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Juliano Coutinho Sees His Bout at CES MMA 45 as Striker vs. Grappler

August 11, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Juliano Coutinho spoke with MMAjunkie ahead of his fight with Ashley Gooch in the main event of CES MMA 45. The highlights are below:

On Gooch: “He lands very heavy strikes. The strategy is to avoid those strikes and take him to the ground. My preferred way to win is by Brazilian jiu-jitsu submission. It’s my strong point. Not to say I’m not comfortable on the feet, but jiu-jitsu is my forte. Getting people down and working for submissions is something that was missing from my recent fights. So now my focus is to get a submission, from start to finish. My cardio is great, but I’ll try to catch him in the early rounds.”

On how he sees the bout: “I kind of do see it (as a striker vs. grappler matchup). I do think I’m the better striker. Obviously, he’s the better on the ground. He is a BJJ guy. But you never know how things work out.”

On taking tiume off due to a hamstring tear: “I couldn’t train for three to four months while doing physical therapy. I was surprised to get the call to fight for the belt…I’m feeling great. I’m very confident. I’m chasing after this victory.”