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Comics 411: The Best All-Time Avengers Villains

May 9, 2018 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
Thanos Avengers

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Last week we discussed What to Look For on Free Comic Book Day! Here’s what some of you had to say:

Chip McFetters: “”The debate over if superhero movies actually helps the industry has been going on for years. Does it get people into the stories?”

There actually isn’t a debate. The comic book industry is at its healthiest since the boom of the 90’s, thanks in large part to interest created by the films.

And it has less to do with getting people into actual comic stores. Those sales haven’t increased significantly. It’s the rise of graphic novel collections which are sold at popular chain bookstores, and digital downloads that are the main reasons. And the industry is smart enough to put the most popular stories, many of which the movies are based on, into collections for casual fans to buy.”

Richard H1S: “Awesome, I don’t really need/care for most of the offerings so my daughter will get super hero girls and a disney princess book!”

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This week we discuss…

What to Look For on Free Comic Book Day!

Avengers: Infinity War has crossed the $1 billion mark in the global box office this weekend, becoming the fastest move ever to do so. Disney confirmed Sunday that the film is posting an estimated $275 million in global movie ticket sales for its second weekend, with an estimated global total of $1.16 billion earned so far.

Thanos is box office supreme.

This week I thought we’d take it down a few notches and go with the best Avengers villains out there. When it comes to their villains gallery, they do…OK. I picked a random batch that stand out as my favorite and you get to share yours below!

Let’s start with the big man himself. Thanos, the despot of Titan has one obsession: Death. Aspiring to win “her” affection, Thanos has sought a method to destroy all life in the universe. His usual method involved the Infinity Gauntlet but he’s no slouch on his own. Still, with the Gauntlet, Thanos went on a killing spree that claimed the lives of almost half the sentient beings in the universe, including the X-Men, Daredevil and the Fantastic Four. When the Avengers stepped up to stop him, Thanos easily wiped them out. Thanks to all the mainstream attention, Thanos has been everywhere the last few years.

Loki. He’s the reason we have the Avengers. Thanks to Loki, the Asgardian prince of lies, our team of heroes was faced with a “threat no single hero could withstand”. In a scheme designed to pit the Hulk against his own brother, Thor, he inadvertently alerted several other powerful superhumans to his scheme. Presto! The Avengers! Loki has the family connection to the team and he’s always scheming to beat the Avengers, rule Asgard, or just cause general chaos. Loki’s aided in the fall of Asgard at the hands of Norman Osborn, as well as the death of Avenger and Olympian war god Ares in the miniseries Siege, and he’s currently up to his old antics with the Fallen Celestial.

Baron Zemo & The Masters of Evil. Even if the only Baron Zemo & The Masters of Evil storyline with the Avengers was “Under Siege,” that would be enough to get on the list. The Masters lead an attack on Avengers Mansion that left the building in ruins, the Avengers scattered and broken, and their servant Jarvis on death’s door. It should be noted that aside from the Zemos, the Masters have been lead by such villains as Ultron, Dr. Octopus, Justine Hammer, and Egghead. At one time they boasted a membership almost 20 strong, including the entire Wrecking Crew, the Absorbing Man, and Mr. Hyde. The Masters haven’t been very evil lately, blame that on Zemo’s Thunderbolts, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing them sooner rather than later.

He’s a man with many names…Kang! The man once called Nathaniel Richards is best known, and most feared, as Kang, the Conqueror. A time-traveling ruler from an alternate Earth, Kang is one of the Avengers’ oldest foes, having fought them in his various guises almost since the team’s forming. He’s also been known as the Scarlet Centurion, Rama-Tut, Victor Timely, Iron Lad, and Immortus. No matter what the name, his goal has almost always been the same; to find, defeat, and conquer the Avengers. Most would find this easy, thanks to time-travel but Kang has a code of honor. He’d rather plot against them on a level playing field. One standout moment for Kang was at the end of Kurt Busiek’s Avengers run and the “Kang Dynasty” story. Kang succeeded in conquering the Earth. He was then beat by the mysterious Master of the World, who was in turn defeated by the Avengers, with aid from Kang’s “son,” a clone bearing the identity of the Scarlet Centurion. Again, Kang’s code of honor said he would accept the consequences of his defeat, but when he was rescued by the Scarlet Centurion, Kang turned on his “son,” condemning his actions, and vowing to find a true heir.

We can’t forget about Ultron. A force of destruction. Ultron is a great tragic figure and one of the Avengers’ greatest failures. Created by Hank Pym, a founding Avenger, Ultron was meant to be a crowning achievement of robotic science, the world’s first true artificial intelligence. Pym’s experiment worked all too well, which seems to always be a problem with AI tech, and his creation rebelled. His Age of Ultron storyline is got the big screen treatment and we’ve learned that Ultron always comes back. Bigger and badder than before.

Who did I miss? Korvac? Norman Osborn? Let me know below!

That’s all the time I have. Check out our Comic Book Reviews tomorrow and see you next week!