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Actor & martial artist Harry Mok Talks w/411 About His New Movie Forbidden Power

April 12, 2018 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
Forbidden Power

The 411 Interview: Harry Mok


Harry Mok is an actor, director, writer, producer, stunt performer, and martial artist who has been working in the movie business since the mid-1980’s, getting his start with Paul Kyriazi’s Ninja Busters and working as a stunt performer on Rambo: First Blood Part II. Mok’s latest effort as an actor is Kyriazi’s first movie in almost thirty years, Forbidden Power. In this interview, Mok talks with this writer about Forbidden Power, his career, and more.




Bryan Kristopowitz: How did you get involved with Forbidden Power?

Harry Mok: My longtime friend Paul Kyriazi had envisioned me for the role. We have known and worked together for decades.


BK: How did you approach your character Mr. Chang? Is Chang’s backstory something that you came up with for the character or was that information always in the script?

HM: That character was written as a Martial Arts instructor. So, having owned a school many decades ago, it was natural for me to play this character.

BK: What was it like working with director Paul Kyriazi?

HM: Having worked with Paul in Ninja Busters and also hiring Paul to edit my film The Vineyard, and also working in several of Paul’s audio books, you can imagine we work very well together.

BK: You are listed as the fight choreographer for Forbidden Power. Were you involved in just the fight sequences or were you involved in the movie’s other stunt sequences, too? How long did it take to put the street fight sequence together?

HM: I was mainly involved in my fight sequence. Paul wanted the fight to happen quickly and not be drawn out like a hop chop suey Kung Fu film. We worked out the choreography within an hour and rehearsed it for an hour.

BK: Do you feel more comfortable working as a stunt performer or as an actor or does it matter?

HM: Doesn’t matter. I was originally concerned because I hadn’t worked in front of a camera for many years, although, like riding a bike, you never really forget. Just a matter of practice and rehearsal. I felt good about what I did.

BK: What is your martial arts background?

HM: I’ve been a martial artist for 52 years. I’ve studied Shotokan, Choy Lay Fut, Sil Lum, and I hold a 9th degree in Kajukembo.

BK: According to imdb you’ve worked under the name “Michael Quion” a few times. Why?

HM: Well, it is my son’s name and, originally, I didn’t want to be seen as an individual that wore so many hats. Though thereafter, when I was directing music videos for many hip hop artist, I thought it would be more appropriate using the name “Michael Q” instead of Harry…. lol…… because dealing with gangsta rappers it just seemed more appropriate.

BK: How has the movie business changed since you started Rambo: First Blood Part II back in 1985?

HM: So many films today use a tremendous amount of CG, whereas back during those days, we actually set off explosions and filmed on location and not on green screen stages. Times have surely changed with technology.


BK: You’ve worked with several action stars over your career. Who is the toughest action star you’ve worked with?

HM: They were all great and incredible to work with and I have been very fortunate not to have worked with actors that were difficult to work with. I hold Stallone in the highest regards because he hired me personally for Rambo II. I was originally supposed to double kicks for him but because of all the political BS that entailed, I ended up taking an arrow to the head and pinned to a post, not to mention during multiple times but at a distance. Can’t have multiple lives on screen.

BK: How did you get involved in directing music videos?

HM: It naturally came to me and I was asked to direct a music video for an independent artist and one thing led to another. Master P, E40, first ever for Jimi Hendrix music, Jermaine Dupri and others.

BK: Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

HM: I produced an animated feature entitled Animal Crackers will be released this year starring Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Sly Stallone, Sir Ian McKellen, Danny DeVito, Gilbert Gottfried, Raven Simone, Patrick Warburton, Harvey Fierstein, Tara Strong and Wallace Shawn. We are also in pre-production on our next animated feature Pet Robots.

BK: If you had the “forbidden power” what is the first thing you would do with it?

HM: I would prep for the sequel of course…. lol….



A very special thanks to Harry Mok for agreeing to participate in this interview and to david j. more for helping set it up.

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Images 1 and 4 from the Harry Mok Facebook page. Images 2,3, and 5 from Paul Kyriazi.