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David Tennant Not Returning For Jessica Jones Season 3

March 14, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Jessica Jones

You can expect the third and final season of Jessica Jones to be a lot less purple. Entertainment Weekly reports that David Tennant will not return to play Kilgrave for the new season of the series, which makes sense as he was killed off in the season one finale. He made a brief return in season two as a hallucination but is still very much dead.

When asked about Netflix and Marvel’s decision to cancel the series, Tennant said: “I don’t really regard it as a cancellation so much as something having the life that it should have. Three seasons of that story is great. Rather than thinking of it as something that was canceled, I think of it as something that had three seasons that will live in the memory.

Tennant is current at South by Southwest to promote his new series Good Omens, a trailer for which premiered last week. He plays a demon in the series who wants to save the Earth from Armageddon because he likes our planet. His co-star Michael Sheen said: “The biggest challenge was being in scenes with David and enjoying what he does so much that I forgot to say my lines. When you’re up close, you’re going, ‘Oh that’s very good, I would never have thought of doing that,’ and then, ‘Oh s—, I’ve got to [say my lines].’

Good Omens premieres on Amazon Prime on May 31, while Jessica Jones will return sometime this year.