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411 Box Office Report: The Lion King Powers to $185 Million, Avengers: Endgame Breaks All-Time Record

July 21, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Lion King Avengers Endgame Box Office

The circle of life proved to be undeniable at the box office, as The Lion King destroyed the box office for a $185 million opening. The latest Disney live-action adaptation of one of their animated classics opened right about where it was expected to, shrugging off lukewarm fan and critic buzz to set a new record for Disney’s live-action remakes. The opening is an impressive $10 million-plus over the previous record, 2017’s Beauty and the Beast ($174.8 million).

The Lion King is one of Disney’s most beloved animated films, so it was not unexpected that interest would be high here. The trailer was gushed over when it debuted in April, and tracking was incredibly strong. That said, there was a bit of uncertainty when the buzz started to come in somewhat flat from critic and early audience screenings. It’s certainly not hated, but the 54% consensus on Rotten Tomatoes is well below the likes of The Jungle Book (94%), Cinderella (84%) and Beast (71%). That didn’t put much of a dent in things though; while bad reviews can hurt several films, when the demand is high enough like this one, it won’t change things. And those who have seen it opening weekend love it, with an A CinemaScore.

Lion King is certainly going to be a blockbuster hit for Disney amidst its stellar year. In addition to the $185 million, it’s added $346 million overseas in two weekends for $531 million to date. The only question now is exactly how big of a hit it’ll be. Beauty and the Beast translated its massive start into a $504 million final domestic gross. If Lion King can match that 2.88 multiple, it would top $530 million domestically. At the very least, $500 million seams doable which puts this film well on course for over $1 billion worldwide. Even with a huge $260 million budget, Disney is raking in the dough.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man: Far From Home was down an expected spot to #2 in its third week. The Marvel/Sony production scored $21 million, down 53% from its second weekend take and slighly higher than Homecoming’s 50% weekend three drop. No worries, though; Far From Home is also a massive hit with $319.7 million domestically and $970.8 million worldwide. It is far and away the highest-grossing Spider-Man film worldwide, surpassing Spider-Man 3’s $890.9 million. As of now, Far From Home remains on course for $350 million in the US or more and an easy $1 billion-plus worldwide. The budget was $160 million.

Toy Story 4 was down just 30% in its fifth weekend with $14.6 million. The Pixar film now has $375.5 million domestically and $859.4 million worldwide. The movie is pacing for around $405 million or so in the US, making it yet another huge Disney hit for 2019. The production budget was $200 million.

Crawl slipped an expected 50% in its second weekend, down to $6 million. The alligator attack film is looking like it’ll make a solid return for Paramount with $23.8 million domestically and $33.7 million worldwide thus far on a $13.5 million budget. In the US, it should close out around $35 million with overseas numbers topping it off.

Meanwhile, Danny Boyle’s Yesterday is continuing its stellar run into sleeper hit status. The Beatles dramedy was down a mere 24% in its fourth weekend, bringing in $5.1 million. The film now has $57.6 million domestically and $98.2 million worldwide against a budget of $26 million. This film is now looking like it should cross the $70 million mark domestically, making a strong profit for Universal.

Things weren’t as rosy for Stuber, which followed up its disappointing start with a 51% drop in weekend two. The Dave Bautista/Kumail Nanjiani action/comedy brought in $4 million, bringing its totals to $16.1 million domestically and $18.9 million worldwide. Fox wanted more for this film, but they’re not going to get it and new parent company Disney will have to write this off as a loser (and the latest bullet in the chamber for doomsayers of theatrically-released comedy). At this point, Stuber will probably finish at around $25 million in the US, not enough to make back its $16 million budget unless overseas numbers unexpectedly pick up.

Aladdin didn’t get pounded too bad by The Lion King, down 38% in its ninth weekend with $3.8 million. The Disney animated film has $340 million domestically and $988.8 million worldwide, making it another film that will cross $1 billion worldwide. The budget was $183 million budget, and its domestic numbers should still hit about $350 million..

Annabelle Comes Home slipped 53% in its fourth weekend with $2.7 million. The Conjuring universe film has a total of $66.6 million domestically right now and $196.2 million worldwide against a $30 million budget. Its US run will end at around $75 million.

Ari Aster’s Midsommar was off another 56% in its third weekend with $1.6 million. The surreal horror flick stands at $22 million and should make it to around $28 million, enough for profit against a $10 million budget.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 closed out the top 10 with $1.5 million, down 52% in its seventh weekend. The animated film has a total of $151.6 million domestically and $318.6 million worldwide. The final gross domestically should be in the $158 million range, good enough for some profit against an $80 million budget.

While it fell just barely outside the top 10, it must be noted that Avengers: Endgame celebrated San Diego Comic-Con by acheiving a new feat: the worldwide box office record. Endgame added $1.2 million domestically for a #11 spot at the box office and brought its totals to $854.2 million domestically and $2.790 billion worldwide. That puts it ahead of Avatar’s total by just $500,000 right now. Either way both were obviously huge hits, but Endgame now has the bragging rights.

The box office should still belong to The Lion King next weekend, while Quentin Tarantin’s Once Upon a Time In… Hollywood seeks a very respectable opening in the $40 million to $45 million range.

BOX OFFICE TOP TEN (Three-Day Domestic Numbers)
1. Spider-Man: Far from Home – $45.3 million ($274.5 million total)
2. Toy Story 4 – $20.7 million ($346.4 million total)
3. Crawl – $12 million ($12 million total)
4. Stuber – $8 million ($8 million total)
5. Yesterday – $6.8 million ($48.3 million total)
6. Aladdin – $5.9 million ($331.5 million total)
7. Annabelle Comes Home – $5.6 million ($60.8 million total)
8. Midsommar – $3.6 million ($18.4 million total)
9. Secret Life of Pets 2 – $3.1 million ($147.1 million total)
10. Men in Black: International – $2.2 million ($76.5 million total)