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Triple H Says Adam Cole Is Responsible For His Actions on Pat McAfee’s Show, Apologizes To McAfee

July 27, 2020 | Posted by Ashish
Triple H Raw 11-18-19 WWE Image Credit: WWE

Triple H appeared on the Pat McAfee Show today and discussed Adam Cole appearing on McAfee’s show last week and getting angry with the host, pushing a producer and storming out. Cole apologized for the incident. Triple H said Cole is responsible for his own actions and wouldn’t disclose if he fined Cole or not. His comments are below.

On McAfee and Cole’s relationship: “I like both you guys. You’re both good guys. You’re both very passionate about what you do. To me, this is all a misunderstanding. You guys have had a relationship for awhile, positively, partially, and then becoming negative, and I think it started from a place of you participating in shows back in Indianapolis when you first came to a show, I believe, and you guys had interaction from the showbiz side of this. I believe sometimes those lines get blurred and you guys had a relationship that as you were around the show, became somewhat more contentious behind the scenes. I don’t know that either one of you necessarily saw that so much as it was a fun irritation that was interesting for people.”

On apologizing for Adam’s actions on the show: “Adam calls me last week, says I’m going to be in town, McAfee invited me on the show, is it cool if I do it, I say yes, little bit in my mind thought, hope that goes well, not knowing it becomes what it becomes, and I think everybody is hyper sensitive in today’s world especially, but I apologize for Adam coming on your show. He is the nicest guys in the world on a lot of levels, comes on your show, there is an interaction between the two of you that I believe is, Adam being a little bit overly sensitive, and you, honestly Pat, being Pat McAfee, which is you’re a professional needle pusher, a professional button pusher, you needle people for a living, you do it very well, it’s how you made a name for yourself.”

On how Cole is responsible for his own actions: “We spoke. I didn’t ask him to put out an apology. I didn’t ask him to do anything. I felt like, to me, this was him being on your show, he asked if it was cool, I said yes, he did the show, he’s a grown man responsible for his own actions in a way and how he responded to it.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit The Pat McAfee Show with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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