knee. She’ll move to a choke over the top rope and then slings her back and covers for 2. Off the ropes, Lee counters and gets a handspring into a cross body for 2. O’Neal rakes the eyes again and then works a surfboard variation. Lee escapes, kicks to Lee and then slams her to the corner and chokes her out again. Irish whip, O’Neal charges in, counters a roll up, grabs the ropes, gets busted and Lee rolls her up for 2. Forearm strikes by O’Neal, off the ropes and they both have the same idea with the face buster and are both down now. To their feet, a clothesline by Lee, followed by a forearm, Irish whip and the cartwheel back handspring elbow connects and she gets a close 2! O’Neal battles back and gets a flubbed X-Factor and covers for 2. STO countered but she trips up Lee and gets a cover for 2. Knees by Lee, gets an Enziguri followed by an Oklahoma roll and that gets the win.

Winner: Lorelei Lee @ 10:00 via pin

  • This was a fine little opener here, not quite as good as O’Neal’s match from Vol. 15 though due to a couple miscues. Commentary did a good job stressing that Lee needed a win here, and the crowd was into it.
    RATING: **

    Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel and Josie

    Matthews and Perez are not happy with the crowd chanting USA, apparently the SHIMMER crowd blames Canada. Josie and Ariel go to the floor and toss them in the ring and we begin. Off the ropes and Ariel and Josie level them with clotheslines and dropkicks. Matthews and Perez take a powder, and it looks as if Matthews and Ariel will begin. Arm drags by Ariel, forearms and Matthews tags in Perez. Josie tags in and then Perez tags right out. Arm drags by Josie and a cover for 2. A suplex and another cover for 2. Front facelock, tag to Ariel and forearms to Matthews. Goes for a roll up but Perez kicks Ariel in the head, she tags in and hen stands on Ariel’s chest. Rights by Perez, off the ropes and a back elbow by Perez gets a cocky cover for 1. Matthews tags back in, gets a snap suplex and cover for 2. Off the ropes and a dropkick by Matthews, she celebrates and then chokes out Ariel on the ropes. Perez does as well, double teams on Ariel in the corner and Perez tags in. Chops and forearms by Perez, Ariel fires up and retaliates with chops of her own, but Perez rakes the eyes. She’ll work the neck crank, Ariel elbows out but she gets slammed down by the hair. Tag to Matthews, lays the boots to Ariel, dropkicks her in the corner and then gets the northern lights suplex with a bridge for 2. Forearms by Matthews in the corner, snap mare and a knee to the back. Off the ropes, Ariel battles back with forearms, catches a cross body and slams Matthews down. Both ladies look for a tag and get it! Josie fires away on Perez, spinebuster follows. Off the ropes and an overhead toss by Josie gets 2. Tag to Ariel, Matthews blind tags in as Perez and Josie brawl to the floor. Ariel gets a roll up for 2. Josie slams Perez into the railing, back in and to the second rope and this allows Ariel and Josie then get a blockbuster/spinebuster combo for the victory.

    Winners: Ariel and Josie @ 11:15 via pin

  • Another solid bout to get the show off to a fine start. I personally wasn’t into it that much, but the work was fine and I have no real complaints.
    RATING: **

    -Becky Bayless interviews The Minnesota Homewrecking Crew. They did some scouting and Lacey went to the UK and says the people are dirty there. She found one of Black’s biggest rivals, the only good thing from over there. The honorary Crewmember for the night, Jetta! Jetta says she hates the emphasis on plastic surgery as all of the men here in the crowd have breasts. Golden Coral Boob Jobs! HAHAHA! Jetta says that MsChif, Daizee Haze, & Eden Black aren’t all that, and Lacey says she beat Haze 5,700 times already. This was goofy in a great way.

