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Winfree’s MLW: Fusion (Ep. 146) Review 5.26.22

May 26, 2022 | Posted by Robert Winfree
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Winfree’s MLW: Fusion (Ep. 146) Review 5.26.22  

Alright people, time to head back into the world of Major League Wrestling. Tonight we’ve got a fight between Cesar Duran and MLW World champion Alexander Hammerstone, which is totally not a trap to let Richard Holliday get another one up on the champion. Also in action will be Davey Richards taking on Danny Rivera and trios action featuring Microman. The yearly Battle Riot is starting to loom large on the horizon so let’s see what MLW has in store for us this time.

Up first is the arrival of Microman and his promoter Mr. Saint Laurent, they hob nob with the crowd outside but some masked goons show up to deliver a note that says if Microman loses tonight he’s gone from MLW forever.

To the ring for our first match. Danny Rivera comes out first and he gets a mic, with the usual crowd insults. The fact that the crowd isn’t into this too much lets Rivera insult them again about being disrespectful. He says Davey Richards isn’t a wolf, he’s an only dog and Rivera will put his “Old Yeller” ass down tonight. Here comes Davey Richards.

Match #1: Danny Rivera w/ Julius Smokes vs. Davey Richards

They tie up and Richards goes right to an arm wringer then an arm breaker over the shoulder. A bit of stalling then Rivera wants a test of strength, but lands a kick when Richards goes to lock up. Rivera grabs an arm wringer, Richards counters and kicks Rivera in the arm. Now Rivera offers a handshake, then slaps Richards but Richards starts laying in kicks then gets an O’Connor Roll for 2 but runs into a drop kick. Chin lock from Rivera then he transitions to stomps and hits a neckbreaker. Rivera heads to the apron and hits a hilo for a 2 count. Some trash talk from Rivera but Richards fires up with kicks to the body then a Dragon Screw leg whip through the ropes. Richards heads up top, howls, then misses a double stomp but he’s able to lock up the Trailer Hitch. Rivera writhes but is able to crawl to the ropes and force the break. Rivera blocks a German suplex but runs into a spinning back kick then avoids a punt kick and hits a DDT for a 2 count. Richards blocks a Fisherman’s move and they start trading strikes with Richards getting the better of things with a head kick, then a German suplex and a follow up clothesline for a near fall. Gotch Piledriver from Richards connects and he pins to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Davey Richards won in 8:30

Rating: 2.5 stars

Solid work from both men but this never quite seemed to get out of second gear, that said you could see the potential for more and both men are very good wrestlers.

Richards gets an interview post match and says he’s been on the hunt since he came here, he feels no shame in losing to Hammerstone but that did make him hungrier and he’s coming for the National Openweight title. Richards could be a very good dance partner to help season up Alex Kane.

We get a recap of the history between Hammerstone and Cesar Duran, starting as being uneasy allies against Contra and then how it turned sour in the wake of Hammerstone not becoming subservient to Duran and the break up of the Dynasty.

In the back Mads Krugger exits the office of Cesar Duran.

Some more names added to the Battle Riot, EJ Nduka and Jacob Fatu are pretty notable inclusions to this list.

Cesar Duran warms up in his office, and the Von Erichs interrupt to ask for a shot at the tag team titles. Duran mostly ignores their request.

to the ring for our next match.

Match #2 – Trios Match: Arez, Mini Abismo Negro, and TJP w/ Holidead and Dr. Dax vs. Aerostar, El Dragon, and Microman

Arez and Aerostar eventually get us going after some posturing, then both men with some evasive moves before Aerostar hits a corkscrew cross body. Abismo accidentally chops Arez then Aerostar hits a rolling Cutter onto Arez and a 619 to Abismo then a second rope springboard double stomp to follow up. TJP comes in, guess we’re using lucha tag rules, and hits The Sacrifice which sends Aerostar out of the ring. Microman enters the ring, TJP gets onto his knees and Microman lays in strikes then hits an arm drag. More strikes from Microman then a running bulldog and he tags in Dragon. Dragon trips up TJP but TJP baits a dive from Dragon and the heels jump Dragon on the outside. Aerostar tries to help but the numbers are too much for him. Eventually we get Aerostar back in the ring and Arez tags in and lands a leg kick. Dragon tries to help but Arez is able to take both men down with a suplex to Aerostar who’s in position to DDT Dragon. Abismo comes in and hits a Wasteland then Arez flies in with a double stomp then Abismo follows up with a Frog Splash for a 2 count. Dragon isolated and Abismo attacks him while Arez cheap shots Microman. Aerostar and Dragon avoid being sent into Microman, and Microman fires up, all three heels catch Dragon on a cross body but Aerostar follows up with a drop kick. A series of splashes from Aerostar and Dragon and Microman to all three heels. Holidead tries to get involved but winds up splashing all of the heels as well.

