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Alien Series Shooting For 2023 Premiere, Will Feel Like Part of Franchise Universe

August 14, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Alien Image Credit: 21st Century Fox

Noah Hawley is developing an Alien series, and FX’s head has revealed the anticipated premiere date for the show. FX boss John Landgraf said during a TCA press tour presentation on Friday (per Deadline) that the show is aiming for a 2023 launch date.

“I have optimism that that show may well roll out in 2023,” Landgraf said of the series, which was officially announced in December. “It will probably roll out 2023, but we want to get it right.”

Landgraf also noted that the series, which is being produced by franchise architect Ridley Scott, will at least maintain the feel of the previous films. He noted, “I think Noah’s very conscious of the fact that there’s a cinematic universe … [It will include] “some inventiveness and originality that is uniquely Noah. I think you’ll also see that the show will feel like a part of the cinematic universe you’re familiar with in terms of Alien.”

Hawley previously said that he’s aiming for production to start next spring and teased that the show is “not a Ripley story. She’s one of the great characters of all time, and I think the story has been told pretty perfectly, and I don’t want to mess with it. It’s a story that’s set on Earth also. The alien stories are always trapped… Trapped in a prison, trapped in a space ship. I thought it would be interesting to open it up a little bit so that the stakes of “What happens if you can’t contain it?” are more immediate.”