    Alexa Thatcher vs. Ashley Lane

    Lane really looks like Torrie Wilson’s little sister. Both ladies are favorites here, Thatcher took a hard fought loss to Melissa on volume 15 while Lane was part of a tag team loss on the same volume. They lock up and work some counters to begin, trading arm bars, side headlocks and such. Lane escapes a headlock and they stand off. Arm drag by Lane, another, one by Thatcher and then another by Lane. Thatcher finally takes her down with the arm drag and gets an arm bar, Lane to her feet and gets a jawbreaker, clothesline and dropkick; she covers for 2. Off the ropes, sunset flip, Lane SLOWLY rolls through and gets a basement dropkick for 2. Thatcher back with a side slam and cover for 2. Forearm shots by Thatcher, charges in and gets a corner clothesline, snap mare and kicks to the back will get her a cover for 2. Lane counters a bulldog and they then clothesline each other. They get to their feet, chops by Thatcher, Lane with some, off the ropes and a back elbow by Lane. She goes up top and MISSES a cross body. Thatcher then kicks her right in the face and that will be all.

    Thatcher is a good sport after the match as she helps Lane to her feet.

    Winner: Alexa Thatcher @ 4:52 via pin

  • This is totally forgettable as far as the action goes. Nothing is bad, but it was just a short little match that is hard to get into. Commentary did do a good job of putting over Thatcher’s last match with Melissa and following that up with the win here was great booking.
    RATING: *½

    The Experience (Lexie Fyfe and Malia Hosaka) vs. Allison Danger and Serena Deeb

    Here’s something to ponder, on Volume 15 Danger stated that she was going to get ready to go after the title. She then faced Cindy Rogers and beat her. So this volume she’s in a tag match? Apparently she forgot to demand single matches only like Cheerleader Melissa.

    Anyway, the match begins with Danger and Fyfe circling and playing the crowd. Danger makes Fyfe a sad panda, so she gets a hug from Hosaka. They are so being the Midnight Express, and that’s a good thing. Lock up, Fyfe and Danger trade wristlocks. Fyfe with a hammerlock, Danger escapes and then gets a side headlock. “I GOT A HEADLOCK!” Fyfe counters, full nelson applied, Danger escapes and then gets the hammerlock and takedown. Danger to the feet, works a wristlock still but Fyfe is able to pull her to the corner, gets a tag to Hosaka and Deeb wants in. Danger with the wristlock and takedown, Hosaka counters with the head scissors, releases and goes back to the arm. Danger slaps her repeatedly in the face, counters and gets a wristlock and tag to Deeb. Deeb right away gets the wristlock and takedown on Hosaka. Hosaka gets to her feet, trips her up and gets a tag to Fyfe. They go to work on the leg of Deeb, including a leg crank by Fyfe. She slams the leg down, knee drops to the knee and then an elbow to the knee. Hosaka tags back in, she slams the knee to the mat a few times and has control. Hosaka is awesome here as they start chanting “USA” at her, and she replies, “CHANTING USA DOESN’T BOTHER ME! HAWAII IS PART OF THE USA IDIOTS!” Tremendous. Hosaka works some uppercuts on Deeb, Fyfe in and they get a double team move, almost a double team DDT, and Fyfe covers for 2. Kicks by Fyfe in the corner, off the ropes as Hosaka tags in with a flying forearm. Off the ropes again, but Deeb gets a sunset flip for 2. Hosaka and Fyfe work over Deeb in their corner, Danger tries to help but ends up failing. Fyfe misses a clothesline off the ropes, and Deeb gets a cross body for 2. Hosaka tags back in and gets a snap suplex, and then chokes out Deeb. BELLY CLAW~! Fyfe back in and slams Deeb down, tag to Hosaka and they go for a double team front electric chair deal, but Deeb gets the knees up! Tag to Robert Gibson, er, Allison Danger finally and she cleans house on the Experience. Clotheslines, slams, neck breakers and KNEE STRIKES! Danger takes a boot, Deeb blind tags in and they double suplex the Experience! Jabs by Deeb and a big right to Hosaka! Fyfe nails Danger, sends her to the floor and as she tries to come back in, the ref stops her and this allows the Experience to get the double team gourd buster on Deeb for the win.

