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Jack Swagger Says Donald Trump Called Him Ahead of Bellator 221 Fight

May 9, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jack Swagger

Jake Hager, the former Jack Swagger, got a phone call from the Oval Office ahead of his fight at Bellator 221 this weekend. Hager took to Twitter to share a picture of himself on the phone, noting that President Trump called him to wish him luck. You can see his post below.

Hager spoke with the New York Post back in January before his debut fight for Bellator and discussed his support of Trump, saying, “I’m a conservative. I voted for Donald Trump and back in 2016 everybody was talking about, ‘Oh my God, here’s another TV character trying to run for the presidency.’ They didn’t really take him seriously. He made some outrageous claims like, ‘Make America Great Again’ and build this wall and stuff like that. I was somewhat on the fence then but two years later going into his third year, I am so happy about the progress that he has made and I really don’t understand why so much of the media and everybody wants to portray him as such a negative president when it’s unprecedented what he’s done.”