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Xavier Woods Says It Was Great To Get To Work With Pretty Deadly

March 20, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Xavier Woods WWE Image Credit: WWE

New Day’s Xavier Woods sat down with ReviewSTL and shared some details about his time working with NXT recently and the contrast with his usual SmackDown appearances (per Wrestling Inc. Woods expressed his appreciation for the chance to work alongside Shawn Michaels and many of WWE’s upcoming talent. He also hightlighted the difference between a traveling schedule and one where you have a more consistent crowd of fans. You can find a few excerpts from Woods and watch the complete interview below.

On New Day’s opponents for their Triple Crown Tag Team Title match win at NXT: “I’ve been wanting to work with Pretty Deadly for a very long time. I think they’re very talented. I think they know who they are, which is one of the hardest things to figure out in professional wrestling and so getting to work with them was great.”

On the opportunities offered by having a consistent home crowd for your shows: “It’s cool to go there, to that setting, and see what we like to do and what works and what doesn’t, so getting to mix and match our stuff with some of their stuff to make a new gumbo was really cool.”