    Winners: The Experience (Lexie Fyfe and Malia Hosaka) @ 12:01 via pin

  • This was Midnight’s/Rock and Roll formula here. Deeb has that 1980’s face thing happening, which really worked here. This was a good tag match here, and this match was a nice change as they worked very hard.
    RATING: **¾

    Daffney vs. Cindy Rogers

    Every time the ref tries to do the check on Daffney she screams, he runs away and the crowd calls him a pussy. Poor guy. Daffney plays the crowd to begin, Rogers tries to stop her and they bicker. Daffney gets the ref to go to the corner for cheers, and Rogers lays the boots to Daffney. Danger is back on commentary after her tag bout, lays the boots to Daffney in the corner and she rolls to the floor clutching her knee. Rogers tosses her back in and just beats her down. Rogers tries a suplex, but Daffney rolls her up for 2. Rogers now works the knee, locks up a version of the Indian deathlock, but Daffney gets the ropes. Rogers misses a charge and Daffney with a sunset flip for 2. Another roll up, but Rogers gets a version of the rings of Saturn, but Daffney gets the ropes. Rogers throws a clothesline, but basically misses. Daffney back, Matrix, knee strike and gets a cover for 2. Forearms, and all of the sudden she isn’t selling the knee. Rogers with a Russian leg sweep, gets the TCB (Dragon Sleeper) and that is all.

    Winner: Cindy Rogers @ 5:45 via submission

  • This was…weird. Daffney is selling the knee, then all of the sudden isn’t and then out of nowhere we get the finish. Not very good here kids. Rogers did get the win, which she needs though so that’s good.
    RATING: *

    TRIOS TAG MATCH: Lacey, Rain and Jetta vs. MsChif, Daizee Haze and Eden Black

    Rain has goggles to block the MIST of MsChif. We get a ton of stalling to begin, with a lot of comedy. The heels claim that they don’t cheat, they try to play a three-way version of rock, paper, scissors, Haze dropkicks their Propel Fitness Water from the apron and stuff like that. About 4-minutes or so of wackiness and Haze then begins to chase them around the ring. We finally begin the match with Jetta and MsChif in to start, Jetta has the goggles on. Jetta then bails, Lacey in and then tags in Rain. GOGGLE POWER. Jetta now in and runs to the corner and tags Lacey in. They all three scream at MsChif, does nothing, MsChif screams and they all bump for it. After a few minutes of the Crew conversing on the floor, Goggled Lacey is in. Lock up to a pop as they finally wrestle. Arm bar by Lacey, MsChif escapes and rips off the goggles! Side headlock and a takedown. Lacey counters into a head scissors and even does pushups with the hold on. MsChif escapes, gets another side headlock and they work to their feet. Top wristlock by Lacey, takedown with the hair by Lacey and maintains the hold. MsChif to her feet, forearms, goes for a body scissors roll up but Lacey sits down and gets a reverse Boston Crab. Haze in with a dragon sleeper on Lacey, Jetta in and gets a heel hook, Black in with a CRAVATE on her and Rain in with an ankle lock on Haze. WACKY! They all break and we get