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WWE Network Delays Uploading WCW Thunder & Sunday Night Heat, Partly Due To Buff Bagwell & Raven Lawsuit

September 29, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE Network - Flashback Friday Survivor Series, Top 10

– The decision has been made to hold off on the WCW Thunder series being added to the WWE Network. While not confirmed, it is likely because of the ongoing legal issues with Buff Bagwell and Scott Levy suing the company regarding the company not paying royalties on WWE Network material. The episodes were reportedly “100% ready to go.”

– Uploading Sunday Night Heat has also been delayed, but no reason was given. Original plans were for it to be uploaded by the end of the year.

– WCCW was already slated to be the October “classic content.” The Network will be promoting the WCCW drop with an “Everything Bigger in Texas” theme

Credit: PWinsider.com