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Grace Patterson On Starring In New Film Insane Like Me?, Getting Cast in Slotherhouse

July 1, 2024 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
Insane Like Me? Image Credit: Bankhead Productions

The 411 Interview: Grace Patterson

Image Credit: Bankhead Productions

Grace Patterson is an actor and producer that has been working in show business, according to her IMDB page, since at least 2011. Patterson has appeared in such movies as The Demon Inside, Texas Zombie Wars: El Paso Outpost, Dying to be a Cheerleader, Who is Killing the Cheerleaders?, Just What the Doctor Ordered, Spring Break Nightmare, and Slotherhouse, among others. Patterson’s latest movie is the vampire horror flick Insane Like Me?, which is available on various cable and Video On Demand platforms including Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Fandango At Home, Comcast, Dish, and DirecTV starting June 4th, 2024. In this interview, Patterson talks with this writer about making Insane Like Me?, working with co-stars Britt Bankhead and Eric Roberts, and more.


Image Credit: Bankhead Productions

Bryan Kristopowitz: How did you get involved with Insane Like Me?, both as an actor and as a producer?

Grace Patterson: I auditioned a few days before we started shooting. I got involved as a producer after we completed filming and helped with post-production and distribution.

BK: How did you approach your character Samantha Davis?

GP: I wanted Samantha to be warm and likable. I really wanted the audience to understand why Jake was searching for her and why she was so important to him. When preparing for Samantha, I focused on making her warm, approachable, and relatable.

Image Credit: Bankhead Productions

BK: What was it like working with co-star Britt Bankhead?

GP: It was great! We actually met on this set so it was so fun getting to know him and seeing how talented and focused he is with his work.

BK: What was it like working with co-star Eric Roberts?

GP: I’ve worked with Eric once before on the movie Just What the Doctor Ordered. It was so great working with him again. He always brings so much knowledge and experience to the set. He has taught me so much every time I have worked with him.

Image Credit: Bankhead Productions

BK: Was the hotel set an actual hotel or was it a set that was created for the movie?

GP: It was an actual abandoned haunted hotel! I was scared!

BK: What was the hardest part of making Insane Like Me? for you as an actor? What was the easiest?

GP: The hardest part is the tight shooting schedule. You really have to stay focused on barely any sleep for two weeks and make sure you give it your all each day. The easiest part was doing scenes with Britt. He always comes prepared and ready to play.

BK: How did you get involved with the movie Slotherhouse?

GP: I was cast two days before and then flew to Serbia! We shot in Serbia for two months and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I had never been to Serbia but I loved the script and knew it was going to be an iconic film. I am dying to go back to Serbia for another film!

BK: How did you get into acting?

GP: I started when I was nine years old in theater, local commercials, and films in the Dallas market. I always knew acting was my passion and begged my parents every year to move me to Los Angeles. They never did, but I moved after I graduated college and started pursuing film more seriously.

BK: According to IMDB, you’ve worked on a number of genre movies in your career. Do you enjoy working in the horror genre?

GP: Yes! I love horror! It’s definitely been where I work the most. Horror movies are my favorite films to watch, so of course I love being in them!

Image Credit: Bankhead Productions

BK: Any moviemaking heroes?

GP: I love Margot Robbie! I think she is so talented as an actress and producer. She is an icon! I aspire to make an impact like she has.

BK: Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

GP: I just completed DNA Secrets, A Friend’s Obsession, and an untitled action film! They’re all coming out later this year. We are also producing a true military drama this fall.

BK: What do you hope audiences get out of Insane Like Me?

GP: I hope they get action, fun, drama, and horror! It’s an entertaining watch that will keep you on your toes.

BK: Would you be interested in appearing in a potential Insane Like Me 2?

GP: Yes, of course!

BK: What’s your favorite vampire movie?

GP: Insane Like Me?

Image Credit: Bankhead Productions


A very special thanks to Grace Patterson for agreeing to participate in this interview and to Justin Cook for setting it up.

Insane Like Me? is available on various cable and Video On Demand platforms including Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Fandango At Home, Comcast, Dish, and DirecTV starting June 4th, 2024.

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