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Who Should Dethrone Jade Cargill As AEW TBS Champion?

July 13, 2022 | Posted by Kelly Sullivan
Jade Cargill Image Credit: AEW

Jade Cargill burst onto the scene in AEW in November of 2020 by interrupting a Cody Rhodes promo and dropping hints of a future appearance by Shaquille O’Neal.

In most instances, a debut of new talent during the pandemic era of professional wrestling would have been less than ideal. But for Cargill, the setup was perfect, as she was not a well-known performer and the reaction by a packed house probably would have felt flat and lessened the impact of her debut.

Cargill’s debut garnered mixed reactions, but as she exited the stage following her first AEW appearance, two things were crystal clear: Cargill had the physical attributes to make her a star in the AEW women’s division and a presence that made her feel like a big deal. The “it” factor, if you will.

Flash forward to the present day, just over a year and a half later, and Cargill boasts an undefeated record of 34-0. The only time she has been in a match in AEW and did not come out the victor was at All Out 2021 when she failed to win the Casino Battle Royale.

Along the way in those 34 matches, Cargill defeated Ruby Soho in a tournament to crown the first-ever TBS Champion.

Many professional wrestling pundits saw making her the inaugural TBS Champion as a mistake. Cargill is very green in the ring, and that lack of experience does rear its head at times. Putting the TBS Title on Soho would have been a much safer choice and also allowed Cargill time to continue to improve in the ring for what would undoubtedly be a future title run in AEW.

But AEW went all-in and did away with labels like “potential” and “pillar” in reference to Cargill. The promotion knew they needed another star attraction in the women’s division, and rather than risk dimming her star by having her suffer a loss to Soho, AEW decided Cargill’s time was now.

Currently, Jade Cargill is on a run that is reminiscent of what Goldberg did in WCW in years past. With each win that she racks up, her win-loss record is flaunted on the big screen, driving home the point that we are looking at the most strongly booked performer in all of AEW.

Any time that you have a dominant champion, eventually the question will arise of how-to and who should take the title from that champion.

And as Cargill’s TBS Title reign continues on and she approaches 40 straight AEW wins the question has to be asked….

Who will be the one to take the TBS Title off of Jade Cargill?

While the question of who will take the TBS Title from Cargill is what most people are wondering, it is important we look at how AEW takes the title off of Cargill first.

The promotion has spent a good bit of time working on making her a star so the way she drops the TBS Title has to hurt her credibility as a top star as little as possible. AEW’s women’s division is currently loaded with a lot of good talent, but no one on this current roster should dethrone Cargill.

To keep Cargill strong, she should continue to do open challenges occasionally for her TBS Title and continue to rack up wins over the next several months. Cargill should head into Full Gear (which should take place within the first couple of weekends in November) looking for her 50th win. Having already beaten anyone of note on the current AEW roster and her narcissism at an all-time high, she should issue another open challenge for the TBS Title at the Full Gear pay-per-view.

And that challenge should be answered by Deonna Purrazzo.

Purrazzo would be the perfect foil for Cargill for a couple of reasons. The most important of which is that Purrazzo’s contract with Impact Wrestling will come to an end in October of 2022, which is perfect timing should Tony Khan choose to try to make a run at Purrazzo.

Next, in order to keep Cargill looking as strong as possible in defeat the wrestler she loses the TBS Title to should be, one, a surprise opponent that Jade is unable to prepare for, and two, be one of the best in the world. Purrazzo fits both of these descriptions and has the in-ring ability and the pedigree to come in and dethrone a stalwart like Jade Cargill and make an immediate impact on the entire women’s division.

As careful as AEW has been in booking Cargill as a strong champion, they need to be even more careful with booking her loss of the TBS Title.

And dropping the title to a performer the caliber of Deonna Purrazzo will go a long way to ensuring that happens.

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