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Bryan Cranston Hasn’t Seen A Script For The Breaking Bad Movie

November 16, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston

In an interview with Indiewire, Bryan Cranston said he’s not sure if Walter White will appear in the Breaking Bad movie, because he hasn’t seen a script yet. News of the movie broke last week, revealing that Vince Gilligan is writing the script and Aaron Paul is back to play Jesse Pinkman. It will be set after the show’s series finale. Here are highlights:

On the Breaking Bad movie: “Well, I keep hearing about it. I honestly haven’t seen a script, I haven’t read a script. So I’m not positive that it’s actually happening or if I’m even – I don’t even know what I would be doing in it! I honestly don’t know any of that stuff. But Walter White is dead. How would we? I don’t know. Unless it’s all flashbacks.”

On Aaron Paul as Jesse: “You know, the way Aaron just enveloped that character, or maybe the way Jesse Pinkman enveloped Aaron Paul, he filled him with such humanistic attraction. He just felt like a boy who was lost, and on the cusp of being a man, and missing some guide posts in his life. But — man — you fell for him. And I think Vince ended the series the way it was best. Walter White had to die. He was the person that brought upon all this disaster and decay. And Jesse Pinkman was almost kind of an innocent bystander to it, and paid the price for that.”

On what he wants to see in the movie: “I would like to see — and again I have no idea if this is what [Vince is] thinking about — I would like to see [Jesse] struggle to break that mold and eventually break out and find his own real true calling. Something that empowered him as a human being, that is on the straight and narrow, that allows him to be able to open up, to let another human being into his life. And be happy. ‘Cause I don’t sense that he was really ever happy.”