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Stephen King’s If It Bleeds Getting Adapted Into Multiple Projects

July 11, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
If It Bleeds Stephen King

Deadline reports that Stephen King’s new novella collection If It Bleeds has been optioned into multiple film projects from Netflix, Ben Stiller and others. The collection was released earlier this year.

The story ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’, the first in the book, was optioned by Netflix, Blumhouse and Ryan Murphy. John Lee Hancock (The Founder) will write and direct. Jason Blum, Murphy and Carla Hacken will produce. It will be the fourth Netflix adaptation of a Stephen King story after Gerald’s Game, 1922 and In The Tall Grass. It follows a young boy who works for an old man, doing odd jobs and getting paid in lotto tickets that win. When Mr. Harrigan dies, the boy sends him a text on the smart phone he got him, only to get a response.

The second story, ‘Rat’, was optioned by Ben Stiller, who will produce, direct and star. It features a frustrated writer who has the misfortune of something happening when he gets a good story idea. He goes away into the woods to finish his Western and eventually makes a deal with a rat to end his writer’s block. But that deal, as they often do in King stories, has consequences.

The third story, ‘The Life of Chuck’, was optioned by Darren Aronofsky’s Protozoa, and Aronofsky will produce. If follows the supernatural occurrences that have happened in the life of the titular character.

The only story without an adaptation at this time is ‘Let It Bleed’, which follows the Mr. Mercedes character Holly Gibney, who also appeared in The Outsider (and its HBO miniseries adaptation).

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