back to order, Jetta and Haze are in now, arm drags, chops, off the ropes and Haze with the sunset flip for 2. They both bridge, sit up and Jetta wants to shake because Haze has skills. They shake, to their feet and Jetta levels Haze with a forearm. Jetta beats her down with clubbing shots to the back, Lacey tags in and they suplex Haze and lacey covers for 2. Front facelock by Lacey, knees to the back as she holds the hair, Haze battles back but gets slammed down. Off the ropes, Haze goes for a wheel barrel bulldog but Lacey powers her into a full nelson. Rain in, lays down with her knees up but Haze counters out and sends Lacey into the knees of her partner. Tag to MsChif, they both take turns forearming Rain, and then a clothesline by MsChif. Black tags in, leg drop and a cover for 2. Knee strikes by Black, snap mare and kicks to the back. Black lights her up with another kick, CRAVATE, into a snap mare and another kick to the back and a cover for 2. Test of strength, monkey flip into the Garden of Eden, but Lacey breaks that up. Lacey tags in and chokes out Black. Lacey grabs the hair, works kicks to the back of Black and then tags in Rain. Rain gets some kicks as payback, Jetta tagged in and gets a basement dropkick to Black. Works the neck of Black, and then drops the knee for a cover and count of 2. Jetta chokes her out as the ref tries to break it, tag to Lacey who gets a drop toehold, Rain with an elbow drop and then Jetta with a back splash on Black. Lacey with a bridging bow and arrow type of hold, to the corner now and Rain tags in. Charging knee shot and then one by Lacey. They whip Jetta, Black ducks out and tries for a tag but Rain and Lacey stop her. Lacey with the neck crank, into the surfboard, but Black to her feet, escapes but is slammed down and covered for 2. Tag to Rain, to another corner and a slam and chops to Black. Black battles back, chops but Rain comes back with a back rake off of the 2nd rope and a cover for 2. Tag to Lacey, Jetta and Rain pick her up and slam her into Black. Lacey covers for 2. Black crawls for a tag, Lacey picks her up and then HUMBLES her with the camel clutch. She drops down on the back and tags in Jetta. She continues to work the back, camel clutch, humbling, Lacey and Rain help and Haze throws a flower at them. Jetta uses it and hits Black with it. Nice. Neck breaker by Jetta, tag to Rain and tries the Rain Drop, Black fights out with forearms but cannot get the tag. Rain with knees, Rain Drop try again but Black is out and gets a northern lights. Both ladies looking for a tag, Haze is in and she starts to clean house on the Crew. Back elbows, forearms, GERMAN on Jetta for 2. Lacey stops the heart punch, TKO on Haze! MsChif in and Rain stops the Desecrater, Black in and they toss Rain into her partners. Haze up top as the Crew is on the floor and then wipes them out with a top rope splash! Black now with a dive off of the apron! MsChif teases a dive, and just screams and scares them away! Jetta back in, Haze follows and the others brawl on the floor. Haze counters the lung blower…HEART PUNCH! YAKUZA KICK~! 1…2..3.

