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Used to run a few smaller wrestling sites and wrote 150-ish columns on general wrestling before specialising in tape reviewing dating back to 2001.
I saw my first wrestling match when I was about 5 years old. It was on the old ITV World of Sport and featured Big Daddy crushing some jobber. My grandmother was seriously into her wrestling and never missed a show. I didn't really click into the world of sports entertainment myself until years later when I started watching the WWF at my neighbours house in 1989. Even then it wasn't until 1992 when I really came around to cheering anyone in particular on. I personally hated Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate WOYAH~! and many other top ranking WWF stars of the time. It wasn't until Summerslam '92 and the Bret Hart-British Bulldog clash that I actually came around to considering myself a fan. I started watching WCW on ITV around the same time and quickly became a fan of Cactus Jack also. In 1995 I stepped up my efforts to follow wrestling actively and started watching RAW every week. Odd time to get seriously hooked on wrestling but I just really dug the whole Shawn Michaels storyline at the time. I joined the Internet community after Montreal and started writing the following year. I've been doing show reviews since 2001 and started attending UK wrestling events with great regularity in 2004.
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