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Michael B. Jordan Comments on Rumors He’s Playing Superman

April 28, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Michael B. Jordan Superman

Michael B. Jordan has responded to rumors that he’ll be playing Superman in the upcoming Ta-Nehisi Coates-written DC film centered on the character. As you may recall, it was reported back in February that Coates is writing a script for a new Superman movie that will be produced by J.J. Abrams. Rumors have been flying (as yet unconfirmed by anyone) that Jordan will be suiting up as Kal-El in the film, and he was asked about it while discussing his new film Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse with Jake’s Takes.

“You hear the whispers and the rumors and stuff like that and it’s just a compliment,” Jordan said (per JoBlo). “You know, I appreciate people that think about me in that type of way for these roles. I don’t really have anything more to give on that other than it’s just flattering and I appreciate it. But, you know, whoever they get or if it goes that way, I think it’ll be an interesting thing to see.”

Jordan said a similar thing when talking with CinePop, answering, “I don’t know. I don’t really know what is going with that in particular, but I think everybody’s want and desire to see Black leads in heroic roles I think is really, really important. Representation is important. There are so many opportunities with different franchises, different characters that never received the light of day. And there are some who should be where they are. So, let’s see how things are going to happen.”

It’s worth noting that when it was initially reported in February, Deadline had confirmed that there had not yet been a casting search and that plot details had not yet been set, so there’s every possibility that the film has not been cast as of this time. No release date has been confirmed for the reported film.