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Stephen Dorff Takes Shots at Black Widow, Says He’s ‘Embarrassed’ For Scarlett Johansson

July 5, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Stephen Dorff Blade

Stephen Dorff may be best-known for his role in Blade, but that didn’t stop him from going all in against Marvel movies and Black Widow in particular. The actor spoke with The Independent promoting his new film Embattled and during the interview he took aim at Black Widow as an example of films he’s not interested in, saying he’s “embarrassed” for star Scarlett Johansson.

“I still hunt out the good s**t because I don’t want to be in Black Widow,” Dorff said. “It looks like garbage to me. It looks like a bad video game. I’m embarrassed for those people. I’m embarrassed for Scarlett! I’m sure she got paid five, seven million bucks, but I’m embarrassed for her. I don’t want to be in those movies. I really don’t. I’ll find that kid director that’s gonna be the next Kubrick and I’ll act for him instead.”

Dorff is known for his role as Deacon Frost in Wesley Snipes’ Blade, which was produced by New Line Cinema, as well as the third season of True Detective the 1994 indie drama Backbeat, 2017’s Leatherface, and the 2010 Sofia Coppola drama Somewhere.

Interestingly, Doff did recently say that he was up for doing a movie focused on his Blade character, telling Entertainment Tonight in January of 2020, “We talked about doing a Deacon Frost movie on its own at one point, me and the director of the original Blade, who is just a genius, Stephen Norrington, and it never really happened because Marvel was a new entity and Kevin Feige was kind of building this whole new universe he’s built successfully. They weren’t really interested in the dark Marvel movie but maybe after Joker and all this stuff, maybe it’ll start to be trendy … I definitely would love to reinvent that character because that character’s someone who really stands [the test of time] … I still talk about [him] 20-something years later. I’m still signing Deacon Frost pictures out front today, so we’ll see where it goes.”

He went on to say at that time, “I’m not the biggest fan of the superhero genre myself, but I did really love what my friend, Joaquin [Phoenix], did in Joker, and I think he’s probably going to win the Oscar for that. I’m really proud of him for his work in that, and I think there is room to tell other stories. I’m just not a big fan of the big ensemble, like 50 characters in one movie frame, it’s just a bit much for me. But then again, I’m 46 and I’m old. I’m not a kid anymore so if I was a kid, I’d probably love it.”

Black Widow opens this Friday in theaters and on Disney+ via Premier Access.