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Winfree’s WWE Smackdown Review 6.11.21

June 11, 2021 | Posted by Robert Winfree
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Winfree’s WWE Smackdown Review 6.11.21  

As the Hell in a Cell PPV draws ever closer WWE Smackdown’s contribution to that event remains a bit vague. Last week the Usos failed twice in one night to take the tag team titles from the Mysterio clan, resulting in Universal champion Roman Reigns delivering a brutal beating to both Rey and Dominik Mysterio. As he did so Jimmy tried again to convince Jey to abandon Roman, but at the moment Jey appears loyal to Roman. The title picture is still hazy, Jimmy hasn’t had nearly the same kind of presentation that Jey did around this time last year and doesn’t seem well poised for a title program. If I had to guess tonight Rey Mysterio makes a play for a title shot at Hell in a Cell, while Jimmy keeps trying to bring Jey back to the right side of things. Cesaro will be back for the first time in a few weeks, so he and Seth Rollins will probably confirm their match at the PPV. Also last week Bayley’s inane cackling finally seemed to crack the confidence of Bianca Belair, so we’ll have to wait and see how that feud continues. There’s also a very good chance Shinsuke Nakamura and King Corbin will have another sub 5 minute segment around that fake crown. Anyway, let’s see what WWE has in store for us.

A recap of the Usos and Mysterio’s from last week and the beatdown Roman gave Rey and Dominik. In the back Roman watches said recap in his locker room, as does Jey Uso. Roman says he saved them last week, and the Usos owe him. The one thing he wont stand for is embarrassment. Roman knows Jey understands that, but does Jimmy? Their conversation is interrupted by the Usos music, as Jimmy heads to the ring. Jimmy has a mic, he says last week was supposed to be a celebration, they were supposed to be 7 time champions tonight but they got robbed. He’s not here to make excuses, the ref blew the call in their first match but it was OK since they got a rematch. They were doing their thing before Roman got involved. Roman just had to make it about himself. Jimmy feels Roman got them disqualified on purpose. What’s the point Roman? You beat up Rey and choke out Dominik, but Jimmy thinks he’s finally figured out that Roman is jealous of him being back. Roman’s jealous that Jimmy wants his brother back, and that they want gold to represent the family just like him. But with all the mind games Roman is playing he’s just trying to tear Jey apart, but Jimmy is his brothers keeper, Roman isn’t. Tonight he promises to do something he wont regret. Roman tells Jey that he’s not his twin or brother, no one will confuse Roman for Jimmy. Then he admonishes Jey to take care of this. Jimmy isn’t a great promo as a general rule, but they kept that mostly short and to the point.

To the ring again, here’s Kevin Owens and Big E, they’ll be in tag team action after the break.

In the back Jey walks up on Jimmy demanding an explanation. Jimmy wants to know if Jey thought they could have won the belts last week. Jey doesn’t answer but he seems annoyed. Jimmy says this can’t continue, when he needs Jey he needs him there with him. He says Roman is disgracing the family right now, Jey snaps and yells about Jimmy being gone for a year. His loyalty is to the Chief, and he can’t get out of it. Jimmy says he’ll be in the Usos locker room if Roman wants him.

Back to the ring for our first match.

Match #1 – Tag Team Match: Big E and Kevin Owens vs. Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez and Sami Zayn

Owens jumps Zayn at the start then floors Crews and follows Zayn out of the ring. Owens tosses Zayn into a barricade, then hits a clothesline and senton on Crews. Back out of the ring and Owens is abusing Zayn but gets caught by Crews getting back into the ring. Zayn tags in and lays into Owens in the corner. Crews back in, hits a suplex and the heels keep Owens isolated with quick tags. Owens fights back with a kick then tags in Big E. Big E runs wild on both men with a series of belly to belly suplexes then a splash but Crews gets his knees up to block. Crews tries an Angle slam but Big E fights free then catches a charging Crews with an ST-Joe. Big E misses a Big Ending, Crews then hits an enziguri and straight jacket suplex for 2. Crews to the apron and dodges a spear, Big E crashes to the outside and we head to break.

