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Robert Whittaker Questions Yoel Romero’s Rehydration After Missing Weight for UFC 225

June 24, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Robert Whittaker UFC

UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker was recently interviewed by Grange TV and talked about his UFC 225 opponent, Yoel Romero. Yoel Romero previously missed weight for the fight, which turned it into a non-title bout for the fight card. Whittaker questioned Romero’s rehydration and recovery after failing to make weight. Below are some highlights for the interview.

Whittaker on Yoel Romero’s recovery after missing weight: “Whatever Romero’s rehydration program is, I would like to get on that. Because he was massive, from the skeleton I saw the day before, and him missing (weight) and looking like he was going to die, to him hopping back in that octagon, it was like two different guys. And taking head shots like, I hit him a lot, and he was able to just walk through those shots.”

Robert Whittaker on how Romero felt superhuman: “Whatever he’s hydrating on, I would like to know so that I can also hydrate on that. Because it turns your superhuman. When I was punching and kicking him, he felt like metal, like a dude made out of concrete, and it was ridiculous. I fought him a year ago, and he didn’t feel like concrete.”

Whittaker on how the USADA program has two loopholes if you’re cheating: “If you’re not home when they arrive, they give you a warning. That’s it. And you’re allowed two a year. Two warnings.