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Stephen Amell Gives Update on Heels Season 2, Not Worried About Show’s Future

January 9, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Stephen Amell Heels Image Credit: Starz

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the upcoming second season of Heels, and Stephen Amell recently explained why. The wrestling drama series was renewed for a second season in November of 2021, with production taking place last year. Amell appeared on Michael Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast and during the conversation, he gave an update on the show, noting that the delay had to do with Lionsgate’s split from Starz.

Heels is coming out eventually,” Amell said (per TV Line and said that he expects the new season to begin sometime in the first half of the year. “They are now in the process of, as best I understand it, ‘untangling’ that partnership.’ As they are untangling everything, they are figuring out which assets belong to whom. So as a result, we wrapped filming [Season 2] on the first of July and we don’t have a premiere date, let alone a trailer, let alone an indication of Season 3.”

Amell continued, “I know there are meetings that are starting to happen about writing for Season 3, but in the normal order of things, we would have more information than we do right now.”

Amell noted that he’s not worried about the show’s future, stating, “I would be worried if I didn’t think the season was spectacular, and I think the season is spectacular. It’s way better [than season one]. More story, more scope…. And it also felt more like a cohesive season because we actually shot it in order and were subject to COVID ‘hiccups’ but not COVID catastrophes. I’m still very, very confident that there’s going to be more to film.”

The series stars Amell, Alexander Ludwig, Kelli Berglund, Chris Bauer, Mike O’Malley, Allen Maldonado, James Harrison, Alison Luff and Mary McCormack.

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