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Brad Pitt Won’t Be Campaigning For Oscars This Year

September 18, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Brad Pitt is a potential Oscar nominee between Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Ad Astra, but he’s not planning on pulling out the stops for nods. Pitt spoke with EW for a new interview promoting the latter film ahead of its premiere this coming weekend and said that he won’t be campaigning for any potential nominations.

“Oh, man. I’m gonna abstain,” Pitt told the site. “I mean, you never know, and it’s really nice when your number comes up. But the goal is for the film to land, to speak to someone whether it’s now or a decade from now. I find chasing it actually a disservice to the purity of your telling a story, and a shackling thing to focus on.”

Campaigning is a major part of succesfully landing a nomination, but it must be said that Pitt’s abstention doesn’t mean the studio won’t do it for him. Sony and Disney, who are the studios behind Hollywood and Astra, respectively, will be keen for nominations and if they think they can get ones for Pitt’s performances, they have plenty of resources to throw into a nomination.

Pitt also discussed the possibility of doing a television role, and said he’s definitely considering it. “Could I see it? Absolutely,” he says. “What I love about TV is that you get to spend more time with the characters. You have to let go of so many scenes in order to fit into the ‘film’ container, as far as running time and how it plays, and with a series, being able to break it up, you can expand so much more. I’m especially drawn to the comedies that are able to do that. That might just be romantic of me, I may have to go with the times, so we’ll see. We’ll see where it all lands, but that’s certainly of interest.”