In the back we see the locker room for Los Parks. Arez hits a dive onto Dragon then Aerostar with a dive onto a pile of bodies. Abismo climbs to the top rope and hits a moonsault onto everyone. Now it’s Dragon’s turn, he’s up top and hits a corkscrew dive onto the pile. In the ring TJP catches Microman and looks to lock in a Sharpshooter but Microman’s legs are too short. TJP tries a Figure 4 but again the legs are too short, and TJP is flummoxed. Microman catches TJP with a Fujiwara armbar but Abismo is able to break up the submission. Abismo with a butterfly suplex but when TJP tries a Mamba Splash Microman rolls away then follows up with a 6.19 to TJP. Microman with a Victory Roll to Abismo and he gets the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Microman, Aerostar, and El Dragon won in 10:35

Rating: 2.5 stars

There’s a commercial in there so the actual match time might be lower. This went a bit too long, and Microman’s schtick is something you either enjoy or you don’t, there’s not a lot of middle ground here. That said this was competently worked and I got a pretty good kick out of TJP and Microman’s interactions.

We get the next chapter in the All Access look at Calvin Tankman. He talks about MLW elevating him and his profile, something he now wants to do for the company as well, and talks about his first year in the company being great until he ran into Jacob Fatu. Losing out on the Opera Cup hurt him as well because he lost out on another title shot. All he wants out of this business is a stable life for his family. He wants to be synonymous with pro wrestling and success.

In Duran’s office Los Parks appear to arrive, but instead it’s Jacob Fatu. He told Duran not to play with him, and promises to have something later for Duran. Duran is unhappy with this goons.

A repeat of the creepy Killer Kross video, he’ll be in the Battle Riot.

Duran is in a karate gi. As the ring announcer is doing his job he gets handed notes from one of the goons. This is mostly aggrandizing stuff about Duran which actually hits a few good comedy notes. There is also a new intro card for Hammerstone, it’s insulting to Hammerstone and fans, “fueled with more illegal supplements than the fast food you fans consume for breakfast, lunch, and dinner” actually breaks Hammerstone for a second or two. Kudos to whoever wrote those, they hit the mark. Duran gets a mic and asks if everyone’s ready for violence. Yes. Are the fans ready to see Hammerstone humbled? No. But before Duran humiliates Hammerstone he’s going to give him a gift, a gift to have an excuse for when Duran wins. He wants Hammerstone to have one hand bound behind his back. Hammerstone deliberates, then takes the mic from Duran and agrees. Why make your champion look this stupid? The ref cuffs the left hand of Hammerstone behind his back. Oh, but just one more thing from Duran, he gets his goon to bring him a chair before the match starts.

Match #3 – MLW World Title Match: (c) Alexander Hammerstone vs. Cesar Duran w/ a couple of masked goons

Duran gets the chair and tries to menace Hammerstone, and of course here comes Richard Holliday with Alicia Atout and a mic. Holliday thinks this whole thing seems like a giant joke, a farce if you will. Duran shouldn’t be wrestling for the title under these conditions, if anyone is going to get a title shot it should be Holliday. Holliday then cheap shots Hammerstone and starts stomping on him in the corner. to throw out the match.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Alex Hammerstone won via Disqualification in 1:40

Rating: DUD

It’s an angle, not a match.

Post match Holliday keeps stomping on Hammerstone then gets the chair and whacks Hammerstone with it a few times. Duran approves of all of this with a mic and says everyone knows he loves surprises and consequences. Well now Hammerstone will get both. Here comes Mads Krugger and King Muertes, they lay into Hammerstone but the Von Erich brothers show up to chase them off. Duran calls the Von Erichs Texas idiots and warns them they’ll pay for crossing the boss because soon the Von Erichs and Hammerstone will take on Holliday, Krugger, and Muertes.

The faces stand more or less tall as the episode ends.

The final score: review Average
The 411
This one felt a little slower, the trios match ran a bit too long and the main event segment seemed to take just a bit too long to reach the obvious conclusions. That said the main segment was well executed, Davey Richards starting a program with Alex Kane is a really smart call, and we continue building towards Battle Riot. Not bad this week, but it didn't quite reach good either.

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