    Winners: MsChif, Daizee Haze, & Eden Black @ 23:20 via pin

  • Usually I might not like some of the wackiness and stalling, but it was a nice break from the rest of the card and led to a good match, and in comparison got some crazy time. But again, they were changing the entire feel of the show with the stalling before the match and the comedy at the beginning. The heat on Black went a tad long I will say, but overall some really good action here and at this point the best match on the card. Jetta and the Crew had good wins on Volume 15, so the trios loss doesn’t hurt them here. MsChif and Daizee Haze both suffered defeat on that card so they get some momentum back here. Black had quite the show going undefeated.
    RATING: ***

    Cheerleader Melissa vs. Amazing Kong

    Kong comes to the ring and proclaims, “I’M MAD NOW…I AIN’T PLAYIN!” Run Melissa, run my sweet! I love that when Kong is announced, they have the announcer say, “Weighing in at none of your damn business!”

    Kong wants to shake, but it is a trick. Melissa fires away, no effect and then bitch slaps Kong. Dropkick to the knees, basement dropkick to the face and then off the ropes, reversal and a Vader body splash by Kong levels Melissa. Chops in the corner, an Irish whip and a BIG corner splash connects. Kong stands on Melissa’s throat, and then a BIG HUMBLING with the camel clutch. Kong tries to rip her nose off, breaks and then shoots her off the ropes, but Melissa comes back with a flatliner and cover for 2. Melissa lays the boots to Kong, clubbing shots but Kong takes her down and chokes her out. Kong now works a knee crank, but Melissa rakes the eyes to escape. Forearms are traded, Melissa stands toe to toe with Kong but that doesn’t last as Kong clotheslines Melissa to the floor. She follows her out and slams her to the railing. She tries the KONG BOMB, but Melissa connects with punches and gets her down. Melissa back in the ring to break the count, to the floor again and whips Kong to the barricade. Melissa charges in but Kong decapitates her with a lariat. Kong gets a chair, swings and A MISS. The chair flew form her hand and the camera dude got hit in the ribs with it. Ouch. Back in the ring, implant buster lands and she covers for 2. Kong to the 2nd rope, Melissa up and fires away, goes up and gets a RANA on Kong! Melissa covers for 2! Melissa goes all the way up top now, MISSILE DROPKICK! Kong is back up though! Sunset flip by Melissa, but Kong sits down and gets a cover for 2. Kong going up top, Melissa over to stop her and POWERBOMBS her off of the top! Melissa now goes up top, DOUBLE STOMP on Kong! 1…2…NO! Kong gets a foot on the ropes. Kudo Driver try, Kong escapes…BACK FIST! A lariat follows and a cover for 2. Powerbomb by Kong, now to the second rope…AMAZING PRESS! 1…2…3!

    Winner: Amazing Kong @ 9:45 via pin

  • This was a damn fine match right here. Melissa, like Del Rey got more offense in on Kong than the average opponent would. Due to her reputation and due to her size and offensive style. I also loved seeing a change in style from Melissa, from the stuff I have mainly seen she doesn’t do a lot of top rope stuff, but in a match like this it showed desperation, she had to do anything to try and beat the monster. Good stuff, and no real complaints other than I would have liked to see a longer match because I think that they could easily have a better match than this. I mean that as a compliment because I think that they are both great.
    RATING: ***½

    SHIMMER TITLE 2 of 3 FALLS MATCH: “The American Angel” Sara Del Rey © vs. “The Dark Angel” Sara Stock

    FALL ONE: This is a rematch from the semifinals of the title tournament, they shake and we’re off. Lock up, they battle around the ropes, back off and they break. I like how commentary is contemplating that 2 of 3 falls could help Stock, due to her work in CMLL where 2 of 3 falls are a standard. Lock up, go behind by Del Rey, reversal into a hammerlock by Stock. Del Rey rolls out, but Stock covers for 2. Go behind again by Stock, Del Rey with a leg trip and into a knee crank. Stock works to kick her off and counters into an arm bar. Del Rey counters and now has a front facelock, into the wristlock but Stock escapes. She gets a knee crank now, ties up the legs and has a wacky figure four variant. Del Rey manages to get the ropes and we get a clean break. Lock up, Del Rey tries for the hair but Stock gets a top wristlock into a kimura like hold. Del Rey gets out and into a hammerlock, rolls it into a pinning combo for 2. They stand off to applause, circle a bit and now a test of strength. Del Rey tries a trip but Stock starts to chops away, roll and an arm drag to Del Rey, who takes a powder on the floor. Del Rey back in and both ladies are cautious Del Rey with a single leg, but Stock gets a front facelock, some amateur counters and they stand off again. Del Rey with a takedown, Stock out with a hip toss and locks up the arm, but Del Rey into a bow and arrow! Stock rolls off and gets a cover for 2. Lock up, side headlock by Del Rey. To the corner, rights and chops by Stock, whipped to another corner and knees by Stock. More chops and an Irish whip, reversal, Stock springs up top and gets a lucha-riffic arm drag. RANA by Stock. Springs onto the shoulders of Del Rey, tries an electric chair, countered and Stock gets the wheel barrel bulldog. Tries another, but Del Rey gets a GERMAN out of it, a bridge and a pin @ 9:20 to finish fall #1.