We come back to Crews and Zayn stomping Big E in the corner. Some quick tags from the heels, Big E starts firing back on Crews but Crews hits a single leg and tags in Zayn. Zayn gets annoyed at the ref then grabs a chin lock. Big E fights up, tosses Zayn off but runs into a drop toe hold. Zayn drags Big E back to the heel corner and Crews comes in with kicks and jumping elbow. Stinger splash from Crews, but he misses a frog splash and both men are down. Both men tag out and Owens proceeds to beat the crap out of Zayn until Zayn escapes the ring. Owens with a cannonball off the apron then a senton to follow up on the floor. Back to the ring, Owens abuses Zayn in the corner with another cannonball, heads up top and hits a swanton bomb for a near fall. Owens gets Zayn on the top rope, Zayn fights him off and jumps over Owens then tags in Crews. Crews runs into a super kick, eats a pop up powerbomb and Zayn has to save the match with a drop kick. Zayn tags back in, tries the half and half suplex and gets it after a second attempt for another near fall. Blue thunder bomb follows and Big E comes in to break up the pin. Crews and Big E take each other out of the ring, Zayn misses a Helluva kick, eats a Stunner and Owens pins Zayn to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Big E and Kevin Owens won

Rating: 3 stars

Pretty good match, given the talent involved that’s not too shocking. Crews gets a mic post match and demands the music be stopped. He wants to know why the winners are celebrating. Crews says they only won because he was burdened with the idiot Sami Zayn. He wants a rematch next week, but with Azeez as his partner instead of Zayn. Owens and Big E deliberate on how tall Azeez is, but eventually accept. Sami Zayn gets a mic and objects to being called an idiot, he calls Crews a liar and a fraud trying to keep him down and away from the belt. Azeez with the biggest babyface move possible, he Nigerian Nails Zayn to shut him up. Crews mocks Zayn and heads out as he gasps for breath.

We see Rey arguing with Adam Pearce in the back, no real audio though, as we head to break.

After a reminder that WWE is going back to touring soon, we recap the multiple segments from last week between the Street Profits and Alpha Academy. In the back the Profits are approached by Gable. Gable’s here to apologize for Otis last week, he says he didn’t want an apology last week and says he got their tag match canceled to help smooth things over. They know Gable can’t control Otis, but they can and if he steps to them they’ll smack him back to the Jurassic ear. Gable wonders why they don’t know when to shut up. Ford and Dawkins argue over who gets Gable in a one on one match tonight, Ford is the one they settle on and both agree to come out along. Gable warns them that Otis is still angry as he leaves.

Roman Reigns is in his locker room and here’s Jey to talk with him. Roman looks for Jimmy, and wants to know where he is. Jey says Jimmy’s mad and talking a lot, but if Roman wants to see him he’s got to go to their locker room. Roman seems bemused at this, and asks why Jimmy does this to Jey. Why is Jimmy trying to make Jey the bad guy? Roman tells Jey to warn Jimmy that he’s coming to talk. Roman is a glorious dirt bag.

Back to the ring, and here’s Carmella for a rematch with Liv Morgan. Because, you know, Morgan’s the only other singles wrestler who’s active and not in the title picture. That match will be up at some point after the break.

Liv Morgan makes her entrance as we come back from break.

Match #2: Carmella vs. Liv Morgan

Morgan goes right at Carmella with strikes in the corner. Carmella avoids a rush and sends things to the outside where she bounces Morgan around the ringside area. A cameraman kind of trips over the crawling Morgan while Carmella talks with Cole on commentary. Back in the ring Carmella lays in elbows in the corner. Morgan tries to fight back but gets slammed down. Morgan out of the corner and launches Carmella into the second turn buckle. Carmella kicks Morgan down and resumes working strikes. A few slaps from Carmella, Morgn avoids a super kick and gets the Oblivion (second rope Flatliner) to win.


Rating: 1.5 stars

Well, that happened.

In the back Bayley has a very garish green outfit on, and tosses away some talking point cards for her talk show segment. After this break we’ll get Ding Dong, Hello with Seth Rollins.

