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Triple H Says He Thinks Pat McAfee Will Be Back In The Ring Again, Provides Update on NXT UK TakeOver, Praises Bayley & Sasha Banks

August 23, 2020 | Posted by Ashish
Triple H WWE NXT Image Credit: WWE

Triple H took part in a conference call with the media after NXT TakeOver XXX. A recap of his comments is below. He noted during the call that the next NXT UK TakeOver event, currently scheduled for October 25th, is likely to be postponed.

– Triple H praised the show tonight, saying NXT TakeOver once again delivered. Said it was a spectacular night and he is very proud of everyone.

– Triple H talked about how Pat McAfee told him he wants to be a weapon for him and said he has every intention to be a NXT star and eventually a WWE star. He said Pat has a lot of commitments so we’ll see where it goes. He praised McAfee’s performance tonight and said he has the charisma to get over and be a heat magnet. He said he is here to help McAfee and that they will have a conversation about his future. He said he doesn’t think this is the last time we see McAfee in the ring, noting that he thinks McAfee silenced a lot of the “ugh, celebrities” critics. He also praised Adam Cole for working with someone who hasn’t wrestled a match before. Said Cole is a leader and a pro.

– Triple H said the NXT UK TakeOver which is currently scheduled for October 25th will likely be postponed again. He said he is looking forward to NXT UK starting back up. He praised BT Sport and said they will be using their studios in the heart of London and noted that they will take every precaution they can while he, ShawnMichaels, and the other NXT coaches and staff will engage remotely from the U.S. He said he can’t wait to get the fans back.

– Triple H said he thinks Karrion Kross separated his shoulder during the main event against Keith Lee. He noted that their medical team felt he could continue. He said it’s really painful to work through a separated shoulder and his win is bittersweet because he worked so hard to get to this moment and to get injured in the middle of the match. He said they will get an MRI done and see what it is and work through it. He praised Kross for gutting through it and also praised Keith Lee for working with Kross to get through the match after his injury.

– Triple H responded to the #FireVelveteenDream hashtag and how some fans are not happy with WWE’s investigation. Triple H said he has said what he wants to say about it and that’s it.

– Triple H praised Scarlett’s work as a performer and said she can do just about anything. He said you can unveil parts of her character. He praised her skillset and said she is multifaceted as a performer. He said if they get to the point where she is in the ring, it’ll be great and that she is an amazing talent.

– Triple H talked about talent switching brands and if there are other guys on RAW and Smackdown that he’d like to bring to NXT. He said that everybody’s career has ups and downs and that he wants talent to be wherever they can provide the most value. He said the different brands give talent a chance to reboot themselves, noting how Apollo Crews has had a rebirth on RAW. He said the different brands give talent a place to go and not get burned out.

– Triple H praised the Ladder Match, saying that Bronson Reed, Cameron Grimes, and Damian Priest all stamped themselves as stars tonight. He said they took it to another level and it was a great showcase for everybody, and it showcased the depth of NXT.

– Triple H said we’ll have to wait and see what happens to Keith Lee next, and that his loss is part of the storytelling. He said Keith is a star.

– Triple H praised Damian Priest and said it took a little while for him to get his footing, but now he has come into his own and is not playing the role anymore. He’s just Damian Priest now and he thinks fans see that authenticity. He said it’s hard to be yourself sometimes and now he is being himself.

– He praised the Io Shirai vs. Dakota Kai match and said they raised the bear tonight. He said it’s becoming normalized for the women to go out there and tear it up. He said the women’s division in NXT keeps raising the bar.

– Triple H said Mauro Ranallo wasn’t available tonight and Corey Graves has been wanting to do it and been on Triple H about it. He said Corey did a great job tonight.

– Triple H talked about how Sasha Banks and Bayley have such passion for the business and always want to be at the shows if they are in town and are always willing to be part of anything. He said some talent makes excuses to avoid having to attend shows that they aren’t on. He said it means a lot to him when talent on the main roster who are more nervous to be at Full Sail than at PPVs because of how much Full Sail means to them from their time at NXT.

– Triple H said Dakota Kai had a star making performance tonight. He noted how she used to be intimidated by some of the other talent, but that she has grown into a great performer in the ring and on the mic. He also praised Raquel Gonzales and her growth, calling her moment with Rhea Ripley star-making.

– Triple H praised the NXT staff and crew, as well as Full Sail, saying they make it possible to do what they do.

– Triple H discussed the departure of NXT writer Joe Belcastro, thanking him for all his work on NXT brand. He said Belcastro has some other things he wants to pursue in his life and he is going to pursue those things. He said he will see Belcastro down the road.

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