    FALL TWO: Stock rolls to the floor, trying to regroup herself as she is down a fall. Stock back in and a suplex by Del Rey gets 2. Hip attack, knee to the head and then an Irish whip. Running hip attack by Del Rey, goes for a straight jacket German, Stock counters and then gets beat down with forearms. Del Rey with a leg drop and a cover for 2. A hip toss and tries another, countered and a RANA by Stock. Unfortunately she eats a kick to the face and Del Rey covers for 2. Knee drop by Del Rey, a slam and then the running back splash and a cover for 2. Forearms by Del Rey, but Stock back with rights. Del Rey levels her and then works the European uppercuts. She lays the boots to her and now works a modified surfboard/camel clutch combo. Stock works and tries for the ropes, Del Rey tries to rip off her nose, but Stock makes the ropes. A gut wrench suplex by Del Rey gets 2. Irish whip, misses a charge and Stock with shots to the back. Knees to the back, off the ropes and a back elbow connects for Stock. She lays the boots to Del Rey, forearms, off the ropes and a body block by Del Rey levels Stock. Knees by Del Rey, and then she applies the million dollar dream. Stock down to her knees, to her feet but Del Rey with a belly to back suplex gets a cover for 2. An Irish whip, charging forearms by Del Rey, another whip, counter and an Enziguri by Stock! Del Rey off the ropes but Stock gets a dropkick. She goes up top…big cross body connects. She then gets a roll up try into a sunset flip and Stock gets the pin @ 17:50. She becomes only the 2nd woman to pin Del Rey in SHIMMER competition.

    FALL THREE: As fall 3 begins Del Rey levels Stock with a yakuza to the face. She gets another and Del Rey is pissed. Tries a third, but Stock battles back, gets a roll up for 2. Del Rey gets a rings of Saturn, into a roll up for 2. A whip, Stock to the 2nd rope but gets caught in the Royal Butterfly, Stock escapes and gets a cross arm breaker! Del Rey rolls and tries to get a pin, but then picks her up and as she picks her up Stock gets a sunset flip for 2. Inside cradle for Stock gets 2. Tiger Driver by Stock is countered and Del Rey sits down on a sunset flip try for 2. They trade roll up counters to the delight of the crowd. A whip, reversal and Stock gets a head scissors. Stock charges in for a clothesline, but Del Rey ducks and gets a roll up for the win.

    The camera caught that Stock’s shoulders were not down though. They shake after the match.

    Winner: Sara Del Rey @ 21:35 via pin

  • A very good main event once again to close out the show. The beginning had some beautiful wrestling, Stock worked in some lucha and Del Rey did her normal stuff and it was good stuff. A couple more minutes and a cleaner finish and this would have been on par with Stock vs. Haze. Stock and Del Rey put on a hell of a show when you look at both volumes, as they delivered big time in the matches they were involved in.
    RATING: ***¾

    From Ryan Byers: On the main menu, if you hit left while you’re on “play” or right while you’re on “match by match,” it results in neither “play” nor “match by match” being highlighted. Hit enter while neither one is highlighted and you get taken to bonus footage of the pre-match from the Volume 16 six woman tag followed immediately by Melissa, Rain, & Lacey vs. Danger, MsChif, & Daizee from an ROH pre-show.

    Cheerleader Melissa, Rain and Lacey vs. Allison Danger, MsChif and Daizee Haze

    This is a from an ROH pre-show, and was apparently on the Women on Honor Shoot. On that DVD I heard it was a one-camera shoot, but this is the two-camera edit. Melissa is not wearing the cheerleader outfit and is billed as “Melissa” on her introduction. Also, there is no commentary for the bout.

