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Nik Lentz Felt Betrayed By American Top Team After Pulling From UFC 216

November 20, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Nik Lentz UFC Fight Night 121

Nik Lentz discussed his win over former American Top Team teammate Will Brooks at UFC Fight Night 121, the training team taking shots at him after he pulled from a fight with Brooks at UFC 216 and more in a new interview. Highlights are below, via MMAjunkie:

On being forced to pull from UFC 216 due to hypoglycemia: “This is one of the first times that I’ve had, like, a serious medical issue, and my old team [at American Top Team] threw it in my face. Like, ‘Hey, you’re running, you’re scared.’ Not one of them even messaged me to check on me or anything. And I have to admit that hurts. That’s supposed to be my family.”

On his win over Books: “I told everyone exactly how this was going to happen. I knew that I could take that jab, and I knew if I took a couple jabs I could get him to play my game. And that’s what happened.”

On releasing his guillotine choke earlier on: “I didn’t get the guillotine on purpose, because I knew. I had it. I knew I wasn’t going to waste it. I was going to let him roll out the first time, (let him) think that he knew how to get out. And then the second time I was going to lock that b*tch up, and he ain’t ever getting away.”

On ATT trashing him over the medical issues: “When it comes down to it, it was f*cked up. And there’s no two ways to put it. It’s f*cked up when your old family throws you under the bus and says you’re scared. Because I ain’t scared of Will Brooks. I ain’t scared of anyone at ATT.”