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RetroMania Wrestling Now Available on XBox, Switch Release Next Week

March 23, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
RetroMania Wrestling

RetroMania Wrestling has arrived on consoles with its release on XBox, with a Nintendo Switch release coming next week. The spiritual successor to WWF WrestleFest has announced that it is now available on Xbox, and revealed that the game will be available on the Switch on March 30th.

Retrosoft issued the following statement about the upcoming Switch release:

Nintendo Switch Pre Order Update
Hello all,

Although we have been posting info on twitter and youtube I neglected to send an email update. I should know better that not everyone goes onto those sites. So going forward I will make sure I update via email.

As to the status. Our initial ROM passed certification 2 weeks ago but required us to issue a day 1 patch for one specific issue. We submitted that patch the same day. Today we heard back from Nintendo and they identified a couple additional issues that were already in our initial ROM that passed review the first time. So we are working with Nintendo to see if we can get through this ASAP. I hope to have an additional update tomorrow with more information. As it stands now we still hope to meet the date that is listed in our store info on Nintendo’s Dev site which is March 30th. But we still need Nintendo to confirm that before I can tell you that it is definite. I am not sure how they will handle it.

Thanks for your continued patience and support. I know this is not ideal and definitely not how I wanted this to go. But if it is any consolation, the game is receiving a great reception on Steam and players are 86% Very Positive and if you count the pre order reviews they are 88% Very Positive.

Expect another update tomorrow. If at any time you have any questions, feel free to reply to this email. It goes right to me and I will respond.


Mike Hermann
Retrosoft Studios

The company also announced that updates are coming on releases for PS4 and iiRcade as well.