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Scott Coker Says He Will Talk to Rampage About Fighting Again at 205 Pounds If He’s Serious

April 26, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Quinton Rampage Jackson

MMAjunkie recently interviewed Bellator MMA President Scott Coker, who discussed Quinton Jackson, aka Rampage Jackson, and if Rampage could ever fight again in Bellator. While Coker didn’t completely rule out the idea, he said he’d talk Rampage back to Bellator to fight again if he was serious about it. Below are some highlights.

Coker on Rampage: “‘Rampage,’ I think he’s got to figure out what weight class he wants to fight at. That’s really what it comes down to. We fulfilled our obligation with him and we’re still talking to his manager. We have a good relationship with him and Tiki (Ghosn), and it’s just going to be like: Does he really want to do this? Does he really want to go out there and throw down? Because there’s times in a fighters career where it’s like, ‘That’s it.’ They’ve done everything they can in the sport. ‘Rampage’ is a legend. He’s already done it all. He doesn’t have anything to prove to anybody, including myself. I think that’s something we’ll have a conversation with him but Tiki is saying he wants to go back down to 205. If he’s really serious about taking another stab at it. We’ll definitely have that conversation.”

Coker on Rampage’s fight with Fedor Emelianenko: “Fedor was in great shape and he came in and did what he had to do. He looked amazing, honestly. He threw combinations. He threw legs kicks like he hasn’t in a while, he surprised me. ‘Rampage, he did the best he could.’ He got hit and I think he just felt the power and he said, ‘There’s going to be another day for me and it’s not going to be tonight.’ Fedor is who he is. Even though Fedor is in the fourth quarter of his career and it’s the two-minute warning, the guy is still dangerous. Any day that he punches you it’s lights out.”