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Action Star Alexander Nevsky On His Involvement in New Bodybuilding Book 3 More Reps!

August 28, 2019 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
Alexander Nevsky Maximum Impact

The 411 Interview: Alexander Nevsky


Alexander Nevsky is an international action superstar from Russia who has been in the movie business since the year 2000. A former professional bodybuilder, multi-time Mr. Universe winner, and current member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Nevsky has starred in movies like Moscow Heat, Showdown in Manila, Maximum Impact, and directed and starred in Black Rose. Nevsky’s latest project is a chapter in the 40th anniversary edition of the groundbreaking bodybuilding book 3 More Reps!: The Golden Age of Bodybuilding by George Snyder and Rick Wayne, which is available here. In this interview, Nevsky speaks with this writer about 3 More Reps!, his bodybuilding career, how bodybuilding informed his action movie career, and more.



Bryan Kristopowitz: How did you get involved with the book 3 More Reps!?

Alexander Nevsky: Hi Bryan, nice to talk to you again! This book is really famous in the world of bodybuilding, I did read it some years ago. My friend Matthias Hues introduced me to the great George Snyder (the author of 3 More Reps!) in February 2019. George told me about his plans for a 40th anniversary edition and I was really happy to get involved. It was an honor for me!

BK: How did you decide on your chapter topic concerning beginners and building muscle mass? Was that something you wanted to talk about or was that topic suggested to you?

AN: I promoted natural bodybuilding in ex-USSR since 1993 (I starred in a TV documentary that year and about 20 million people watched it). So I always try to teach the beginners how to start regular workouts properly, build muscles and avoid injuries and drugs. My chapter in 3 More Reps! is for beginners, too, but there are many chapters for professionals as well (about training of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matthias Hues and many iconic bodybuilders of the Golden Age of the sport). By the way, George Snyder liked my “beginners” idea for my chapter and supported it.

BK: How much of what you know about body building and fitness is stuff that you sort of had to figure out on your own and how much of it is stuff that you learned from friends and fellow body builders?

AN: I had to learn most of the stuff by myself because I couldn’t find bodybuilding magazines or books in Russia in the 1980-1990s. I was very skinny, did boxing for several years and just wanted to get bigger. I started regular weight training at the age of 15 but became really muscular only 3-4 years later. Of course, I learned some tips later from my training partners and magazines but the foundation of my Mr. Universe physique was built completely and literally by just me.

BK: What is it about the world and sport of body building that the average person likely doesn’t understand?

AN: It’s show business, but it’s very hard work, too. Regular people are kind of afraid of bodybuilding now because of steroids and other bad stuff. That’s why I promote only natural sport which is completely drug-free and good for everyone. The problem is that a lot of bodybuilding champions don’t understand modern sport, either. Arnold showed everyone what to do with muscles and how to use them in movies etc., but not too many understood him. Actually, just a couple of people did – Ralf Moeller, Lou Ferrigno and Matthias Hues. I follow their steps!


BK: How has the sport of body building changed since you got involved?

AN: In Russia it changed tremendously. When I started, 30 years ago, there were just 2 gyms in Moscow. Now there are thousands. And a lot of bodybuilders are competing now in different federations (WFF, IFBB, WBBF etc.). International sport changed too. Unfortunately, professional bodybuilding in the US is in trouble now because of drug scandals and athlete deaths, but natural sport is getting more and more attention, which is good. That’s why the book 3 More Reps! is a great way to remind everyone about the true heroes of bodybuilding!

BK: How did your career as a body builder prepare you for the movie making business?

AN: It helped a lot. My bodybuilding career and 3 Mr. Universe titles helped with publicity in Russia and Europe. It built my audience and fan base. They were ready to watch my action films. Also, thanks to bodybuilding, I have discipline and positive thinking. And I have big muscles to show!


BK: How has your fitness regimen changed since you’ve become an international action movie star?

AN: It depends. For Treasure Raiders or Showdown in Manila I wanted to be bigger so I used “mass gain” regimen. Before shooting Magic Man I did a lot of cardio because the director didn’t want me to look too big. And on Black Rose I had to do so much work as a director/producer/writer/actor that I couldn’t have any regimen at all and just trained and ate when I could.

BK: What’s the status of your new movie Wild League?

AN: The film is done. Art Camacho (Half Past Dead 2) did a great job as the director, Adrian Paul (Highlander: Endgame) and William Shockley (Robocop) are starring, and Sean Murray (Deep Blue Sea 2) wrote great music. I couldn’t act in the film because I was very busy last year with back-to-back US releases of Showdown in Manila and Maximum Impact (your readers can watch both of these films on Amazon Prime Video now free with subscription) but I served as a producer. The World Premiere of Wild League will take place in Moscow in October, and it should have its first international screening at the American Film Market in LA in November.

BK: What do you hope readers get out of your chapter in 3 More Reps! and the book in general?

AN: I hope a new generation of readers will enjoy this great book, with all of its information and iconic photos. And regarding my chapter, the main points of it are: believe in yourself, work out hard, stay natural and you’ll get muscles for sure! Bodybuilding is big fun!

BK: Right now, in your estimation, who is more jacked, you or your good friend and fellow 3 More Reps! writer and action star Matthias Hues?

AN: When we did Black Rose together Matthias was bigger for sure and I hated it! But, as I already said, I directed that movie, produced it, starred in it and didn’t have any time to work out anyway! By the way, Black Rose is on Netflix and we have plans for a sequel. And Matthias is my dear friend and idol, I have always loved his films and I’m in 3 MORE REPS! because of his recommendation. So it doesn’t matter who is bigger now. But I hope it’s me…



A very special thanks to Alexander Nevsky for agreeing to participate in this interview and to david j. moore for setting it up.

Purchase 3 More Reps!: The Golden Age of Bodybuilding by George Snyder and Rick Wayne here.

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