We come back to the door bell and here’s Bayley through the door. She welcomes us to the show and some new pictures she’s got around the set up, then brings out Seth Rollins. Rollins is wearing a lot of pink and white, but he does come in through the door. Bayley offers Rollins the fancy chair while she takes the stool. Rollins approves of the new set, and appreciates being on a real show for a real interview. He’s a huge fan of Bayley’s and approves of her putting Bianca Belair in her place time and again. Rollins has no doubt Bayley is going to mop the floor with Belair. But in all seriousness, he wants to replay the clip of Bayley laughing as the monitors around the Thunder Dome swapped to the same feed. They share a few laughs at that replay, and Rollins says it feels good to laugh. But if Rollins thought that was funny, she’s also got a replay of Rollins attacking Cesaro from a few weeks ago. More laughter follows, but the doorbell goes off. They argue over who’s making the joke here, Rollins says he’ll get the door. He opens the door to reveal Cesaro, who begins beating the crap out of Rollins. Cesaro tosses Rollins into the door a few times, tears the suit off of Rollins and slams him into the door again. Finally Cesaro tosses Rollins out of the ring and Rollins scampers away as Cesaro tosses set pieces after him. Bayley looks around in horror at the set of her show, Cesaro apologizes briefly but only long enough for Bianca Belair’s music to hit. Belair has a mic and uses it to laugh at Bayley from the entrance ramp. Yeah, that’s all she does.

Commentary sends us to another replay of last week and Roman obliterating the tag team champions single handedly. In the back Megan is talking with Rey Mysterio. Rey says Dominik is hurt, Roman hurt his son. But Rey doesn’t care who you are or how big you are, if you come after his son he’s coming after you. Rey vowed on the day Dominik was born to protect him, and last week he failed. But those injuries weren’t an accident, they were done by a man who claims to be about family, a man who wont hesitate to destroy his own family. Roman can do whatever he wants to his own family, but now he’s messing with Rey. By the end of the night Rey is calling him out, and he’ll show Roman what a family is supposed to look like. Pretty good fiery promo from Rey there.

Montez Ford makes his way to the ring, his match with Chad Gable will be up after the break.

Match #3: Montez Ford vs. Chad Gable

They tie up, Gable gets an arm drag. Both men are alone, though I imagine Otis shows up at some point. Another tie up, Ford with an arm drag. Gable with a go behind, picks the ankle and moves to a front headlock. Back up they trade go behinds, then trad arm wringers and Gable gets a spinning drop toe hold. In the back Dawkins watches as Gable works the arm. Ford fights back up and gets a headlock, Gable escapes and takes him down then they trade arm drags but Ford holds the arm. Some really nice one ups-manship going on here from both guys. Gable starts laying in the strikes, Ford out of the corner and gets an arm drag. They run the ropes, Ford with a roll up for a near fall, then back into the ropes and Gable catches a jumping Ford with an ankle lock. Gable grape vines the leg, For is able to bridge into a pin and force a break. To the apron, Ford is able to dive off the apron onto Gable and send us to break.

We come back to Gable landing a back suplex. Ford rolls to the apron, lands a shoulder to the body and tries a sunset flip but Gable counters his jump into a northern lights suplex for a near fall. That was a lovely counter. Ford flips away from a back suplex, they run the ropes and Ford lands a jumping back elbow and both men are down. Dawkins encourages Ford in the back, and here’s Otis. Otis tosses Dawkins around into equipment containers. Back in the ring Ford and Gable trade punches with Ford getting the better of things. They hit the ropes and Ford lands a spinebuster then standing moonsault for 2. Ford slips to the apron, climbs up top and hits From the Heavens, but Otis is late on his run in and Gable has to kick out. Then Otis shows up and the match is thrown out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Montez Ford won via disqualification

Rating: 2.5 stars

This was cooking along quite nicely, pity about the botched finish.

Otis abuses Ford, tossing him into the barricade and ring steps. Back into the ring, Otis with the Worlds Strongest Slam, then a second rope splash. Dawkins limps down, Otis just tosses him out of the ring. Otis with a Vader bomb to Ford, Dawkins and a bunch of refs are here to break things up as we head to break.

We come back to both Corbin and Nakamura in the ring. Are they just trying to give this thing less and less time each week to see how short they can make segments and still decide they’re worth devoting air time to?

