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Transformers: BotBots Series 2 Overview

April 15, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Transformers: BotBots

Recently, Hasbro spun off its Transformers toy line with the BotBots series. Basically, it’s a line of cartoon, miniature Transformers. If you remember the McDonalds Changeable toys like Frybot, you get the idea. This is a more-youth oriented series with smaller, short figures and brand-new characters. Hasbro will soon be rolling out Series 2 of the Transformers: BotBots series, and Hasbro provided 411mania with an early look at the new latest wave.

Series 2 of BotBots features and also three brand-new lines. If you need a little more help imagining BotBots, Google Grossery Gang or Shopkins. This is a similar toy concept, but it has a Transformers theme. One thing I do like is that Hasbro actually thought up of a storyline around these characters. Basically, Transformers Energon hit a shopping mall, turning the everyday objects inside into robots in disguise. Now, the BotBots are causing mischief and mayhem inside the mall.

These are very small toys, but they have fun, appealing designs. The transforming alt-modes are fun, and the transformations are fairly simple. This is a nice little offshoot of the Transformers brand to give children a less-violent alternative for Transformers.

Series 2 for BotBots features three new tribes: the Swag Stylerz, who are into the hottest trends and fashion; the Music Mob, who is a group of wannabe pop stars; and finally, the Spoiled Rottens, who are disguised as moldy, rotting food containers. They join other existing teams, such as the Techie Team, the Jock Squad, the Lost Bots, the Backpack Bunch, the Greaser Gang, the Sugar Shocks, and the Toilet Troop. And yeah, the Toilet Troop are bathroom item characters, but there is thankfully no poop BotBot. But maybe there should because these are kind of almost like emoji Transformers.

The line is definitely open to collectors with the BotBots challenge theme. Hasbro has produced the BotBots in three tiers: Rare, Uncommon, and Common. Each class has its own star level. Each BotBot set in Series 1 and 2 is also packed with a hidden one. So, there’s definitely a fun collectible aspect to this line. The packs are mixed and match, similar to trading card sets, but only one of the pre-packaged BotBots in the set is invisible.

Much like the first series, Hasbro is also selling sets of one, but these are all blind-boxed figures. So, it’s a bit similar to the realm of gasphaphon toys in Japan, or blind box trading figurines. The only drawback in the single-pack boxes is that you won’t know which character you’ll be getting.

Of the tribes being introduced for the line, my favorite tribes are probably the Techie Team and the Playroom Posse. One of the Techie Team characters is shaped like a game controller and is called Outtacontrol. That’s another thing I enjoy about the series. All the BotBots characters have fun, little nicknames. I think the Christmas-themed tribe that’s being made, the Season’s Greeters, is brilliant and perfect for fans of Transformers and the holiday season.

In terms of production and QC, Hasbro is one of the most consistent in the business when it comes to the main Transformers line, and the BotBots line is no exception. The toys are all produced in a very hard, durable plastic, rather than a very soft, malleable bendy type of plastic. These are very sturdy toys. However, parents should be cautioned that these are small, and if you have kids that like to put things in their mouths a lot, you might want to be careful. Some of these BotBots, like the Sugar Shocks and the Greaser Gang, are shaped like little pieces of food in their base modes.

Some other good appeal I see for these is also the party favor factor. Since these are small, miniature figures, they’d made for great party favors or gifts at children’s birthday parties.

Obviously, as a longtime Transformers fan, my interests still mainly lie in the Generations/Classics-themed series and what’s currently going on with the War for Cybertron: Siege series. However, the BotBots line is a cute, little offshoot to give fans and kids a new alternative and window into the Transformers series. Transformers: BotBots Series 2 is hitting the shelves in mid-2019. Series 3 is slated for a late 2019 release.