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Alexander Nevsky on His Upcoming Thriller Red Prophecies, Working With Eric Roberts & Casper Van Dien

October 2, 2020 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
Alexander Nevsky Red Prophecies

The 411 Interview: Alexander Nevsky


Alexander Nevsky is an international action superstar from Russia who has been in the movie business since the year 2000. A former professional bodybuilder, multi-time Mr. Universe winner, and current member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Nevsky has starred in movies like Moscow Heat, Showdown in Manila, Maximum Impact, and directed and starred in Black Rose. Nevsky’s latest project is the action thriller Red Prophecies, directed by Alexander Izotov and starring Eric Roberts, Michael Madsen, Oded Fehr, Stephen Baldwin, and Casper Van Dien. In this interview, Nevsky talks with this writer about making Red Prophecies, working with an all-star cast, and more.



Bryan Kristopowitz: How did you decide that you wanted Red Prophecies to be your next movie as an actor?

Alexander Nevsky: Hi Bryan, first of all – thank you for your continued support! And regarding my part in Red Prophecies, I’ve never played a character like Peter Morgan before. This guy is not only dangerous but mysterious as well.

BK: How did you approach your character Peter Morgan?

AN: Red Prophecies is a political thriller. This time I didn’t show muscles or play with big guns, I had to create a story for Peter and develop him as a character so you’ll feel threat and danger when you’re only talking to him. I think I was successful with that.

BK: What does the title Red Prophecies mean?

AN: You have to watch the film to understand it. But someone is using “prophecies” and trying to destabilize the political situation in Russia and in the US. It’s the year 2020 and tension is “red” hot.

BK: Is Red Prophecies an action movie or more of a thriller? The trailer definitely gives off a “thriller” vibe.

AN: It is a thriller but with a lot of suspense and action in it. It was interesting for me to go back to that genre which I tried with my directorial debut Black Rose. And you’re right; the trailer was definitely made with the idea to present Red Prophecies as a thriller.

BK: Where was Red Prophecies made?

AN: We worked on this film for a long time. We shot most of the scenes in Moscow and finished it in LA this summer. We actually shot some of my scenes in July, in the middle of the pandemic and we were very careful (had masks etc.). The film is about preventing a big international crisis and this theme is very timely suddenly.


BK: How was Red Prophecies cast? How did Eric Roberts, Casper Van Dien, Michael Madsen, Oded Fehr, and Stephen Baldwin all get involved?

AN: As you know, I have legendary actors in my films always. I worked with Eric Roberts in Maximum Impact and with Casper Van Dien in Showdown in Manila. They’re both my friends and it was great to work with them again. My frequent co-producer Alexander Izotov invited Stephen Baldwin and Oded Fehr to join Red Prophecies. Me and Izotov worked together on getting Michael Madsen who is an icon of independent cinema.


BK: What was it like working with Red Prophecies director Alexander Izotov?

AN: Alexander is my longtime friend. We have produced many movies together, starting with Moscow Heat. He directed Red Prophecies with Rod Hewitt and I think they did a great job together.

BK: What was the most difficult aspect for you, as an actor, making Red Prophecies?

AN: As I said, acting wasn’t that difficult. But the situation was strange because of the pandemic. We even shot some additional scenes where my character Peter is addressing that “COVID-19 time”. It’s surreal but it is what it is.

BK: How was making Red Prophecies different from your last movie, Maximum Impact?

AN: Maximum Impact was a big-budget action comedy, shot by the director of Romeo Must Die Andrzej Bartkowiak. Red Prophecies is a thriller with less action scenes but a strong story. I worked really hard on Maximum Impact as a producer and had a lot of difficulties to overcome. Making Red Prophecies was much easier and less stressful.

BK: When will audiences be able to see Red Prophecies?

AN: The film will be presented to international buyers at AFM in November and its North American release will happen next spring. I hope that Red Prophecies will be wide theatrical release in Russia/CIS (as my all previous films) but it will depend on the situation with the pandemic.

BK: Any other projects you have coming up?

AN: Yes, I just finished my first English language book From Zero to Action Hero. The first part of it is an autobiography (how did I make it from a skinny nerd in USSR to international movie star and Mr. Universe) and the second part is a natural bodybuilding guide. The book will be published in the US and Canada soon.

BK: What do you hope audiences will get out of Red Prophecies?

AN: I hope that international audiences will be entertained. Also, there is a message in the film: Russians and Americans are not enemies and can successfully work together. But, as you know, I have this message in all of my films always.

BK: Who came up with the full black suit look for your character Peter Morgan? Was the cigar always a part of the character?

AN: The black suit and black shirt (and black tie) were completely my ideas. I think Peter looks cool in Red Prophecies. Regarding the cigar – no, he doesn’t have it all the time. Again, thank you for the support and all the best to you and all 411 Mania readers!


A very special thanks to Alexander Nevsky for agreeing to participate in this interview and to david j. moore for setting it up.

You can check out Alexander Nevsky on Twitter here and on Instagram here.

All images courtesy of Alexander Nevsky.