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WWE Reportedly Looking Into Allegation Regarding Randy Orton

August 11, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Randy Orton

Reddit user CarterVoorhees31 shared a recap of an old MLW podcast with former WWE writer Court Bauer. In one particular episode, which was episode 49 “Ribbing and Junk,” Bauer revealed a story about how Randy Orton would haze new writers by exposing his genitalia, touching himself, and then he would ask writers to shake his hand.

Fair warning, the text of the following Reddit post is fairly vulgar.

Randy Orton pulls his dick out, touches himself, then asks new writers to shake his hand. from r/SquaredCircle

This podcast was actually from November 2012 before the story resurfaced this weekend. You can listen to the show in question RIGHT HERE.

When asked yesterday on Twitter if the story was true, Bauer responded that it was, which you can see below. Now, that the story has resurfaced and is making the rounds across the internet, WWE has released a statement (via The Wrestling Observer) that they are “looking into the matter.”