    Rain and MsChif to begin, no, Melissa tags herself in and Danger is in as well. Lock up and a wristlock by Danger, takes Melissa down but Melissa is up, counters and works the arm. Danger counters and transitions into a wristlock, and then the hammerlock. Takes Melissa to her knees, but she gets back to her feet and chops away at Danger. Off the ropes and a reversal sends Melissa to the ropes. Danger can’t get the kick as Melissa rolls to the floor. Lacey and MsChif will tag in, MsChif screams and scares Lacey. Go behind by Lacey, counter and a side headlock by MsChif. She takes her down and Lacey pulls the hair to try and get a roll up. MsChif complains but the ref doesn’t see it. Head scissors by Lacey, MsChif tries to headstand out of it, does, screams and back to the side headlock. Lacey with elbows, off the ropes but eats clothesline. Rain and Haze in, forearms by Haze, but Rain with a snap mare and cradle for 2. Sunset flip by Haze and then they trade several pin counters and get some nice reaction. A head scissors by Haze, Danger and Melissa back in and they trade chops and forearms until Melissa dropkicks the knee of Danger. Clubbing shots to the back by Melissa, stomps to the head and then gets a body slam and cover for 2. Melissa then gets the reverse Texas Cloverleaf but MsChif charges in and breaks that shit up and beats on Melissa. All three faces in, and they hold Melissa and pose with haze on her back. Everyone is in now, MsChif tossed to the floor and so is Danger. Haze then gets beat down in the corner, and Lacey chokes her out on the top rope. Rain and Lacey double team to choke her some more as the ref tries to keep MsChif and Danger out. Lacey talks shit and chokes Haze some more, a whip but Haze to the top rope and gets tripped up by Rain. Hangman’s neck breaker by Lacey about kills Haze for 2. Melissa in, slams Haze, and the Muta elbow lands. Tag to Rain, and Haze counters a slam try into a DDT! MsChif tags in and SCREAMS WILD to scare Rain. Melissa in and they stand off, trade chops and forearms and Melissa takes her down. MsChif battles back, off the ropes and a shoulder block by MsChif. MsChif then misses the standing moonsault, gets whipped to the corner, allowing Melissa to distract the ref and Lacey and Rain to work over MsChif in the corner. It breaks down, Haze tries a RANA on Melissa, but gets powerbombed into MsChif, who is hanging in the tree of woe! Melissa kicks Haze to the floor and works a SURFBOARD on MsChif, while she is in the tree of woe! Melissa stands on her face and then covers for 2. Melissa chokes her out, tags in Lacey and she works her over with the boots. Danger and Haze try to get in, allowing more double-teaming on MsChif. MsChif comes back with rights to Lacey, but gets caught with a neck breaker for 2. Rain in and they get a neck breaker/clothesline combo for 2. Forearms by Rain, a whip, reversal and MsChif eats a kick to the face. Rain to the 2nd rope, and leaps off and gets a lung blower on MsChif for a close 2! Melissa tags in, forearms to MsChif, sit out slam and pulls MsChif’s leg behind her own head! Danger rushes into break that up, but that allows Melissa to pull MsChif back and tag Lacey. Lacey goes for the TKO, which connects and gets a cover for 2. Lacey is pissed, distracts Danger and then takes MsChif back to her corner. Melissa in with chops to MsChif, then Rain takes a turn and misses allowing MsChif to get the tag! Danger cleans house on the bad girls, but Rain returns with the Rain Drop to level her. Haze in, HEART PUNCH…YAKUZA and Rain is out to the floor as are Melissa and MsChif. Lacey and Danger left in the ring, Danger fights back and gets an STO into a wacky submission (some kind of seated octopus/stump puller like deal) for the win.

    Winners: @ 17:55 via pin

  • Overall a really fun match. I like all the ladies involved and they work well together. The heat on MsChif went a bit long for my liking, it wasn’t bad, but I just didn’t get into it the way I felt I should. A nice bonus to the DVD to be sure.
    RATING: ***

    Next SHIMMER Tapings!

  • The 411: The under card of Volume 16 is a little weaker than that of 15, but not by a drastic degree. The trios tag as well as the Experience tag bout were both the stars of the under card, and helped keep it strong. But also again, SHIMMER does a good job of presenting the under card as your appetizer. Again we were treated to the double main course, first of all Cheerleader Melissa vs. Amazing Kong was a great match that really left you wanting more. Seeing Melissa change up her routine a bit was also a nice change. The main event was another one worthy of the praise it got. There is a reason Del Rey was chosen to be the first champion, and if you had any doubt, watching Volumes 15 and 16 will set you right. The added Easter egg match gives us another good and fun match for the DVD, and there is nothing wrong with that. A "little" below Volume 15 for me, but a recommended purchase for sure.
    Final Score:  7.9   [ Good ]  legend

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