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Wendy’s Recreates Scott Steiner’s ‘Steiner Math’ Promo on Twitter

August 23, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Scott Steiner - ACW

– Wendy’s continues to be the most wrestling-savvy fast food chain on the planet, as they have recreated the infamous “Steiner Math” promo from TNA. You can see their posts to Twitter below, in which they replied to a meme featuring Samoa Joe in appropriate Scott Steiner fashion.

“Steiner Math” is one of Steiner’s more famous promos. While promoting his match with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe for the TNA Heavyweight Title at Sacrifice 2008, Steiner launched into an incomprehensible explanation of why Joe had no chance to beat him using percentages. Petey Williams, who was at Steiner’s side for the promo, said last month in an interview that the promo was filmed in one take.

“I had no idea what Scott was going to say,” Williams said. “I knew that I had one line at the end of the promo. When it first started, the math kinda made sense. And then, he starts stumbling over his words and the math isn’t adding up. If you watch me, I’m looking at Vince Russo and the other producers and asking- ‘Are we still filming this? I guess we still are.’ I didn’t know it would be this epic thing that people would quote and they would have a transcript of it, dictating everything that he said. But what was great is that at the past pay-per-view that we had, ‘Redemption’, in April, I started doing some math problems and Scott Steiner came in and started talking math. People remember it and I absolutely love it.”

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