Match #4: King Corbin vs. Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Rick Boogs

Boogs plays as the match starts, Nakamura uses that as inspiration to beat down Corbin early. Corbin eats a kick, Nakamura to the second rope and lands a flying knee for 2. Nakamura wants the Kinsasha, but runs into Deep Six for a near fall. Corbin sends Nakamura into the ring post then hits a German suplex. Nakamura misses a kick, but catches Corbin with a victory roll to pin and win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Shinsuke Nakamura won

Rating: 1.5 stars

Barely even that. Corbin floors Nakamura, goes for the crown but Boogs with a distracting end around and Nakamura gets the crown back while Boogs tosses Corbin over the announce table. Nakamura puts the crown back on and celebrates with Boogs. Seriously, what are we doing with this?

In the back, Roman is finally ready and heads out with Jey and Paul Heyman to find the Usos locker room.

We come back to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville talking. Corbin interrupts them discussing someone being hurt, and he demands they make Nakamura return his crown. They think the crown looks better on Nakamura, but they’re happy to have a 5th match between the two of them in a battle for the crown. Corbin just stares.

Here’s Jimmy pacing as Roman and Jey walk up on his area. Roman calls the area quaint, then dismisses Heyman. Roman shows off his belt, and Jimmy doesn’t care about it. He cares about what’s in the heart. Jimmy says Roman’s been doing this since they were kids, and he say Roman abuse Jey for a whole year while he couldn’t do anything. He says one day Roman will be in the Hall of Fame, but as a spoiled bitch not Roman Reigns. Roman talks to Jey, see how he’s putting Jey in the middle of things, they argue a bit before Jey yells that he’s tired of both of them. He’s out, and leaves. Jimmy asks now what that Roman has done this, he offers to fight with Roman. roman looks at him with a confused look, why would they want to fight? What’s Roman done, they aren’t little kids anymore. This is a family business, their livelihood. Roman says this is how they represent the family, why would Jimmy do this to Jey? They’re twins but who came out first? Jimmy’s the older one, who should be looking out for Jey, Roman should be able to rely on Jimmy to help not have to use Jey to reign him him. All Roman’s ever known is this, to be the best, to write their ticket like this, and how could Jimmy treat his brother like that. Since day one, right? Jey busted his ass to elevate himself for a full year, and Jimmy just let him go. Roman implores Jimmy to make this right. Good Lord, Roman is fantastic. Jimmy heads out while Roman picks up the title and dons it again.

Rey Mysterio heads to the ring, he’s got issues with Roman Reigns and will address them after the break.

Rey’s in the ring as we come back. He wants Roman to come out. Roman disrespected Rey’s family, and he’s here waiting for him. No sign of Roman, Rey calls him out again and here he comes with Paul Heyman. Naturally Roman takes his sweet time getting to the ring, but he does eventually get there. Rey asks if this is what Roman wanted to hear, and Rey acknowledges him. He acknowledges that Roman is a rat bastard, and acknowledges him as a rat bastard who put his hands on Rey’s son. Rey acknowledges Roman as a man he’s willing to fight, even if he loses. And he acknowledges Roman as a man he wants to fight inside Hell in a Cell. Roman with a great “do you really want to do that to yourself face” as Rey drops the mic in front of him. Heyman hands Roman a mic from his waist. Roman acknowledges Rey as a father, but Rey’s got a kendo stick and attacks Roman. Roman catches a shot and headbutts Rey down. Rey fights out of a powerbomb with more kendo stick shots before Roman sends him out of the ring. Rey back in, and eats a superman punch. Roman sets for the spear, but here’s Dominik with a kendo stick and shots. Roman fights back and powerbombs Dominik over the top rope, out of camera shot and presumably onto a crash pad, which is gone when we cut back to him. Rey back with another kendo stick, he looks at Dominik and Roman kicks Rey in the head. Officials come down to talk Roman down as the episode ends.

The final score: review Good
The 411
This one dragged a little bit in the middle, but was a stronger episode overall. The drama between the Bloodline group is kicking up, and fortunately we got to see Roman actually interact with Jimmy a bit which led to a great bit of manipulation and execution form Roman. Rey wanting a Hell in a Cell match makes no sense, it's just to accommodate the named PPV scheme, but Rey can still go when necessary and he and Roman could have a perfectly acceptable placeholder match. Cesaro came back, and got to wreck things, while the Street Profits and Alpha Academy escalated their feud. The Corbin and Nakamura stuff has been odd, but hopefully will be concluding, the stuff with Carmella and Liv Morgan technically exists as well I suppose. The IC title desperately needs some new blood as well. But all in all a fairly standard Good episode.

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